Developing a Strategic Vision for a Personal Career Plan

Career success is one of the most important things in our life. It allows us to grow as individuals, develop leadership qualities and natural talents, and become financially successful people. It makes us more confident and self-sufficient personalities who are capable of building a future with their own hands. Moreover, the rapid development of the economy and the increased competition in the labor market makes more and more individuals to change the workplace, qualification, and professional field. It is no longer strange for people today to make career transitions several times throughout the life. Nevertheless, the change of the professional sphere can cause financial losses and stress. Therefore, most people tend to use different techniques provided by the leading entrepreneurs and business coaches to prevent it.

Career planning advice for clueless job seekers

One of the most efficient ways for people, especially clueless job seekers, to make a successful career transition is the implementation of a short-term and long-term career planning. By creating a personal career plan, a person has an opportunity to set a course that meets his / her specific desires, values, skills, and interests.

            The given article draws our attention to several useful recommendations for effective short-term and long-term career planning and developing a personal career plan:

- short-term career planning advice

To conduct an efficient short-term career planning, individuals should devote some time to analyzing their lifestyle and current situation. Also, they should identify and analyze their personal strengths and weaknesses as well as natural inclinations, passions, and talents. It is advisable for individuals to think what success, power and authority mean to them. In this way, people will get a chance to follow their dreams without comparing themselves with others.

- long-term career planning advice

To conduct an efficient long-term career planning, individuals should identify and develop such core workplace skills as critical and creative thinking, stress tolerance, and commitment to continuous learning. Since the economic situation frequently changes, it is also advisable for them to regularly scan the environment and carry out the research on careers to identify and analyze global employment trends.

The creation of the career development plan is the most reliable base for people to make a successful career transition without financial losses. It allows people to assess their strengths and weaknesses and identify their best place in the labor market.

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