Leisure time is both quality use of free time and excellent experience in fun activities. Cinema entertainment is one of the most famous activities in the United Arab Emirates. Cinema leisure involves public entertainment where films are shown for the purpose of entertaining the public in theaters. The VOX Theater in the United Arab Emirates has been famously known to be a leader in matters art and performance when it comes to movie show production shows and on-screen displays. VOX Cinemas have in the recent past been not only a tourist attraction but also a leisure spot who love film and art. The VOX cinemas ensure that at all times they stay ahead of both technology and competition by making sure that comfort and quality are the priority of their customers. The Cinema offers exclusive and premium services such as lounges, comfortable seats and surrounds sound for all their clients. The Cinema industry is gradually expanding in the UAE country with presently the state holding annual film festivals in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Nowadays, movies have incorporated technology in order to be accurate in portraying accurate world that they simply create. Therefore cinemas are paramount in development of a society as well as leisure time


Background Study

Cinemas have been known to promote the art of leisure from time immemorial. Therefore, it is somehow impossible to refute the role played by the cinemas in the society. The art and reason behind filmmaking are based on the creativity and to provide a natural, exciting way to view life. Since the conception of moving pictures cinemas has proven to be leisure as well as entertainment tools. Leisure is key for a happy satisfactory living something that the cinema industry has made a discovery and decided to seize this as an opportunity. In the contemporary world, technology has been incorporated in telling cinematic stories and also to broadcast opinions in United Arab Emirates. Cinemas extend the influential cultural phenomena since introduction of movies documentaries as well as life topic that initiate change or bring awareness to other issues. The aim of this paper is to show the importance of the role played by cinemas in the spending of leisure activities both in the United Arab Emirates and other countries at large.

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Biographical note

Mr. Abdul Omar, 34 years old is an Emirati man who loves cinema and is particularly in love with the VOX cinema since his young age. During his leisure time, Mr. Omar does go to watch cinemas at the VOX cinema located in the United Arab Emirates for three to four hours in a single week. During his childhood, Mr. Omar spent more than twenty hours at the VOX cinema watching films but now his working schedule at the airport has changed his routine. Mr. Omar believes that to him Cinema is not a waste of time, but it is part of his life. Film has uniquely played a role in his culture as it has powerful ubiquity. Mr Omar believes that cinema watching have robust effects on his mental well being since visual stimulation queues ranges of emotions and provides a safe environment to experiences the emotions.

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Below are the findings based on the interview and the related course learning outcomes


Description of CLO

Findings from interview



Describe the evolution of sport and leisure since the early twentieth century


Since I was in my early childhood I have known that cinemas were the best way to spend my leisure time. I know that cinemas came to life in the early 1800s and was a significant boost to early filmmakers such as Hollywood which has been in the film industry for more than a century now.



Describe issues that affect participation in both sport and leisure with specific reference to gender, nationality, age and socio – economic groups.

Cinema are a universal leisure and are not limited to gender or any other limitations of age or different socio-economic groups. Different cinemas can be watched in different countries and therefore universality is assured in the cinema industry.

In my youth, we used to organize groups in groups of five to go watch films in the VOX cinema, no two groups could g at the same time and this increased the sharing moments as each group could share their different experience at the theater.




Evaluate the role of sport and leisure in developing the health of the nation.

Cinemas are rapidly spreading here in the UAE. Leisure activities are key to the growth and development of any nation as every working nation is required to be a healthy nation for continued productivity. He added that cinemas are unique since thay are accessible art form socially and reflects both present as well as the past.


Leisure plays a key role in the development of self-satisfaction and overall body health. Cinemas assist in the achievement of self-satisfaction as it assists individuals to spend their leisure in a self-satisfactory way. Cinemas have been used since time immemorial in communication as well as in entertainment industry. Therefore, incorporation of technology in cinemas just enhances the quality of moving pictures and improves the visual communication thus making leisure time more enjoyable. Leisure leads to a sense of relaxation and therefore promoting a happy life. This project, therefore, assists in explaining the importance role that cinemas play to ensure that people live a happy life.