Diversity is an issue that has got attention in the recent times and more so in a multi-racial democracy such as the United States. Commitment to diversity has been deemed as imperative in the changing global landscape that sees the rise of a diversified population across the nation. This commitment is best done in practices than just mentioned in documents of various organizations. Current research will explore how one of the institutions in the educational sector – Miami Dade College – has shown commitment to diversity through its website, actual recruitment of employees, admission of students, treatment of suppliers and subcontractors, and programs to create diversity awareness and ensure sustainability of this course.


Diverse content accessibility

Direct link

A developed WebPages ensures that Miami Dade College is strategically placed so as to reach as many potential people as possible. This assist the employees as well as the students who may be in need of information about diversity of the college. As the growth of online search become the most convenient way to locate information about any data required, Miami Dade college has also effectively made all information about the initiation available online.

Search results

A search in the website using the keyword “diversity” gives up to 5,700 results spread across 10 web pages. It is not easy to locate Miami college and it is known to hold a position as far as diversity is concerned. More materials need to be uploaded about Miami college diversity so as all those in need of reading about the diversity may do so at ease.

Primary focus of the diversity information from this organization’s website is on how its implements different strategies to ensure sustainable commitment within the institution in words as well as in action. The main focus on how the institution empowers its administrative instruments to live the promise of commitment to diversity and diversity-related programs and issues. The conception is such that it is deeply entrenched in the organizational culture of the institution as the way to achieve sustainable commitment. The following are primary dimensions:

Age young people

Gender: female 49% and 51%male

Disabled people: all inclusive

Race: all races such as whites, Asians among others

Ethnic heritage: minority of about

Sexual orientation: not known

Secondary dimension of diversity in the information from the website is that on appreciation of the institution unwavering commitment by third parties either in terms of important awards, and other kinds of recognition among its peer organizations. Such information are presented in portable document format (pdf) so that site visitors can download and review information on the award and criteria followed to let the institution earn them. The secondary dimensions include: Geographic Location Miami Dade College

Military as well as Work Experience: military training background

Family Status: single married and divorced

Income: highest class is the middle age

Religion: mixed religion

First Language: commonly English

Education: graduates and post graduates

Organizational Role: educating the community

Level Communication: phone calls and emails

Work Styles:team work, individual among others

On the institution’s website are various programs, both officially included with the institution’s curriculum as distinguished courses as well as festivals and organized events, which are meant to educate MDC family as well as the local community for which the institution is socially responsible. This education commitment is also shown in the institution’s commitment to empower all its other stakeholders on diversity issues.

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Diversity and its value

Diversity information from the website is quite useful, first in its very “diversity”, and second based on its breadth. The website is also updated with current information about events. References are made to various statutory and legal provisions which provide useful resources on diversity programs, support legal procedures, and local, state, and federal roles in the endeavor. Prospective students for Miami Dade College come from such a diverse background: ethnic minority and a majority, all racial backgrounds, the LGBT community members, and both genders as they are likely to find a home and a family at the institution.

The Miami Dade college mission statement: “As democracys college, Miami Dade College changes lives through accessible, high-quality teaching and learning experiences. The College embraces its responsibility to serve as an economic, cultural and civic leader for the advancement of our diverse global community”. Most important in the light of this research is “…to serve as an economic, cultural and civil leader for the advancement of our diverse global community”. Organization shows commitment to this mission in its diversity programs such as academic courses, community engagement to improve civic education, and financial commitment to these programs and workshops organized around the same theme.

Educational plan

This section will deal with how the institution plans, organizes and executes various educational programs and policies through workshops, organized events, community engagement, and long-term organizational culture alignment for sustainability purposes.

Visual and graphic information

This section will deal with the plans and strategic actions that the University has in order to reach their set goals and also to increase diversity in all their activities. The university has an aim to prevent and protect the students and employees which makes part of its strategic plans and goals. The images under the diversity tab clearly indicate the strategic and present implementation of the universities to ensure that it protects all people and nature at large.

