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Source of Water Essay Example


Water pollution is a process of contaminating different rivers and oceans. Moreover, the polluted water affects the whole biosphere. It destroys trees and plants. Besides, every year millions of people suffer from different diseases due to water pollution. Furthermore, some developed countries have already designed laws to control water pollution. However, some developing or underdeveloped countries do not pay attention to such issues. As a result, industrial and farming wastes pollute their water bodies. The following paper analyzes three regions of the world that suffer from water pollution. Also, it discusses the historical origins of these issues. 



The water rights allow people to use water from different resources including rivers, ponds and certain lakes. However, this law may affect some communities. Moreover, in some countries, the industrial regions discharge chemicals and wastes in the neighboring rivers through the drainage systems. However, these rivers flow through different towns and cities. As a result, people use this water and suffer from various chronic diseases. For example, Xingtai city is one of the industrial hubs of China. The city is famous for the large coal mine industries and other manufacturing companies. However, these factories eliminate toxic compounds and chemical wastes in the soil and water. As a result, local people have different health issues. Also, the farmers claim that they cannot grow healthy crops due to the water pollution. Besides, the water right allows local people to use the water of neighboring rivers and ponds. However, Chinese environmental scientists reported that air and water pollution started in Xingtai city about two decades ago when the miners found coal resources in the soil. Thus, mining industries started to develop and they affect the local environment. 


Similarly, in North India, different cultural and religious practices pollute river Ganges. Moreover, the Ganges is one of the biggest rivers in the world and the Hindus consider it a sacred river. Therefore, thousands of Hindu pilgrims visit the river to bathe there. Also, the religious rights allow people to float clay dishes, oil lamps, and flowers in the river to pay tributes to the God. Besides, experts believe that these traditions are continuing for a century. It was initiated about hundred years ago when Indian kings founded these traditions in the Ganges. Hence, the local administration, political parties and social activists do not pay attention to water pollution. As a result, the Ganges is creating health issues to hundreds of people. 


Furthermore, Studies show that in Dzerzhinsk, Russia the chemical industries have highly polluted the drinking water resources. Few decades ago this was the chemical weapon hub of Russia. The city produced acetone, isopropanol and other toxic chemicals for chemical weapons. However, these processes harm the local people. Besides, the life expectancy dropped to 42-47 years in the city due to water pollution. Thus, these environmental issues affect people and other living beings.  

Moreover, some social welfare organizations consider that people have the fundamental right to use river or pond water. Also, in some countries the local authorities and political parties do not pay attention in these issues, because the factories increase the economical benefits. On the other hand, social scientists believe that the local Government should take care of people’s health. Also, they should warn people about the health risk of polluted water. Thus, these issues impact people’s health and create political dilemmas.


In conclusion, polluted water creates severe health-related issues in societies. It can lead to chronic diseases. Also, farms face problems when growing crops due to the water pollution. The authorities should design plans and strategies to avoid pollution in different countries. 



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