Fall Activities

Fall is an incredibly vivid season, but there is a chance to make it even brighter. Check our tips on the most intriguing events you should attend to remember autumn 2017. Join us!

Things to Do in the Fall

One of the most exciting autumn ideas is to visit the largest and the most extraordinary flea market in Europe. The event will take place on the first weekend of September; your destination is the French city of Lille. You are guaranteed to have diverse pleasant emotions, get new acquaintances from all over the world, enjoy amazing music around the town, and receive tempting offers from more than 10,000 sellers. It is especially motivating that absolutely different items will be available, so you will definitely find something right for you.

P. S. It is also a chance to savor the outstanding local specialty moules frites, which is mussels accompanied by French fries. The flea market celebration of 2014 became famous due to the fact that 500 tons of seashells were consumed during it.

One more exquisite offer among the fabulous autumn ideas is the outstanding Oktoberfest. Book several days in the period from September 17 to October 3, 2017, and join the amazing community of happy tourists and guests at Oktoberfest. There will be oceans of beer, tons of delicious chicken, traditional wagons drawn by horses, and most certainly – a famous military parade.

P. S. Beer is always good, especially when it is free, as during the Oktoberfest.

If you are crazy about anything even slightly related to design, you are welcome to visit the largest Austrian festival of design that will take place quite soon, namely, from September 30 till October 9, 2017. Unlimited creativity, advanced innovations, constructive experiments, and at least 30,000 of design experts will be in Vienna in that period.

P.S. If you are interested in design as a potential job or hobby, this festival can be a pulling trigger for your future career, so go ahead!

The renowned Light show in Lyon is the most amazing one of all autumn activities of this season. Reserve some free time for December 8-10, 2017 in order to join the festival and celebrate the Virgin Mary who is the Patron Saint of Lyon. There will be a flamboyant performance with magnificent cathedrals, monuments, and other significant buildings lit up with 3D light effects and ambient luring music.

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