Reasons Why to Love Autumn

Wet, chilly, and filthy weather and time to hide fun summer stuff for a long time. However, do not get upset, there are a lot of cool activities that you will enjoy doing during the fall season.

Best Fall Ideas

Nasty Weather

Summer is over and there will be no more beaches with bright sun and fresh breeze. So, get inside, cover your bodies with blanket and enjoy each other in a cozy and soft atmosphere.


If you are fond of tough guys running around the field, this activity is just for you. Being amazed by a live game always seemed to be a nice sort of entertainment, however, when the prices for tickets can reach 200$, it would be also a great idea to visit your local college or even high school match on Friday night.


One of the best fall ideas for a date would be a near backpacking. Just take some blankets, water, snacks, and your picnic is ready! It will be a really romantic experience to go wild somewhere in the woods.

Pumpkin Carving

It is a good time to recollect your childhood and create a pumpkin competition with your beloved. Post the photos of your masterpieces online and wait for people to choose a winner. Moreover, do not hurry to throw away pumpkin seeds as being cooked properly they make a tasty snack.


A nice chance to have a rest, eat some fried sausages, and drink liters of beer with your friends. This festival is held late in September almost in every town. If you have no such celebrations in your town, you should visit the nearest and you will never regret it.

 Halloween Costumes

Everybody knows that Halloween is the time for wearing weird costumes. Moreover, you may even create a costume yourself. Let the feast continue even at night!

TV Series

All these fun autumn activities are nice, but sometimes it is necessary just to sit down and relax. The upcoming premieres make this kind of entertainment quite accessible, especially, when there is someone beside you on the sofa.


Yeah, gathering apples can also be fun! Visit a local orchard, pick some ripe apples, and cook a delicious pie together with your couple.

Crunchy Leaves

A pair of rakes, millions of leaves, and two of you: is not it a recipe for happiness? What can be more enjoyable than jumping into a huge pile of leaves? Only jumping there with your honey!

Autumn Clothes

Just go shopping. A perfect time-killing activity! Pamper yourself with new clothes.


According to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center research, positive outlook provides us with longer life. Nothing can make us happier than 2 days off, delicious food, and a perfect company.

Pumpkin Pie

Some other studies from the Smell and Taste Research Foundation in Chicago discovered that the smell of pumpkins makes us feel better. Therefore, the next time, when you are cooking, do not forget to call your husband.

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