Effective Career Assessment Tools

This article is a good help for students, job seekers, and career-changers. You have to realize that self-assessment is quite essential in the process of planning your career. Before starting any career, keep in mind to take into account professional interests. It is very important to make proper career choices. Otherwise, you may happen to have a job that does brings you neither satisfaction nor professional development.

Tests for planning your career

Here is the list of self-assessment tests for you to get a better idea of your interests and attitudes that have connection to your possible future career choices.

1. For everyone.

CareerClover will help you to discover yourself, uncover your talents, interests, and work style. The detailed report of the test will be useful in making a choice regarding your career.

2. For teenagers and young adults.

QuintCareers Assessment Powered by JVIS is a great assistance for high school and college students as well as for adults who deal with career planning. The Jackson Vocational Interest Survey will help you to find a perfect career match that corresponds to your interests. Fee-based.

3. For career-changers and established job seekers.

Get your answers with CareerMaze. This online assessment is designed to increase your self-knowledge and provides a detailed report. Fee-based.

Consider some other excellent assessment career tools such as (dedicated to self-discovery), Career Directions Inventory at (identifies workplace preferences on the basis of your career interests), (free job-search and career information, discovery of life and professional purposes), Keirsey Temperament Sorter. Fill (a free source suggesting appropriate careers), Myers Briggs Personality Tests from Ransdell Associates (helps you to learn more about career options and yourself).

When you have made up your mind to start or change your career, do not forget to focus on your personal and professional interests before making a final choice. Remember that job is a big part of your life as it takes a lot of your time and efforts. I believe no one wants to struggle doing something wearisome and self-destructive. Thus, we recommend you to make considerate career choices. 

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