It is impossible to be a successful student without constantly overcoming oneself and meeting the professor’s expectations. The essential source of students’ problems is homework. Even if you are a skilled and passionate learner, who works hard to reach the desired goals, there is no guarantee that you will complete the next assignment at a high level.

Unfortunately, you do not have a strong immunity to the unachievable projects and there can be many reasons for your academic failures: unclear instructions, shallow topics, urgent deadlines, and many other circumstances. What is more, when doing all these challenging academic assignments, you significantly compromise your personal and social life. When the deadline expires and you do not know how to find a way out, you need to look for alternative solutions that will help you reach peace of mind and enjoy your student life.
We have a great offer for you. PaperMasters can become your personal writing assistant and the best place to get exceptional writing online help. Having many years of experience in academic writing, we know how it feels to struggle with multiple difficult assignments face-to-face having nobody to assist you. Becoming your reliable friend in academic writing, we will consider each of your requests and provide you with truly amazing papers tailored to your specific requirements. Put your trust in our professionalism because supplying our customers with unmatched quality papers is our top priority. Following the needs of our clients, we provide all of them with strong guarantees that make our cooperation maximally fruitful and rewarding. Multiple additional features will make this experience not only convenient and effortless for you, but also very enjoyable. If you want to learn more about the papers we write, just keep reading and we will provide you with the essential information about our services.

essay papermasters


Papers written: 2003

Essay writing is a common activity for all students. Having a vast experience in academic writing, our experts can write brilliant essays on different topics. Each of these essays will be properly structured and formatted. No matter if you need a descriptive essay, a narrative essay, a compare and contrast essay, a persuasive essay, an IB expended essay, a cause and effect essay, a scholarship essay, or any other piece, just place your order, and you will get an amazing paper that will fully meet your expectations!

research paper papermasters

Research Paper

Papers written: 1253

A research paper is, perhaps, one of the most challenging academic tasks that are often assigned to students. This assignment is usually rather lengthy as it asks the student to identify the topic of interest, define a set of thought-provoking questions within the scope of the topic chosen, and answer these questions using different types of credible and peer-reviewed sources. In a research paper, there is no place for personal opinion and you have to back up each of your arguments with solid evidence.

term paper papermasters

Term Paper

Papers written: 1159

A term paper is a lengthy research paper that is usually required at the end of the semester to track and evaluate the knowledge and skills attained by the student during this semester. When writing a term paper, the students should present a discussion on the assigned topic or a well-structured scientific report. Due to its complex nature, a term paper is usually difficult to complete. If you feel that you need professional writing online help, just let us know and we will create a perfect term paper that will meet the high academic standards and precise instructions of your professor.

report papermasters


Papers written: 5653

Reports usually present a well-structured investigation and structured analysis of a particular issue or information making certain proposals and recommending further actions. There are various reports but three of the most common types are as follows:

  • A lab report is prepared to explain and analyze the laboratory experiment;
  • A business report analyzes the situations and case studies applying various business theories and providing the range for improvement;
  • A book report aims to provide a detailed analysis of a particular book, explaining the author’s goals, setting, characters, plot, the relevance of the book, and other important points.
review papermasters


Papers written: 2652

A review is a critical evaluation of a project, scientific publication, book, movie, etc., made through scientific methods. This assignment is one of the favorite students’ tasks since it requires applying critical thinking and analytical skills. When reviewing something, the student should explain the author’s purpose for creating this particular piece and prove whether the author managed to reach their goals or not. The common review types are provided below:

  • A book review is a critical analysis and evaluation of the relevance, meaning, quality, and significance of a particular book;
  • A literature review aims to evaluate the published information within a particular topic; sometimes, within a specific period;
  • A movie review aims to review the particular movie, evaluate the director’s goals, point out the film’s significance, and explain its key strengths and weaknesses;
  • An article review requires providing a short summary and evaluation of the particular article. Evaluating the works of other scholars, the students polish their writing, research, and analytical skills. That is why this assignment is frequently assigned in many educational institutions.
proposal papermasters


Papers written: 639

A proposal is an academic assignment that aims to identify a specific research problem and explain the potential ways to solve it. If you experience some difficulties with writing a proposal, we recommend you to contact our professional writing team because we are good at creating fantastic proposals that can satisfy the most demanding professors. Let us find out the common proposal types:

  • A research proposal aims to present and justify the reason for a certain research problem, as well as to suggest the practical ways in which the research should be conducted;
  • A grant proposal is a project with a defined deliverable that aims to receive financial support to solve a particular problem;
  • A thesis proposal is usually written before writing a thesis. To put it simply, it is an outline of your thesis or a dissertation that should identify your research hypothesis, as well as your work strategy.
annotated bibliography papermasters

