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What Is an Article?

This is a traditional piece of writing that aims to familiarize the target audience with a certain topic. You have probably read many articles in academic journals and popular magazines. Although all these publications have different purposes and goals, all of them should be interesting for the target audience. Very often, articles are confused with blog posts, though these papers have many differences. For instance, a journalistic text is usually longer and more formal than a blog post. Contrary to a blog post, a good article cannot be written based only on the author’s perception of the topic. To cope with this task successfully, one should carry out an in-depth investigation of the topic studying the main achievements of other scholars. In some cases, you will need to conduct the interviews on your own to get the most relevant and accurate information for your text. Professional article writing requires a high level of creativity, as well as awareness of the latest standards and conventions of writing. If you want to study this writing process in detail, you should take advantage of the information provided further.

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Efficient Tips for Writing a Good Article

1. Brainstorm your ideas and write an outline

This will save you from unpredictable troubles such as writer’s block. Thus, it is always recommended to have a plan that will help you keep your ideas organized in the right order. Each time the idea comes to your mind, you will need to write it down in your outline.

2. Eliminate distractions

When it comes to crafting a journalistic text, you need to be maximally focused and attentive. The smartphone with multiple notifications popping up will not allow you to concentrate on your work. We strongly recommend you turn off the TV and social media platforms as it will add creativity to the writing process.

3. Research thoroughly

In-depth research is very important in any academic paper, no matter if you are composing an article or a discussion board post.

When looking for the appropriate information for your piece, you will need to work with the most credible and up-to-date sources. If the data or statistics obtained in the course of your research contradict your initial thesis statement, you will need to adjust it.


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4. Keep your writing simple

Many people make the same mistake including too many sophisticated terms just to make their papers look more solid. We want you to know that simpler texts meet the needs of a wider audience. Thus, you will need to do your best to make your text as simple and engaging as you can.

5. Do not procrastinate

Having no idea how to start their papers, many students procrastinate, reducing their chances of getting good grades for their works. If you want to get the anticipated outcome, you will need to start working on your assignment right after receiving it. In such a way, you will have enough time in the preparation, writing, and editing stages.

6. Edit your article properly

When you are done with writing a draft of your future masterpiece, you will need to edit it paying attention to all the logical fallacies and grammatical flaws. Proper editing will help you improve the quality of your paper and ensure clarity.

7. Set deadlines

This technique is one of the best time-management skills that will help you organize the writing process in such a way as to receive a maximally successful outcome.

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Things to Avoid in Article Writing

Poor article quality can ruin the journalist’s life. If you are a student, an inappropriately written text will bring you a bad grade. If you want to become a skilled journalist, you should know not only what to do but also what things to avoid in professional article writing:

  • Plagiarism. If you use the ideas of other people without mentioning their authorship, you will be accused of plagiarism;
  • Skip the main elements of an article. If you fail to introduce the subject of your journalistic text properly or support your arguments with appropriate evidence, you will not be able to get a good outcome;
  • Show disrespect for previous researchers. As a researcher, you should know that each approach is worth attention. If you do not agree with some ideas expressed by other scholars, you may mention that in your piece of writing politely;
  • Ignore the editor’s comments. If you are going to publish your article in a magazine or newspaper, it will be carefully checked by an editor. If you fail to consider the editor’s comments, you will not reach the expected outcome.

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