Miami Dade College promote divrstity for both its working staff, students, and all the other individuals within the organization. The video displayed on the about section on the universitys website clearly displays the socio, cultural and racial diversity that the University has. This is shown in the different activities that the students of Miami Dade College carry out including studies and co-curricular activities.

For visual diversity, the about link on the Universities website in the video clearly shows diversity and not a touch of it. Many other institutions claim of the diversity in their institutions but at the same time do not do anything to prove the diversity that they boast of. Miami-Dade however, strives to perfect its diversity standards to spread beyond all factors that may result in negative publicity for the educational facility.

Some images have been used in website include all people regardless of their sexual or racial orientation. The appropriateness of the images is that they are carefully chosen to represent diversity and inclusivity of age, class, disability as well as sex.

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Community View

As a potential employee I would employ the students that come from Miami-Dade College this is because the students from the college are already adapted to societal diversity and therefore incorporating them into the working environment would not be difficult. Subcontractors and suppliers would also consider signing agreements with institutions supporting diversity as the students whom services are to be offered to are from diversified backgrounds. The websites appearance emphasizes the need for diversity among different individuals and actions.

The website displays different employees and educators using images which explain the different diverse backgrounds that the different staff comes from. The different staff from various races clearly explains the diversified employment in employing staff. The young and old staff present in the institution clearly show the diversification not only based on race and color but also age.

The website encourages different diverse people to apply for jobs in the university as from the site one can be able to see that diversity is tolerated and not condemned in the university. The website assists in swelling the diversity agenda to all the interested parties while at the same time fostering acceptability to the different groups of people who are at the college whether studying or under an employment contract.


Employment values in the college states that when trying to hire individuals

while at same time identifying the personal attributes and the characteristics of the employees they are hiring diversity should be put into consideration. This is because employment values are also composed of personality and traits of the workers that they hire. Diversity is allowed to exist in organizations but to an extent not everything concerning diversity such a can be shown on the Universitys website.

Organizations always aim at being the best in the market by trying to be role models to

other organizations. Miami Dade College being one of the organizations is not excluded from the fact that it aims to become a role model for other organizations and colleges when it comes tom matters diversity. The extent of diversity cannot be fully visible on the institutions website and therefore some information may be left out and therefore not included on the colleges website.


There are several awards listed on the Miami Dades college website. Some of the awards

that have been listed by the institution are the presidents volunteers award. The award recognizes, groups, families and individuals who have achieved a set standard. The award specifically acknowledges the number of hours spent on service over a given 12-month period or a cumulative lifetime event. The academic award is important as it clearly shows that students from the Miami Dade College are all rounded students not only focusing on the core education life but going a mile ahead of what is required.

These are awards given to Miami Dade College based on the publicity of the institution to various kinds of press. Miami Dade College participated in the Bravo Business Awards which was presented by the Council of the Americas to one Dr. Eduardo for being an excellent leader in business transactions, policy, and development of social amenities in the United States. The media award on the Colleges website shows the different activities that happen in Miami-Dade College and that diversity can lead to anyone becoming anything even when at school.


The websites diverse appeal is accommodating as there is no place on the website where it is recorded that Miami Dade College does not support or employ the special sexual groupings such as lesbians, gay or transgender individuals. Miami-Dade is known to be a leader in societal diversity and therefore I would still apply for the job fearing no discrimination at the interview or by staff and students

The Miami Dade College has a great appeal to diversified individuals and therefore they support various groups such as the physically challenged. The diversity in the institution leads to diverse employment opportunities by the organization as they do not offer employment on the basis of sexual appeal or feel. Incase i was a 57 years old female dumb and I opt to be a lesbian, I would still consider applying for a vacancy in the college since I would complete my tasks easily without being looked down upon.


Miami-Dade is an institution that greatly leads to a diversified environment, from culture, values, race and even gender. The college promises a brighter future by promoting societal activities that yield more benefit to the nation as a whole. The institution believes not in the policy of discrimination and offers its interviews with an open view not based on gender, race or sexual differences among the participants. This information is as depicted by the organizational website of the Miami-Dade College. All organization should, therefore, strive to be like the Miami-Dade and foster the societal diversity for the purpose of a better world and nation.