What is the dominant goal of a full-fledged scientific investigation? The successful obtainment of the results. If your research already has essential findings, you have achieved your halfway to success. However, the second half of your work should be focused on the meaningful presentation of the results. Usually, a thesis or a dissertation embodies an extensive oeuvre, which encompasses significant findings. Therefore, academicians place special emphasis on the dissertation results section. We offer you to learn the quintessential elements of the results chapter creation to blossom in your scholarly strivings. 

If you know how to write the results section of dissertation, then you are particularly focused on your target audience. Inexperienced readers are often puzzled when looking through the complicated investigation with an abundance of results, which are yet to be deciphered to them. Thus, your findings should not be presented in a pretentious, deliberately complex way, as your audience consists not only of fellow scholars but also of the interested readers not directly involved in science. 


Generating the dissertation results section is useful for you as an investigator as well. Why? You will recollect your achievements, observations, and responses to your surveys, connecting those outcomes to the existent relevant theories in your sphere. No matter how enlightening it is to analyze your findings, you will encounter a range of challenges – the typical struggles of many Ph.D. candidates. The main problem is an abundance of the results, which all seem to be important. Yet, your task is to exclude the least applicable findings to make your research as comprehensive and thoughtful as possible. 

In case you faced some unpredictable challenges in your dissertation, you have to put your anxieties aside and ask for professional writing assistance. The results you obtained will be presented coherently, in accordance with the highest academic standards. 

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Dissertation Results Explained

Any dissertation is not a product of imagination, as you have to prove that your theory is groundbreaking and relevant. The effectiveness of your results predetermines further acceptance of your investigation. Some scholars state that the results chapter is even more significant than the dissertation’s main body. Your main paragraphs elucidate the outcomes, but if your outcomes are flawed and irrelevant, the whole dissertation loses its meaning. 

As the main body explains the findings in any case, the separate section related to the results should not consist of mere words. It is always favorable to use various graphs, figures, and schematic tables to present your outcomes. Logically, you collected some impressive statistics you need to share with your target audience. Images in the findings’ chapter facilitate the overall comprehension of your readers, keeping them engaged. Still, there should be a balance between thorough elucidation and graphic elements.

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Coherent Amalgamation of the Results Chapter 

After producing the methodology chapter, you should present your findings. Previously covered stages of your thesis project encompassed:

  • The explanation of the burning issue or a particular (probably brand-new) theory; 
  • The review of the sources used along with their succinct clarifications;
  • The elaboration on your investigatory approaches, which helped you to achieve specific results. 


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Subsequently, you moved towards the presentation of your research results. It is especially challenging for you to cope with such a project if it has been your initial attempt to create such a high-profile oeuvre. There is a hint for you: your results section should comprise the carefully selected processed data. 

When creating the results chapter dissertation, many Ph.D. candidates mistakenly include any raw data that belongs to their findings. In such a way, it is difficult to focus on genuinely applicable findings. The next hint for you is to master categorization of all the data found, creating lists of the most relevant information and least relevant material on the topic. The key aspect of the successful arrangement of the found data is to answer the research question unambiguously. It is no less important to establish a logical connection with your hypothesis.

Remember that your results section has to fit in seamlessly, so always keep the vital aspects of your introduction, main body, literature review, and methods chapter in mind. 

Elements to be Included in Your Results Section 

When writing results for dissertation, do your best to avoid redundant information. Your focus should be placed on topical observations in relation to the examined issue. You do not have to invent the types of results you have to obtain and present. Your findings would revolve around quantitative or qualitative results (or the amalgamation of both). Qualitative results combine the analysis of the most essential data from a personal perspective and your unique interpretation of the findings. Quantitative results reveal the scope of your statistics along with some mathematical data (when applicable in your research), which and presumes the vast implementation of various graphs and tables.  

The precise structure of the dissertation results chapter is equally important. Your starting sentences should be entwined with your introductory part, reiterating your primary goals. Afterwards, you have to: 

  • summarize prior findings, which are reflected in your literature review;
  • elaborate on your outcomes in comparison to the literary material you reviewed;
  • provide meaningful remarks on those elucidations and comparisons.

Always remember to concentrate on the crucial findings, which should be tightly connected to your research question. 

As your results’ section must reflect fundamental academic research, it should encompass:

  • an extensive listing of your chief investigational results;
  • evidence of your outcomes’ substantiality;
  • thorough representation of statistical data;
  • lists of every scientific resource used. 

To get rid of any hesitation regarding your results representation, it is advisable to reread your research question. Ask yourself, “Are those outcomes I am going to present pertinent to my research question?” At this stage, you will identify less important results, and genuinely indispensable findings. When you got rid of all the irrelevant findings, it is high time to ponder on the most inclusive method of your results’ demonstration. You can present your results in chronological order or the order of significance. 

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Vital Tips: How to Facilitate the Creation of the Dissertation Findings Chapter

PaperMasters.org professionals have come up with useful tips, which would help you to generate an effective findings’ section. The following tips can become your special checklist, which should be viewed in advance, before you even start producing the dissertation results section. 

  1. Rely on the Past Tense

The Past Tense is normally used in research papers, as you present the investigation you have already carried out. Thus, you are the researcher with your own experimental experience. Your outcomes are products of the past (no matter how recent). You collected the data you will present, and you observed the emergence of your findings in a particular scientific context. Any scientific study reputable academicians are responsible for is expressed in the Past Tense. Memorize it as a standard of all academic works and scientific researches. 

  1. Exclude Irrelevant Results 

As previously mentioned, even if some findings are interesting, they cannot be deemed all equally important. There is also a word limit in your dissertation project, despite its extensiveness. Thus, include only relevant results, which can be easily entwined in the same context. 

  1. Focus on Research Questions

Indeed, your dissertation may have a few interrelated research questions. Each question of such kind serves as a vital hint to the subsequent presentation of your outcomes. The findings you would present should reflect those investigatory questions. If some results cannot answer your research question, they should be omitted from your final work. It is also recommended to make up logical subheadings.

  1. Avoid Excessive Elucidations 

Although certain explanations of your results can be fully justifiable, every elucidation should be succinct. Additional clarifications would be reasonably present in the dissertation discussion section.

  • Select the most applicable presentation method: you can present your results chronologically or in relation to the importance of each point. 
  • Ponder on the proportional data embodiment in the form of tables, graphs, figures, as well as the written text. Even if your research is not related to the exact sciences, presenting your findings graphically would contribute to the better comprehension of your work by your target audience. 
  • Reread your results section to see whether all irrelevant data has been eradicated. 

Proofreading is the last clarifying element of this beneficial hint, as any scientific work is grounded on the supreme accuracy of information.

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