What is a Definition Essay

A definition essay is a kind of essay in which the author explains the meaning of certain term. Some terms, such as apple, sunglasses or umbrella, have a particular meaning. However, such terms as God, love and beauty are abstract and largely depend on one’s point of view.

Many students believe that writing a definition essay is a simple task, in comparison with other term papers. However, in reality there are some definition essay writing tips, which will help to cope with the specific requirements for this type of academic papers. If you use Wikipedia sometimes, you already have some ideas about how a definition essay should look. In this article, we will determine how to write this kind of papers and what are the most common difficulties that students face when getting such kind of assignments.


Since the main purpose of your writing is clear explanation of the meaning of a certain word, event or object to the target audience, you need to first understand this concept yourself. Take a few hours to conduct a thorough research, collecting data and some useful information that concerns your term. You should make a suitable sketch to write a presentable paper.

Here are some definition essay writing tips for creating high-quality paper. There are three steps you should make to write an effective definition essay:

  • tell your audience what term you are defining
  • present basic clear information
  • give some samples, facts or stories that your audience will understand.

Choosing a topic for definition essay is the key step to making your paper successful. First of all, to explain the term to your readers, you have to understand its meaning yourself. Look for the definition in dictionary or encyclopedia, but do not copy text from it. Use several sources to understand which definition of the chosen term is the most accurate and appropriate. Then think about how you can combine these definitions to give your own, original and unique one. Try to explain the meaning of this term briefly, using your own words. It is also important to limit the term before you start the definition. For example, you can write endlessly about the term “beauty”. To limit it a little bit, you could write about either “the beauty of a human being,” “the beauty of the inner world” or “the beauty of nature.”

When writing an essay definition, in the main paragraph, you should give your audience some information about your term.

In addition to your own explanation, you can also specify the situation in which the term is used, historical information about the origin of this word and its use in the literature. You can also highlight most common errors in its usage and definition.

To define the term you can explain its function, nature or structure. It is also possible to define the term by specifying what this word does not mean, or by comparing it with similar terms, highlighting their differences.

Definition Essay Outline

It is obvious that when working on essay definition, you will have to make a perfect, easy-to-understand and presentable outline, which contains your thesis statement, the actual term which is defined, and maximally accurate definition of the term within the body. If the essay does not contain strong evidence and support, the whole paper is useless. Once you have completed your writing, make sure that you have confirmed or denied your thesis throughout the entire essay. At the end, make sure that all of the sources that you have used during the writing are accredited so as to keep your definition essay 100% legitimate.

Definition Essay Topics

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  • heroes definition essay; 
  • friendship definition essay;
  • freedom definition essay. 

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