It is hard to believe that mobile phones have disastrous effects on people, and numerous scientists think that they are much more dangerous than cigarettes. “I think cell phones were invented by the devil,” Joe Hill once commented. In fact, mobile phones can incur negative consequences for people’s health; they can also destroy societies, and surprisingly enough, they can affect our environment badly. Emirati teenagers should be aware of the negative impacts of mobile phones on their health, society, and the environment.


Mobile phones have numerous effects on Emirati teenagers, and one of the most dangerous one is that they can cause mental and physical health problems. Proponents of using mobile phones might object regarding this negative aspect; moreover, they argue that mobile phones could be useful because they help people communicate and engage with each other easily by making phone calls, sending text messages or emails, and staying in touch with people on social media. All that might be true; however, Emirati teenagers must consider the harm that mobile phones do in terms of health. To begin with, lack of concentration has become one of the major mental health problems. According to Sato, surveys revealed that most teenagers use their mobile phones constantly, and due to this, teenagers have difficulties in getting sufficient sleep. Therefore, they lose the ability to focus on their daily tasks. Furthermore, there is a research that states that the ringtones of mobile phones can cause major problems in the brain since they affect the level of concentration. 


A further instance of the negative impact of the mobile phones on mental health is that they entail mood swings and sleep disorder. Gregoine revealed that people who use their mobile phones more often are more likely to face moodiness problems, and they will be less able to concentrate on their daily tasks. Indeed, mobile phones can cause sleep disorders, especially to men, increase the stress level, cause mood swings, memory loss and headaches to both men and women. Moreover, radio frequency fields in mobile phones have a great impact on mood swings in teenagers and cause sleeping disorder. According to Hall, 64.52% of people who use their mobile phones at night suffer from sleep disorders.


Another life-threatening consequence of using mobile phones would be brain cancer. The fact that the radiation in the mobile phones can harm people not only mentally but also physically is confirmed with the development of brain cancer. According to the French scientists, people who use their mobile phones frequently have a higher chance of getting brain cancer, for example glioma and meningioma. Robert states that the risk of developing brain cancer has grown exponentially, since the risk increased from 26% to 77%. Being intensively used, mobile phones may also result in causing eye problems; over 30% of parents are concerned about the negative impact of mobile phones on their children’s eyes. Over 55% of teenagers are losing their eyesight because of the effect of the mobile phones screen. With no doubt, the radiation from mobile phones can facilitate the development of eye cataracts, burning eyes, and headaches.


Apart from physical and health problem issues, another important effect of mobile phones that Emirati teenagers should be aware of is the negative impact of mobile phones on society. Critics may object to all these negative aspects, and they might argue that mobile phones are beneficial to people since they can be a source of entertainment. Critics might also maintain that mobile phones could be useful to capture moments with families and friends. However, there are numerous disadvantages of using mobile phones for the society. One way in which society is negatively affected is that teenagers have less quality time with their parents because of their addiction to mobile phones. Taylor states that over 50% of the time parents are being ignored by their kids because of the mobile phones. Furthermore, mobile phones are changing the lifestyle of numerous families. Due to this massive change, families are pulling apart because of the distraction that this device can create. Families nowadays do not communicate with each other because of various reasons; for instance, because mobile phones can ensure exchanging text messages and using applications that help people communicate with each other easily although people are not aware of the fact that they are killing real-life conversation.


In addition to the previous disadvantage of mobile phones on families, mobile phones can also affect students in schools by developing their distraction. Skiba pointed out that many teachers ban the use of mobile phones during the class time because of their negative impact on the class environment. Students use their mobile phones in class to check on their social media accounts and due to this, the grades of these students are getting lower. According to Kuzenkoff, students who do not use their mobile phones during class score higher grades and they are able to write detailed notes down 62% times better than those who use their mobile phones. These students are also able to engage and participate in class activities more often.


Another major disadvantage of mobile phones on society is that they can increase the chance of social crime. Cyber-bullying has spread throughout our society. In fact, the use of mobile phones has increased and become a new weapon of cyber-bullying. Nowadays, most teenagers who use their mobile phones intensively have a higher risk of getting bullied or bullying others. Attributed to this act, many people, especially the teenagers, are suffering from mental and physical problems. For instance, teenagers who are getting bullied online are getting overwhelmed and face self-esteem issues; they dislike going to school, they tend to skip classes all the time which affects their grades negatively and lastly, it can even cause certain psychological illness. In addition, according to the report, teenagers who get bullied suffer from depression and anxiety; therefore, there are many symptoms that might occur, such as sleeping disorder, frequent loss of appetite, loneliness, sadness, and increase in the physical stress. Also, bullying can lead the person to having suicidal thoughts. 


There was a study that focused on the impressions of those students who are bullied. It turned out that 31% of students were very angry, 19% were reported to be scared, and 18% were facing problems with their self-esteem and felt embarrassed all the time. Another problem caused by the social crime is sexting. Many teenagers end up getting bullied or harassed because of sexting. This problem especially occurs when relationships end. Many nude pictures end up on the Internet, and due to this, many teenagers get bullied and embarrassed so they end up committing suicide. For example, an American teenage girl, called Jasse Logan, committed suicide after her ex-boyfriend had published her nude pictures on social networks and this unethical act led to intense intimidation and bullying.


One of the most significant negative effects of mobile phones that Emirati teenagers should be aware of is that it can affect the environment negatively. Many proponents of mobile phones might object to all these negative aspects, and they might argue that mobile phones are useful in terms of indicating locations. For instance, if someone lost his/her way to a certain place, there are several applications on mobile phones, like Google maps and GPS, that navigate the phone user to the destination. Moreover, many proponents of mobile phones would be in favor of them because they are easy to use and they can be carried everywhere. Despite all this, mobile phones can affect the environment in numerous ways; for instance, they can cause air pollution. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the lead in the thrown out mobile phones is delivered to the human body through the air; this can cause various health problems such as kidney failure, reduction in the immune system, and negative effect on the nervous system. In addition, mobile phones can cause global warming and affect the ozone layer because of the pollutants that are spread in the atmosphere, such as nitrogen oxide, sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, black carbon, and hydrocarbon.


A further instance of the negative effect of mobile phones on the environment is the impact on land.  Mobile phones have a so-called Liquid Crystal Display that shows such things as images, numbers, data etc. The Liquid Crystal Display is made of glass, plastic, liquid crystalline and a heavy metal called mercury. Being harmful, mercury puts the environment in jeopardy if it ends up in landfills. Over 34% of mobile phones end up in landfills, and this can create and develop a lot of illnesses, such as cancer; besides, this can destroy the nervous system.


The Natural Resources Defense Council states that the toxic materials that are found in mobile phones affect not only the air but also the water when they are placed in landfills. It is stated that the percentage of water affected by landfills is approximately 90%.  Mobile phones that end up in landfills are made of such toxic materials as lead, nickel, and cadmium; these toxic materials can reach out and harm the soil and the drinking water.


To sum up, Emirati teenagers should consider the dangerous impacts of mobile phones because they do not only affect the physical health of people and the society, but also influence the environment. If there are no serious actions taken regarding this major issue, nobody can predict what would happen next. It is high time to think what would happen to the next generation and what other negative impacts will appear. It is essential for all Emirati teenagers to raise awareness of this situation, work hard to find possible solutions, minimize the risks, and save the nation.