5 Things You Will Inevitably Face During College Dorm Life

To live in a dorm is a completely new experience for those who go to college. You are a self-sufficient person now, but you should also learn how to be co-dependent with other students who reside in the dorm. Prepare yourself to dorm life using the tips for students that will help you to find out 5 things that you should expect when living in a dorm.

Students’ expectations about the reality of dorm life

1. You need to fit all your life in a small space.

When living in your parents’ house, you had enough space to fit all your stuff. The situation is different now. You are limited in space and should also respect the space that is reserved for your roommate. So, it is reasonable to bring only the most necessary stuff with you to the dorm.

2. You are your own boss now.

Your parents are far away, and no one will control you while you are in college. However, make sure you do nothing illegal and take responsibility for your own life. In addition, remember that studying is your primary goal. So, do not break college rules.

3. There will be people who will dislike you.

College unites people with different outlooks and habits. Thus, you will meet many people who are different from you. As a result, there may be conflicts and arguments. So, it is essential to learn how to find compromises with others rather than avoid people who dislike you.

4. You should set boundaries.

It is important to come to mutual understanding with your roommate. It is perfect when two people negotiate on certain rules and follow them when sharing a room. Such a set of rules will make your life in the dorm much easier.

5. There will be jerks around you.

When living in the dorm, you will meet people who will irritate you by their antisocial behavior. For example, there may be a neighbor who parties late at night and listens to loud music. In such situations, learn how to call down a jerk and explain that his/her behavior is annoying.

Follow these tips for students, be ready to face different situations during your dorm life, and learn how to overcome challenges easily!

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