Annotated Bibliography

Papers written: 1003

An annotated bibliography is an academic paper that consists of entries of all the resources chosen for writing a paper. Each entry requires preparing a brief summary of the source, as well as its evaluation. Such a paper is usually required along with term papers, research papers, etc. If you have no time or inspiration to work on your annotated bibliography, just let us know and we will do it instead of you!

online test papermasters

Online Test

Papers written: 659

An online test is a tool to test one’s knowledge via e-means. Usually, it has a set of questions to be answered. Using a special “exam builder” an instructor creates questions for students to answer. These can be both, multiple choice and free text questions. If you are not sure about your knowledge, we can do an online test for you! Provide your hired writer with a link to the text, the time of the test, and the topic/discipline of the test, and our specialist will complete it for you.

questions-answers papermasters


Papers written: 920

Such an assignment contains a set of questions that should be answered in detail. Regardless of the nature of the questions, you can get high-quality assistance with this assignment at PaperMasters. Place your order here and we will answer all your questions thoroughly and correctly so that you could receive the expected result.

multiple choice questions papermasters

Multiple Choice Questions

Papers written: 920

As the name suggests, this assignment requires answering the questions choosing the right answer out of several options suggested. Although you may think that this assignment is pretty easy, we assure you that the formulation of the question may contain many pitfalls. If you are not certain about your knowledge of the topic of the assignment, it is better to look for professional assistance. By asking us for expert writing online help with answering your multiple-choice questions, you will easily boost your academic performance!

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Paper Details
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Dissertation papermasters


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A dissertation is the most important academic task in your academic career that is very lengthy and time-consuming. If you want to order a dissertation online, you have to find a trustworthy writing provider with a perfect reputation. At PaperMasters we guarantee an unmatched quality of your dissertation because our writers possess advanced Ph.D. and Master`s degrees in different academic fields. Placing your order here, you are free to monitor the order progress by communicating with your expert through the comfortable message system. Also, if you are concerned about your privacy, we guarantee that none of your personal data will be available to third parties. After delivering many dissertations, we realize that the students need to show their drafts to their professors to prove they are working in the right direction. Thus, we have created an additional option that is called a Progressive Delivery that allows our clients to get a great dissertation submitted in several parts. This wonderful option enables us to avoid revisions helping the client find out whether the writer is on the right track. Below, you will find the essential parts of any dissertation. Keep in mind that at PaperMasters, you can order both a lengthy dissertation and its separate chapter:

  • An outline is a brief plan of your dissertation that identifies your research hypothesis, all chapters, and key arguments you are going to discuss in your dissertation;
  • An abstract is a short but powerful statement that describes your work. Usually, the abstract includes the scope, purpose, and findings of the lengthy work. However, you need to remember that an abstract is neither a review nor an evaluation of your dissertation. It is rather an original document that is based on a dissertation;
  • An introduction of a dissertation provides the reader with a general explanation of the research topic and its relevance. It clearly defines the purpose of research, as well as its scope and significance summarizing the background information within the scope of the specific topic. Also, it clearly states a thought-provoking hypothesis and a set of questions outlining the work of the researcher;
  • A research hypothesis is a building block of your dissertation. Being written in the form of a statement, it clearly identifies the scope of further research;
  • A literature review chapter identifies and evaluates the findings of other reputed researchers within the scope of the dissertation topic. Keep in mind that when selecting the sources for the dissertation, you need to pick up only credible, up-to-date, and peer-reviewed sources containing accurate data;
  • A methodology section includes all methods and techniques used by a researcher in his or her work. When pointing out the methods used, the researcher should provide a solid justification of their choice explaining why these particular methods were appropriate for research;
  • A findings chapter is necessary to evaluate the work of the researcher. In this chapter, the researcher shed light on the results achieved and explains whether they managed to reach the goals set. This part also explains how well the researcher advance the reader’s understanding of the problem from what has been provided in a literature reviews section.
Literary Analysis papermasters

Literary Analysis

Papers written: 951

Such an assignment requires the evaluation of the poem, novel, short story, or a play. To interpret and analyze the literary piece successfully, the student should possess excellent writing and critical thinking skills, as well as understand various literary devices. Make sure to read the piece thoroughly to be able to explain the author’s symbolism, motivation, as well as the significance of this particular piece.

PowerPoint Presentation papermasters

PowerPoint Presentation

Papers written: 1234

To create an A+ PowerPoint presentation, apart from excellent writing skills, the writer should know the essentials of design, technical literacy, and have a sense of balance. If your presentation is visually unattractive, most probably, you will get an unsatisfactory grade. If you have no time to take care of each aspect of your PowerPoint presentation, rely on us! We have the necessary software to create amazing presentations!

