Best Diet Tips

You might hear from your friends, colleagues, or even your husband about various ways how to lose weight fast. We propose you the best diet tips from qualified and experienced dietitians who know how to lose weight fast and easily.

Best weight loss tricks

1. Do not become too hungry and mind your daily calories balance

Making a meal plan for every day will help you not to eat junk food. Have healthy food such as eggs, pistachios, grain crackers, Greek yogurt, or 1/4 cup of raisins. Besides, examine and follow your needed balance of calories. That will help you to eat the necessary amount of food after middle- and high-intensity exercises. Thus, your diet will be well-balanced.

2. Three golden rules

1) Include "red," "orange" and "green" food in each meal. 2) Each time you eat, try to have a lesser piece of food. 3) Do not drink too much water, keep in mind a daily norm of 64 ounces. 

3. Salt versus spicy seasonings

The rejection of salt means a healthy life. It is proved that salt makes your body sick and weak. Vice versa, many types of research have shown that eating hot and spicy food helps to feel joyful and forget about hunger.

4. Diet soda and calorie counting

Never lose weight with diet soda or foods. It hurts your organism because they contain much sugar. It is better to focus on carbs, protein, and fat balance of your body.

5. Organize your food consumption

Separate the eating place from the place of keeping food and cooking. Besides, make a list of products, it will help you to assess how much food you eat.

6. Useful daily rules

1) Always start the meal with soup, your stomach will like it. 2) Never hurry with your lunch, eat slowly, and avoid overeating. Naturally, you need 20 minutes to feel you are full. 3) The best way to control ghrelin, the hormone of hunger, is to eat a small and balanced portion of food every three hours. 4) Plan your meal: 70 percent before dinnertime and 30 percent after it. Go to sleep not earlier than in 90 minutes after eating.

7. Be organized

Plan your cooking to have enough time for various workouts. Thus, you will have time for relaxing, keep long deep breath which helps to live a healthy life and relieve the stress.

8. Be foxy

Eat before each party or event. It aids to preserve the diet balance. Besides, buy small chopsticks to spend more time for eating and thus, to eat less.

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