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Birthday Bash with the Family

The Man Who Forgot

Since my childhood, I have always been aware of my thirst for adventures and discoveries. From time to time, I was getting stuck in the variety of situations, which made people say about me as the person who would take over the world. Of course, these words were too loud; however, in fact, they are partly correct. Being the adult, I decided to move to another country in order to study in the college. To speak more specifically, I have moved from China to the U.S. and started the new phase of my life there.

Some time passed away as I am living in the U.S. trying to get used to the local culture. I found new friends here as well as started doing the variety of activities, which previously were weird for me when I was in China. All these changes, all this vanity, and non-standard environment made me forget about many important and essential things. This situation, in turns, had provoked the event that became one of the most bright and memorable during the whole period of studying in the U.S.


The Great Reminder

Wandering from the point, I would like to mention that I have pretty welcome relatives in the U.S. Shamefully, but I have seen them twice in my life, and both occasions had taken place in my deep childhood. Before the admission to the college, I had already been aware that this American part of my family lives close to my College; however, I could not even imagine that they live so close...

You can just guess my amazement when in the lists of the English class students I found such familiar name. Good heavens, there is my cousin in this college! To tell the truth, I was really affected by this coincidence. How can this great country bring together two people in one place? Despite the miracle it is, or not, I immediately started to look for the meeting with my cousin and the results has not compelled to wait.

We have decided to meet each other in the park near the college. I came first and started to explore the environment the park is the quite beautiful creation of the human hands. Everywhere are roses and white cedars which are hidden in the shadow of their big brothers which are the pines. I was sitting on the white freshly painted bench waiting for my cousin. Suddenly, a handsome long-haired boy appeared in front of me. Hello over there! Huh, it's been ages since we last met!, he said. Telling the truth, I have totally forgotten how my cousin looks like; however, I figured out who this boy is...

Our dialogue was similar to some polls or friendly questioning. We were asking each other about everything in the world out childhood, parents, favorite food, travels, films, sports, and many other things which might be interesting for people who practically do not know each other. I cannot say that we were aliens; furthermore, we felt the warm vibes and friendly inclination between us. Thus, the conversation went on smoothly, and we both remained satisfied with the meeting.

When it was the time to say goodbye, my cousin had suddenly interrupted the farewell with a question: Listen, when do you have your birthday?. This question was so surprise and overwhelming that I became frozen up.

The words spontaneously began to fly out of my mouth: In... three... days.... Frankly, I was shocked by my forgetfulness and my cousin, although seemed to be shocked, however, by another reason. Well... It turns out that we are going to have a party soon! So little time to organize... But I will try! It will be the best birthday party ever!

That is how my cousin has transformed into the great reminder the man who reminded me of my birthday.

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Cultural Clash or Let the Party Begin

I have not been acquainted with the details of the party. I just only know that it will take place today at the house of my relatives. It is worth mentioning that my cousins initiative have called twofold feeling. From the one side, I am happy that in the U.S. are so close people as my cousin, who try to make something pleasant for me. Honestly, it is exponentially easier to live I the foreign country when you feel the support of relatives so close.

The other side was much complicated because it is connected with the cultural fears and ethnic diversification. I am almost completely sure that the birthday parties in China and the U.S. are different; thus, I feel anxious about the outcomes of the party. However, my trust in the relatives was much stronger than all fears; thereby, I took the heart of grace and went to the party dedicated to my birthday.

Five Candles

My relatives house was seemed as absorbed in silence because I did not hear any voices, sounds, or music. Nevertheless, I had knocked the door carefully and they opened. My cousin had met me and said with a smirk: You are late. Everyone had gone. Follow me. These words both surprised me and intrigued. Suddenly, when we were entering the back yard, a big group of people started crying Surprise! Happy Birthday!!! Frankly, I have been scared the hell out of them because of the effect of surprise. A few seconds ago when I had recovered, I started to examine the environment. There were everybody my friends from college, my cousin, my relatives everyone who knows me here, in America. Furthermore, they were holding a big cake with the five candles. Why five?, you may ask. As my cousin explained, it is because I have too many years they all fit on the cake. Indeed, it was a funny joke; however, these five candles acquired some symbolic meaning for me, because each of them depicted the new American tradition which I became aware of at this party.

  • Firstly, the Happy Birthday song and blowing out the candles have seemed to me as a great tradition which allows symbolically say goodbye to the last year and happily meet the new one. It is the greatest feeling to watch out how everybody is singing for you wishing a happy birthday.
  • Secondly, the back yard was beautiful without exaggeration. There were balloons, ribbons, funny pictures and photos, the projector that was showing a presentation with my child's photo, and many other decorations, which created the atmosphere of the party.
  • Thirdly, my relatives and friends gave the extremely vivid and varied gifts. Various packaging boxes, gift bags, wrappers of different sizes and colors all these became an unexpected surprise for me. The U.S. tradition to give the presents remains one of the most attractive and pleasant because it gets in front practically the rest of the world.
  • The fourth candle that has started a fire in my soul depicts the American traditional birthday food. My relatives have prepared the unthinkable number of meals, snacks, drinks, and sweets. However, the main and most anticipated points of the whole party were the barbecue as well as cutting and eating the cake.
  • Finally, the main traditional candle for me became the guests and the atmosphere of the American birthday party. Undoubtedly, everyone was sincere and smiling, talking to each other, singing songs, and playing the party games. The air was filled with the kindness and merriment; thus, the climate on the back yard was so warm, that it was similar to the tropics.

In this manner, I have revealed to me the whole beauty of the American birthday party tradition. Seeing from the inside how the U.S. families celebrate their birthdays is the priceless experience, which will remain in my memory for a long-long time.

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