PowerPoint Presentation Poster papermasters

PowerPoint Presentation Poster

Papers written: 1350

Such an assignment is given to the student when he or she needs to present a big amount of information in a short manner. Very often, the posters are created to present the key findings of the lengthy research in a visually attractive way. For this purpose, the posters usually contain the graphs and charts to make this piece easy-to-navigate. If you do not have relevant experience in creating PPT posters, feel free to hire our specialists and we will provide you with the incredible piece that will bring you the desired outcome. After all, a well-crafted PPT poster helps the reader understand every point of a lengthy discussion.

PDF Poster papermasters

PDF Poster

Papers written: 2234

The main challenge in writing a PDF poster is that the writer has to express the important ideas concisely without losing focus. Also, as well as a PPT poster, this piece requires using various charts, graphs, tables, and other visual materials. If you have no idea of how to create a PDF poster, feel free to contact now us and we will solve your problem.

Excel Exercises papermasters

Excel Exercises

Papers written: 869

Doing calculations in Excel is a frequently assigned task for the students pursuing their degrees in technical fields. If you cannot complete your Excel assignment and need someone experienced in completing Excel exercises, put your trust in our professionalism and competency. Our technical writers can successfully complete Excel exercises of different levels of complexity. Just ask us “Help me with my Excel project” and we will not disappoint you!.

Discussion Board Post papermasters

Discussion Board Post

Papers written: 620

Many professors require a student participating in online class discussions to prove their knowledge and competence. Such an assignment assumes writing a board post on a specific topic, as well as responding to other students’ posts.

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Case Study

Case Study

Papers written: 2559

A case study assignment aims to analyze a particular issue, policy, figure, event, or phenomenon from different angles to reveal the previously hidden aspects and bring clarity to the important research problem. Usually, a case study takes a single subject for analysis, however, sometimes, this paper examines the relationship between two or more similar concepts.

Critique PaperMasters


Papers written: 6202

Similar to a review, a critique aims to analyze the particular work explaining the author’s motivation and arguments. When writing a critique, the writer should explain what is said in the article/movie, book, etc. and how it is said. Besides, the writer is required to tell what issues are overlooked and what implications can be drawn from these observations. In other words, a critique is a systematic response and evaluation of what you have seen or read. Two common types of critiques are as follows:

  • A movie critique. Such a paper is usually confused with a movie review. However, whereas a movie review expresses the writer’s personal opinion about the film, a movie critique criticizes the key means of film production and explains what could have been changed in the film to reach a better result and attract a wider audience;
  • An article critique. A successful article critique provides the reader with a brief summary of the article content, as well as an explanation of the author’s purpose. When writing an article critique, you need to clearly define the ideas conveyed by the author evaluating them. If you need professional assistance with such a task, feel free to place your order at PaperMasters and we will handle it efficiently.
Blog Article papermasters

Blog Article

Papers written: 9999

In the contemporary world, one can find blogs on different topics. If you want to develop your blog, you need to create original and engaging content. Have no time to work on the content of your blog? Let us do it for you! Indeed, outsourcing is the perfect choice for those, who value their time. We help clients from many countries conduct their blogs on various topics as writing brilliant blog articles is one of our primary areas of specialization. Make the right choice!

Capstone Project papermasters

Capstone Project

Papers written: 953

A capstone project is the last, yet the most difficult assignment you will complete during a unit of higher education. For many students, completing a capstone project turns into a challenge since this assignment requires much time and effort in both the prewriting and writing stages. If you do not have relevant experience in completing capstone projects, place your order at our website and you will be impressed by our perfect balance of price and quality.

Interview papermasters


Papers written: 945

Being a college student, you will be probably asked to conduct an interview to obtain specific knowledge or information about something. For instance, you may be asked to interview a nurse practitioner about the benefits and shortcomings of this career. If you have conducted an interview and need a well-written essay based on it, order it at PaperMasters and we will not disappoint you. Following your instructions point-by-point, we will provide you with an incredible paper that will exceed your expectations!

Speech papermasters


Papers written: 630

Do you need to prepare an awesome graduation speech but you lack the appropriate skills and techniques? Do not be afraid to ask for professional assistance because even professional political leaders and activists actively use expert speechwriting services. We assure you that our specialists know how to find the right words to engage your audience. Just let us know the topic of your speech and other essential details and we will provide you with a marvelous piece!



Papers written: 720

If you have to publish a book, you definitely need to know how to write a synopsis. A synopsis is a short but detailed summary of the work that includes all important aspects including the conflict and the culmination. Based on a synopsis, a literary agent decides whether the book is worth publishing. Many writers find it difficult to squeeze a lengthy book into a short 500-word paper and if you also have no time for that, you can always rely on PaperMasters, the most reliable assistant of all despaired students!

White Paper

White Paper

Papers written: 1002

A white paper is rather difficult to write since it requires a perfect balance of research skills and proper technical knowledge. Nevertheless, a white paper is a particularly important paper in the business world since it helps the writer establish authority and boost credibility. In other words, a white paper aims to tell about your brand and its place in a particular industry.

