There are many ways to write an academic paper. Although a 5 paragraph essay is the most common form of writing in the academic environment, there is another form that is also widely used. A 3 paragraph essay is a simplified version of a standard essay, which makes it more attractive to many students. In fact, this format is basic as it includes only three main paragraphs. At the same time, the limited amount of space may turn writing such a paper into a problem for a student.

Though a 3 paragraph essay is preferred by many students, not all of them can write it properly. In our guide, you will find some helpful tips and suggestions that will help you create a high-quality paper.

What Is a 3 Paragraph Essay?

In a nutshell, a 3 paragraph essay is one of many forms of academic writing that consists of an introduction, followed by the main body in which the author supports the statements made in the opening part, and a conclusion summarizing the whole piece.

The Importance of Each Paragraph in an Essay

It is difficult to underestimate the importance of a paragraph in a 3 paragraph essay. A well-written passage makes a clear point supported by strong evidence. Besides, the author should explain why the evidence is relevant to the argument. The main parts should be linked together with the help of appropriate transition words. In this case, the paper will have a logical flow, which will significantly increase the author’s chances of getting a good grade.

According to common conventions of academic writing, one paragraph should be dedicated to a single point. Otherwise, you may confuse your reader. By following the traditional structure, you will be able to submit well-structured papers regardless of the topics you will be supposed to uncover.

Length of a Paragraph

Most probably, your professor won’t specify the exact amount of paragraphs to be included in your essay. However, in accordance with the common standards, your document should include not less than three paragraphs. As for the length of the paragraph in such an essay, it should be as long as it allows you to develop your main claim and support it by solid evidence. Many students commit the same mistake by making a passage too short. In this case, it will include insufficient analysis, which will compromise the quality of your work. If the prompt provided by your professor does not include the information about the required length, you need to write a 300-600-word paper and divide this length between its main parts.

How to Write a Three Paragraph Essay?

According to a common three paragraph essay format, such a paper should include three main parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. At the same time, this paper is different from other kinds of academic writing. Since the space is limited, the document should not include any irrelevant information. Most probably, you will need to follow the 3 paragraph essay outline provided below:

  • Introduction.
    • A hook;
    • Appropriate background points;
    • A strong thesis statement.
  • Body.
    • Topic sentence (should be related to your thesis statement);
    • First supporting fact;
    • Second supporting fact.
  • Conclusion.
    • Re-statement of a thesis in different words;
    • Summary of the main points;
    • A call to action.

Let’s discuss this structure in detail as it will help you find out how to write a 3 paragraph essay:

The opening part of a 3 paragraph essay example should introduce the topic to the reader. Remember that your task is to engage your reader and help them understand that your paper is worth their attention. The first thing that should appear in your introduction should be a hook. It can be a quote, statistical fact, or anything else that will captivate the attention of your reader. Next, to contextualize your topic, you will need to add appropriate background detail. Such an approach will help you explain to your reader why your topic is important. Below, you will find a brief description of the most important points that should appear in your introduction:

  • Begin your introduction by telling your reader some general points about the topic chosen;
  • Make sure to incorporate the keywords into your essay. Otherwise, you will make it look too vague;
  • Explain why the topic matters. If the subject is debatable, feel free to inform your reader about it by briefly describing the arguments of both parties;
  • Introduce the key terms. In case some of them are not clear, do not forget to interpret them;
  • State your point. Finally, your introduction should provide your reader with the central claim related to your topic. This is also known as a thesis statement.

The second paragraph is the main body of your paper. The primary purpose of this section is to provide supporting information and suggest some arguments explaining your thesis statement. Please note that your arguments should be developed logically. In most academic papers, the main body section is the longest part of the work as it should include all the important details related to the topic. Let’s have a look at the essential features of the main body:

  • It should identify the main ideas supporting your central claim;
  • All of the ideas discussed in the main body should flow logically;
  • Whenever you include in-text citations to support your claims, do not forget to cite them in accordance with the formatting style requested by your professor;
  • For longer papers, you are supposed to use headings and subheadings;

Typically, the main body paragraph should be structured in the following way:

  • Point. Suggest the main point;
  • Proof. Include appropriate evidence that will explain your main claim;
  • Significance. Tell your reader why your paragraph is important.

The final paragraph of your paper should summarize your document. In the concluding part, you don’t need to include any new information as your primary goal is just to summarize the points mentioned above. Please note that your conclusion should refer to all the points you have made in the previous sections without adding new information. In other words, you just need to reflect on the ideas that are already written. Below, you will find the essential features of a good conclusion:

  • Remind your reader about the points made in your essay;
  • Summarize the key ideas that supported your thesis statement;
  • Suggest some steps for further investigation of the topic;
  • Explain to your reader why he or she should care.

How to Create a Reference List?

You won’t be able to create a perfect paper without consulting with the outside sources. Pay attention that copy-pasting any ideas from these sources without mentioning the authorship is forbidden. All the reference information of the sources used should appear right after the conclusion. When creating a reference list, you should follow the requirements of the formatting style indicated in your prompt as each style has a unique set of requirements. In other words, you need to find out what citation style you are supposed to follow. Then, you need to check if the in-text citations, layout, as well as a reference list, correspond with this style.

If you are not sure what a good essay should look like, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the three paragraph essay example written by one of our proficient writers. It will help you figure out how such a paper should be written, structured, and formatted.

Essay Example

In the history of the USA, there were many good presidents, including Abraham Lincoln or John F. Kennedy. However, my favorite is Barack Obama, the 44th President of the USA. Moreover, he is the first African American, who served in the office.

In my opinion, Barack Obama was one of the best presidents of the USA even though some people criticized him. He had to lead the country in the times of an economic crisis. According to InsideGov, the government research site, during the presidency of Barack Obama, unemployment rate changed from 10% to 4.7%. Moreover, GDP had been growing during both terms. However, he succeeded not only in the economic sphere, but also he contributed to the healthcare and to the foreign relations. For example, he signed the Affordable Care Act, which provided millions of people with health insurance. In addition, he strengthened the international diplomacy with Cuba and Iran. He spoke with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on the phone. It was the first direct contact between two countries in more than thirty years. Barack Obama won the Noble Peace Prize in 2009 for his accomplishments. What really made him a good president was that he was always simple and respectful. Despite the fact that he was the most important man in the USA, he was not arrogant. On the contrary, he was very communicative and sympathetic. I appreciate when a president does not alienate himself/herself from common people. Barack Obama could walk on the streets and talk to the citizens. Undoubtedly, he is a wise man that you can trust and rely on.

I believe that Barack Obama is an example of a good president because he is a strong leader. He had a clear vision of future development and pursued it vigorously. He is famous for great intelligence and transparent honesty that make every president reliable. In addition, a president should be a family person because he/she could not build a country if he/she is not able to build his/her life. Only consistent people could provide unity for a nation. Finally, it is highly important that a president understands the consequences of his/her actions and inactions. He/she should always protect people and their rights.

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