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Availability of Our Service

We strive so that our writing services will be accessed any time, but there are cases when the site is unavailable for some time. We want to warn you that we are not liable for such situations. At any time, access to this site may be suspended even without prior notice. Our company is not liable for any issues arising in contract or for any decision or action taken while using this site, or for the use or inability to use our site or any material it has. Our site contains our views; it does not have any legal advice. In order to get a legal advice, you have to consult your adviser.


Our site has some links to other sites, so that you can go directly to the linked sites. However, we want to warn you that our custom writing service is not responsible for the content or any links provided on these sites. Our service does not take a responsibility of any transmission obtained from a linked site. We provide links to attract more visitors to our site and adding a link doesn’t mean that we approve the materials on the linked site.

Use of Obtained Writing

Academic writing products delivered to you are only samples to use and you cannot put your name on the received pieces of writing. All provided written materials are for further research and reference only. Our essay writing service does not encourage any acts of dishonesty or fraud. We always stick to all copyright laws and do not allow any acts of plagiarism or law violation. You as a customer agree that any custom piece of writing is delivered to you only as an example or a model to use for research, and any ideas or content referred, borrowed, or used in your own paper should be appropriately cited and referenced to this site. Our premium essay writing service as well as our partners and affiliates are not liable for any illegal, unethical, wrongful, or inappropriate use of the written products obtained from our site. This includes poor grading, plagiarism, expulsion, suspension, lawsuits, loss of grants, scholarships, awards, positions, academic probation, failure, or any other legal and disciplinary actions. Only the customer who receives a paper from us is responsible for any disciplinary actions resulting from unethical, illegal, and irrelevant use of custom-written material. Our company is not liable for any delays in the delivery due to technical problems. We are not responsible for technical problems caused by Internet Service Provider. While using our custom essay writing services, you should be aware that we do not guarantee grades and you are not able to ask for a refund if you received a poor grade.


The acceptable level of plagiarism while writing a paper is no more than 7%. In case you received work with a higher level of plagiarism, you can ask for a free revision or a refund. In order to get some additional info regarding these options, look through our Revision Policy and Money Back Guarantee. Take into account that all properly formatted quotations, in-text citations, and bibliography page as well as frequently used and standard phrases cannot be regarded as plagiarism and will not be included in plagiarism percentage.

Payment Information

You should know that VAT is not included in the prices on our website. Only European Union customers are charged. VAT will be added to the order price during payment transaction. Be aware as VAT cannot be refunded.

Editing and Proofreading

When you order editing or proofreading, you should know that the writer will not change more than 30% of your text. If you need such assignment help as proofreading, you have to understand what this means. Proofreading is checking the paper for any punctuation, spelling, stylistic and grammar mistakes. Also we can rewrite plagiarized parts as we have an opportunity to scan your paper via sophisticated plagiarism detection software.  


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