Computer software refers to the step by step instructions that tells the computer how to complete an assigned task or tasks. Computer application or software is a composition of various units which collectively work together to ensure an assigned task is achieved. There are two major categories of software’s, system software and operational software. System software’s is mostly referred to as operating system and has the responsibility of coordinating all the activities that are being performed in the computer. It also sets the basis for the installation of other application software which are used to solve various problems. Operating software coordinates the relationship between the application software and the computer and that is why it is pre-installed before any other application software is installed. There are many operating system that are available in the market with the popular ones being, Apple operating system, windows operating system, blackberry operating system and Android operating systems and Linus operating system. Most of this operating system specifically the ones that are used for portable devices are free and free updates for them can be obtained from the internet except for blackberry and apple where one has to pay for an update.

The application software’s are numerous in the market; this is attributed to the fact that different problems require a different approach to solving them hence the need to have a specific software to solve a specific problem. It should be noted that there are some application software that cannot be used on other operating systems or hardware, due to lack of compatibility this is mostly experienced with apple and blackberry operating systems. The commonly used application system in the world include but not limited to Microsoft office, face time, safari, iTunes and app store update.


 Types of Applications/Programs Used in Your Chosen Field 

The type of application required in my chosen field is windows, or apple however Windows operating system is preferred because of its compatibility with many of the application software’s that are available in the market, while Apple has limitation and mostly requires one to buy their products and they don’t have open source application software. The software’s that my chosen area uses for solving problems and accomplishing tasks is the Microsoft suit and Dreamweaver. Microsoft suit comprises Microsoft word, excel, access, PowerPoint, and Publisher. The applications that I mostly use is excel and access as well as PowerPoint. Excel is very useful when conducting some statistical operations that are very complex, using its functions and formulas it makes it easy to analyzes data and do a comparison. This is also contributed by the fact that it allows the users to use various graphs that can be used in the comparison of data. The use of excel also make it possible to present data in a summarized manner, this is from the features such as filter, templates among many others. 

The word application program a component of the Microsoft suit assist in the documentation of the activities such as research findings documentation, writing source code of algorithms and the documentation of a program during its development. The documentation of a program is essential because it offers instructions regarding how the software it can be used and also makes it possible for people who are interested in improving a specific application.

PowerPoint (also an application present in the office suit), is used when there is need to summarize findings which is very essential during presentations as it can be viewed through a large screen by projecting it thus enable people to follow what one is talking about during seminars or meetings presentations.  Access on the other hand is used in the management of data, being a database it makes it possible to keep large volumes of data in an organized manner such that its retrieval is easy, and the data remains safe until when needed. 

The other software that is used is Dreamweaver, which is an application that is used in the designing of web pages and allows the editing of HTML web and also the editing of other codes. The development of webpage using this application is user-friendly and its support to various programming languages is the purpose it is preferred since one does not need to have different coding software since the applications has some programming languages. Apart from the HTML language this application, has C language, visual basic, cascading style sheets, Active Server database and extensible markup language among others. The availability of the application in more than one human language is what makes it unique and convenient to use.

Smart Draw is sometimes used in the development of the various model especially when learning about design and model development. The software makes it possible to visualize models which can be used as virtual prototypes of a desired design.

How Expensive Is the Software 

The windows operating on my machine is windows 10 pro whose market price is $199; the institution does not provide this since most of the people come with their machines with them having the windows already installed. The office suit as well is not provided by the institution but purchased by students, and it costs about $176. 

The Dreamweaver software is the one that is provided in the school, even though it can be downloaded from the internet open sources it is evident that when it is obtained in this way it does not complete features thus being limited in the performance of some activities.  The software being a technical application software makes it very costly, this makes the reason as to why it is offered by the school.   

The smart draw software is also expensive because it is a technical application and has many uses. A limited edition can be obtained online but for people who are interested in using many features that come with the application have to buy them. This software in the institution is not provided since it is not much in use, but it can be used as an alternative when accurate drawings of models are desired. 


Software refers to the compiled step by step instructions that tells the computer how to execute a problem and when to execute it. There are various computer applications, but broadly they are classified into operating or system software’s and application software. Operating software refers to the software that coordinates the operation of the computer hardware and the software. The operating system determines the sequence in which application software’s executes a command. Application software, on the other hand, refers to the software that is used in solving somehow a specific problem and due to this they are numerous compared to operating systems. 

The type of applications are windows or Apple, but it is evident windows is preferred because it is a platform that allows a variety of applications to run on. Application software’s that are used include the office suit that is a package of various applications such as word, which is normally used in the documentation of program source codes, PowerPoint used in the presentation of data and information in a precise manner, Excel that is used in statistical analysis. Access is also present in the package and is used storage, organization and retrieval of data. The other software used in the chosen are but it is not in the Microsoft suit is the Dreamweaver, which is mostly used in the designing of web pages in a responsive manner. C++ application is also used in the developments of strings of codes and running them to check on the effectiveness of the code. From the research, it is evident that most of the program used are available on the internet but in limited mode. For one to have the software’s with full features, a purchase is essential. The applications that are technical in nature and frequently used in the classroom are the ones that offered by the institution. To purchase software’s is very expensive especially the technical ones, the institution providing them for the learners is essential as the school is likely to get discount due to purchase in large quantities.