A dissertation discussion chapter follows the methodology, analysis and results sections and provides a detailed interpretation of the obtained research findings. This chapter can be either presented as a separate section or included in the concluding unit. Anyway, it is essential to know what its key features create it appropriately.

To write a discussion section in the right manner, you need to be fully aware of the data provided in previous chapters of your dissertation. It can be said that this section is the core part of any dissertation since it is meant to explain the information presented in the “Results” chapter. To make the discussion full, you will also need to make reference to the charts/diagrams/tables and the material highlighted in the preceding sections and respond to the research question.

Fundamentally, in your dissertation discussion chapter, you are required to state how you tackled the research prompt highlighted in the introductory unit and what place your research occupies in the corresponding area. This section of your dissertation should help readers get a better understanding of the matter under consideration. In case you have some doubts as to whether you can produce this chapter of your scholarly project on your own, you can count on our professionals to help you.


Significance of the Discussion Chapter of a Dissertation

The discussion section may be one of the hardest to compose. After creating the previous chapters of your dissertation, it may seem to you that there is nothing to write about in this unit. Sadly, numerous students just restate the concluding points from previous sections in the discussion chapter what certainly leads to failure.

To know how to structure the discussion section of a dissertation, you need to understand what type of data you obtained in the course of research and how you organized your findings. A considerable number of students decide to arrange this chapter based on the research goals set in the introductory section. Following the same algorithm is useful since you will help your readers see whether you have succeeded in attaining the established research objectives. If you are not skilled enough to write such a chapter on your own, consider using our valuable writing services. We can help you achieve the desired outcome.

A dissertation discussion chapter and any other section should have an introductory part, body, and conclusion. The main function of an introduction is to present your findings and link them to the introductory section of your dissertation. As to the body, it has to provide an in-depth discussion including powerful arguments and concrete facts. Finally, a concluding part of a discussion section has to sum up your research highlighting its scientific value.

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Information Provided in the Dissertation Discussion

This unit has to clearly explain what you have found out in the course of your investigation. It is advised that your discussion chapter include the major goal of your academic work and discuss how the obtained research findings prove the validity of your thesis. In this chapter, you also have to discuss the limitations that may occur when the research is conducted in a hurry or when the number of respondents replying to a questionnaire is smaller than needed. In this case, such a state of things has to be used to show the weak points of the research which led to specific results and bring about the discussion of further investigation which could remove the mentioned issues.

When writing the discussion section of a dissertation, you should highlight meaningful findings of your research once more and demonstrate whether they can be helpful in different areas of life not only the academic one. It should be admitted that such a section of a dissertation as a “Discussion” requires the one to be good at writing and researching. Moreover, to make a valid interpretation of the findings, one has to possess great analytical skills and be able to do critical thinking. Unfortunately, many students lack the mentioned skills what makes the process of preparing such a unit arduous.

To make the writing procedure hassle-free, you should arrange sub-sections that will help you organize and interpret your findings. Keep in mind that the titles of those sub-sections have to match those presented in your table of contents.

When working on your discussion chapter, you should focus on three major points:

  • Description
  • Analysis
  • Synthesis

Well, the ways of creating such a section are different. Nevertheless, if you want to get your professor’s approval, you should concentrate on the following aspects:

  • Interpretation. What do your results signify?
  • Implications. Why are the obtained results significant?
  • Limitations. What cannot be revealed by the findings?
  • Recommendations. What would you advise the academicians working on your subject?

To sum up, the discussion chapter lets you demonstrate how your research can fill in the gap existing in the explored research area.

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How to Produce a Solid Discussion Section of a Dissertation

To understand how to write a dissertation discussion, you need to learn a few things. First, such a chapter has to start with reiterating a research question provided in the introduction. Then, you have to show the results you achieved in the course of research. Remember that you need to not just copy the information from the “Results” section and paste it into the “Discussion” but explain everything in detail. To ensure that your analysis of the research results is thorough, you are required to:

  • Critically assess the extent to which your goals have been attained.
  • Talk about the goals that were reconsidered or eliminated and explain why.
  • Set the connection between your findings and the theoretical background which your research was based on and link the ideas discussed in the body section with each other.
  • Explain how your study relates to the research previously conducted by the scholars whose works you present in the “Literature review” chapter. Additionally, discuss similarities and differences between your findings and those obtained by other researchers.
  • Highlight possible issues and say how they can be resolved.
  • Do not deviate from the data you are dealing with and avoid generalizations that may lead to the overstatement of your research results.
  • Determine the restrictions of the research and their impact on a specific research area.

Note that the discussion section of a dissertation plays a crucial role in identifying and understanding the value, both theoretical and practical, of your study. That is why it is essential to do everything required to achieve a superior outcome, i.e. create the chapter properly discussing your findings.

To do this, you should pay attention to the mistakes that have to be avoided:

  1. Do not present new findings. Remember that your key goal is to assess the results highlighted in previous sections.
  2. Avoid making fake statements. Do not forget that it is not complicated to check your results. Hence, presenting invalid data will not add weight to your study.
  3. Examine all results. It is important to make a thorough analysis of all results even some of them seem less significant than others.

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