Students always benefit from having scholarships, but the thing is that it is not easy to avail of them. The committee has to decide which of the applicants have sufficient abilities, competencies, and potential for the future success and which of them deserve having financial support. Thus, it is a must for a student to keep to a standard scholarship essay format, applying for this prestigious reward, but at the same time it is essential to sound as individual as possible to stand out. There is no better chance to show the abilities, strengths, personal qualities, and all personal features you have than to give a bright essay that covers all the points. Nothing can persuade the committee better that a scholarship application with a great essay. 


Is a Scholarship Essay Different from a College Essay?

There are many similar features between the college academic essays and scholarship essays. You just have to remember the key purpose of your scholarship essay is to shine and demonstrate your eagerness to develop and excel. Most of the scholarship seekers are good at their studies, have similar grades, and share their ambitions. Thus, it may be complicated for the members of scholarship committees to make a choice. 

The basic scholarship essay format is mostly informal, but there are a number of requirements from the school administration that you should follow. In case there are no specific instructions from a certain college, you can just adhere to the common recommendations:  

  • Length: 1-2 pages 
  • Spacing: double
  • Font: Arial, Times New Roman, or Calibri 
  • Font size: 12 pt. 
  • Margins: 1-inch on all sides

Scholarship Essay Writing: How to Make It Effective? 

Keep in your mind the following tips from the best essay writers if your ambition is to gain the scholarship from your college:

  1. Do not procrastinate 

Start early and make sure that you have sufficient time to write an impressive essay. It takes a lot of time to do the brainstorming, outline writing, and editing the essay. 

  1. Gain an insight into the aim and mission of the entity that provides scholarships

There is always a set of criteria for selecting the best scholarship seekers. It would be smart to get to know as much as possible about the mission of the organization and find the aspects that relate it with your own experience. Answering the scholarship essay question, try to express genuine enthusiasm and passion.

  1. Do the brainstorming 

Use idea brainstorming to compose a list of subjects and topics that excite your sincere interest and choose the one that looks the strongest. 

  1. Express your passionate interest in the subject

If readers see you are indifferent to what you are writing about, the essay will never be the winning one. You have to be enthusiastic and even passionate about the content of your scholarship essay as it will be evident for the commission. 

  1. Adhere to all the instructions

There are some steps to take in essay writing, and you should submit the final product only if all those steps are taken. Neglecting instructions may bring unfortunate failures even to the smartest students as they disregarded the common rules of writing.

  1. Never choose the topics, which sound pessimistic or negative

Your story about failures will most probably be rejected as the point of the scholarship committee is to see not why you need money but how you can succeed even if there a lot of obstacles on your way.

  1. It is normal to sound personal

You have to show who you are as a personality to impress the committee. Share some personal story and make it memorable as you will need an opportunity to demonstrate why you are better than other applicants.

  1. Ask for feedback and advice 

Your final essay will be significantly better if some members of your family, friends, or academic counselors give you some feedback and comments on possible improvements. 

  1. Mind grammar and spelling 

Not only content but also good grammar matters when it goes about granting scholarships. Readers can be distracted by wrong spelling or some inadequate grammar structures and your message will become vague. Thorough proofreading is necessary before you submit the paper to the committee. 

  1. Do overall checking

Read the whole essay aloud several times. Besides, use the spellcheckers to make sure that the paper is free of mistakes. Some friends of you can also help you with valuable comments. Having eliminated all the mistakes and typos, you will make sure that the essay will impress the committee with its perfect form, content, and structure.

Possible Topics for a Scholarship Essay 

  • Which personal traits will contribute to the enhancement of your potential employment and current education? 
  • Tell us something about yourself.
  • Where do you draw your inspiration? 
  • How will you use this scholarship if granted?
  • Which article or book you have read recently do you find the most inspiring?
  • Do you view education as meaningful to the society?
  • Have you ever made some difference in your community? Give the details. 
  • Are you an effective leader? Why?
  • What changes would you introduce into the world if you could? 
  • Which solutions would you offer for resolving a certain current issue related to discrimination, health care, or any other field? 

red book

You can cover not only general topics, but also more specific ones that your scholarship application will deal with. The questions raised can be related to the achievements you have made, the field of study you have chosen, your influences and background, financial needs, future ambitions and goals, and so on. You may be also asked about the social issues and current events and the answers will show your abilities to solve the problems. The application questions mostly deal with your creativity, vision, and motivation. You should know how to format scholarship essay papers and how to communicate the brightest abilities and qualities you have. 

Typical Mistakes to Avoid

Get acquainted with a list of common errors in essay writing to gain success with your scholarship application. What are they?  

  • Insufficient adherence to instructions. Many students believe that it is a waste of time to read the guidelines. Sometimes, they just scan them and look at the main topic. Thus, their understanding of what the committee expects to see in the text is poor and even the most interesting essay can be rejected even if the content is interesting as it is written not according to the provided instructions. 
  • No outline. Proper organization of ideas is a must even for a short essay. It is much better to think about the structure of the text in advance and an outline can be a perfect tool to do that. Your outline will serve as a backbone of your scholarship essay format and it can be adjusted any time you may need that. 
  • Wrong structure. In most cases, there are no specific instructions in terms of structuring your essay. Still, lack of coherence in making paragraphs or no transition words or phrases will interfere with the readers’ understanding. 
  • Too many common definitions. Too complicated terms included. It is recommended to keep the language simple. 
  • Evident lack of checks. You have written the obligatory amount of words and now you are happy as you can submit it and forget about the worries about the paper you have been writing for so long. It is too early to feel relieved though. Now it is time to reread the questions and check the adequacy of the answers to them. You should make the content readable and the format of the essay professional. Of course, vocabulary and grammar mistakes will be a great problem. 

Take a proper approach and get a chance to have the scholarship you have been dreaming about. There are so many competitors among your peers, but they will definitely be left behind. 

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