Oct 17, 2019 in Management
Conflicts in the Workplace

Relationships at the workplace are not always friendly and under the code of subordination. Many employees long to break the existing common rules of proper behavior at the workplace. As a result, they fracture the healthy atmosphere at the workplace, which influences employees´ performance and, consequently, a company´s success. One of the main objectives of a human resource manager is to detect such a situation and get rid of it. Undoubtedly, it is better if an HR manager is able to predict and avoid such situations. 


Indeed, there can be many conflicts at the workplace including those ones that are based on discrimination, professional jealousy, unhealthy competition, and sexual harassment. As soon as a problem is detected, an HR manager must take certain measures. In fact, it is extremely important to talk to both parties of the conflict in order to get to know both sides of the situation and the positions of the participators. As a human resource manager in the analyzed case, I would first have two conversations with both employees separately. After that, I consider it would be a good idea to listen to them both at the same time. 


First, I would like to talk to the woman though she is the victim in this situation. The reason is that it is necessary to know all the details that she can provide in her complaint. In order to clearly see the situation, I have to listen to two possibly different stories. However, simple listening to both sides is not enough. In fact, it would be better to ask some questions so that I could understand the issue deeper. Undoubtedly, sexual harassment often occurs at the workplace. However, it is known that sometimes women simply give men reasons to behave in this way. Therefore, I would like to understand if the woman has given any reasons to the man to treat her in such a way. I would ask her to try to wear more official clothes and less make-up so that men in the office could concentrate on work, but not on telling her compliments. 


The next step would be my conversation with the man who behaved in an inappropriate manner. I believe that it is incredibly important to explain him the consequences of such deviant behavior. First and foremost, his behavior causes numerous problems to the company. As a result, I can take serious measures in order to make him think more about work and his obligations than about some kind of relationships at the workplace. I would explain him that I can fine him, and if the situation becomes more serious, I can even fire him. In addition, I would remind the employee that there is a law that prohibits sexual harassment and the victim has all rights to make a complaint at him. This will, undoubtedly, lead him to the court. 


In conclusion, I can state that conflicts between employees are a rather common and frequent phenomenon. Human factor is present in every aspect of human being. Therefore, a good human resource manager must be also a good psychologist so that he or she could solve such problems and conflicts without any harm to a company and its staff. Healthy working atmosphere is an extremely important condition for performing properly and achieving success. Therefore, many companies even ban any relationships with co-workers. However, I believe that any situation can be and must be solved in accordance to the rules and laws. 



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