Reaction Paper PaperMasters

Reaction Paper

Papers written: 349

As the name suggests, such a paper requires explaining your reaction to a specific book, movie, article, artwork, etc. However, when writing such a paper you should not limit yourself to only telling what you like or dislike about a piece. Along with your own perception, you need to provide solid reasons for your comments. If you are not able to write a professionally organized and formatted response, place your order at PaperMasters and our qualified writers will provide you with an exemplary piece.

Case Brief PaperMasters

Case Brief

Papers written: 619

Basically, a case brief is a short and concise summary of a legal decision. This task is usually assigned to the students of law schools since they should know how to explain the complex law concepts in simple words.

Letter PaperMasters


Papers written: 5289

Need to create a motivation letter but you do not know how to organize it? PaperMasters is the place where one can get fast and quality letter writing help. You probably know that there are various letter types but we can easily cope with all of them. All you need to do is just to provide us with the details of your task, and we will meet all of them step-by-step to provide you with a fantastic letter.

Poem PaperMasters


Papers written: 689

Poem writing is an art that requires passion, perseverance, and a deep awareness of the subject. If you need professional poem writing assistance, you can always rely on our team. We have already written hundreds of creative poems on different topics. If you want to receive a high-quality piece of poetry, do not hesitate to contact our service and we will develop a marvelous poem from scratch following your guidelines!

Business Writing Services PaperMasters

Business Writing Services

Papers written: 6203

Searching for high-quality business writing services and content development? Struggling to keep up with new content requirements? Welcome to Papermasters, where skillful content developers and business writers deliver premium quality technical writing, business communication and copywriting. Our professionals generate content solutions presenting the message you want to deliver in a style suitable for your audience and purpose, in plain language, able to engage readers. We do this for both institutions and businesses.

  • Marketing Plan. If you are a student of a business school or are pursuing a degree in a marketing-related field, you need to know how to create a good marketing plan. This assignment assumes gathering information about the consumers, marketing strategies, as well as potential risks and benefits of specific marketing decisions. If you have never completed a marketing plan before, you probably have no idea of how to organize your work accordingly. Responsible and experienced, our team is always at your service if you need professional assistance with creating a stellar marketing plan.
  • Business Plan. A successful business plan guides the author through every stage of managing their own business. Your business plan is your roadmap in the understanding of how to structure, organize, and run your business. Getting our business plan writing help, you will receive a detail-oriented business plan that will cover all aspects starting from the most important details to the less significant ones. We have been specializing in business plan writing for many years and can easily cope with any deadline or complexity presenting and formatting your data in the best way.
  • Memo. A memo, or a memorandum, is a unique means of communication within one company. In a business environment, a memo performs a communicative function transferring important messages between the departments or employees. Although now memos are widely substituted by e-mails, every student pursuing a degree in a business-related field needs to know how to write a memo. If you do not possess good writing skills but you are not going to fail your assignment, feel free to contact our top-rated company for assistance. Memo writing is not a problem with PaperMasters! Business reports are typically assigned to enable the student to examine potential and available solutions to a problem, issue, or situation.
Additional Services PaperMasters

Additional Services

Papers written: 12000

We want you to know that our services are not limited to only writing, as we have specialists, who are very good at editing, proofreading, rewriting, and formatting.

  • Editing. A successful student never underestimates the value of editing since he/she realizes that this process helps notice and fix various logical inconsistencies to improve the overall flow of the paper. Also, editing assumes fixing grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. We offer fast editing help with texts of different levels of complexity. If you take care of your academic reputation, do not rely on automatic checkers but place your order here!
  • Proofreading. Proofreading is the process of reviewing the final draft and checking its accuracy in terms of grammar, spelling, formatting, and punctuation. Some students mistakenly skip this process but we assure you that proofreading is the perfect instrument for polishing your paper until perfection.
  • Rewriting. If you want to paraphrase your text to make it look more professional, do not hesitate to ask us for assistance. Regardless of the urgency, we will rewrite your text perfectly using the appropriate writing techniques. With the help of our professional rewriting services, you will be able to relax and enjoy your life!
  • Revision. If you have written your paper, received a negative professor’s feedback, and want it to be improved by a professional writer, do not hesitate to place your order right now and one of our expert writers will follow the professor’s comments precisely. Do not forget to upload your paper and the professor`s feedback when placing the order. Being established many years ago, our company has been maintaining a brilliant reputation providing its clients with the unmatched results!
  • Formatting. If you have to format your paper in Harvard referencing style and you do not know how to do it, order formatting services at PaperMasters and we will not let you down! Our writers know all formatting styles including APA, AMA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, and many others.
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