It is natural that international students frequently find it complicated to cope with IB extended essay writing. Yet, it is an essential task that requires their utmost attention in the framework of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. This is a complex project and students must demonstrate their ability to conduct profound studies and in-depth research in the field required. What is the cost of mistakes in such papers? It is very high. Thirty percent of the overall grade depends on this essay and your diploma is what matters to you at this stage, isn’t it?

Students are often confused by the sheer number of formal requirements they must meet. At the same time, the success depends on how attentive and knowledgeable the students are. Are you confident that your abilities and capacities are sufficient for completing the task? Will your IB extended essays be excellent? If you are not sure, ask for our help now!

IB Extended Essays: What Are They?

The IB Diploma Program has a number of components and your Extended Essay is among the most essential ones. At first sight, writing this paper might seem extremely easy as you are free to choose the topic from the list of approved subjects. Having chosen the topic, you should start doing research and composing an essay. Its average length is 4,000 words. This assignment is aimed to motivate the students to develop their out-of-the-box thinking, critical attitude to controversial issues, ability to get into the topic, and be logical and consistent in presenting their original ideas.

It is crucial to follow the guidelines, completing any academic assignment. There are specific instructions regarding the word count, style, structure, and content of the essay. If you are not attentive enough and disregard specific requirements, your chances to be successful in your studies will get lower. Collecting information for the assignment, you have to make sure that the chosen sources are reputable. Only trustworthy websites and library sources can be used. It is a must for your extended essay to contain citations, but you have to know how to present them and what aspects should be emphasized. Other aspects to consider are sentence structure, paragraph structure, adherence to grammar rules, spelling and vocabulary standards, as well as ensuring the cohesive flow of ideas, that is of great importance.

Working on an extended essay may seem overwhelming at first, but it can also be an exciting experience if you are genuinely enthusiastic about the task.

Have a look at some valuable general tips to know how to deal with IB extended essays:

  1. It is essential to sound original. You have a certain research question and you have to look for the answers. It is fine not to know the answer at first as you are not a professional linguist or scientist. For sure, the program requirements do not expect you to present a study that can be published in some reputable science journal. Still, you want to be a successful student and your professor will look for some original approaches to the problem. Thus, your attitude and initiative should be evident in your writing.
  2. An excessively complicated topic is no good. You need to find an interesting topic but it should not be too challenging. In general, your abilities, skills, and available equipment should be enough to cope with the topic.
  3. Be realistic when choosing a topic. You know from the practical experience of your studies that it is easy to make plans but it can be complicated to put your plans into practice. Your experiment should be capable of producing results. It frequently happens that a lot of your energy is needed to complete the task.


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Practical Tips to Turn You into an Expert of Extended Essay Writing for the IB Program

Improve your academic performance, following the tips for the students who need to know how to deal with IB extended essay writing:

  • Mind proper organization

You have a set of instructions and a strict deadline. So, it is time to start! It is a completely wrong approach to hope that you will complete the task in the last hour before submission. It will cause you so much haste, stress, and panic that you will feel not able to focus on the topic. You need to organize your work properly. First of all, find out how much time is left and set special stages for your work on the essay.

Set the stage of determining the topic, doing in-depth research, and organizing the written work. Determine a specific deadline for all of them and leave some time for editing and proofreading. Make the deadlines realistic. Remember about a specific date set for meeting your supervisor. Typically, there are three or even four such meetings in the schedule. A thorough research usually takes not less than 15 hours. Spend this time efficiently and use the remaining time for outlining, the actual writing, and proofreading. Proper time management will ensure that you will work productively without any hurry.

  • Choose a topic that would allow for a sufficient research scope

If you want to make your essay winning, start with choosing the right topic and formulate the research question properly. Mind the following two key factors, while thinking about the topic to choose:

  1. The topic should be of interest to you;
  2. The scope for research should be ample.

You will spend about 40 hours on your assignment, so it is essential to narrow down the topic and make sure both of the above-mentioned requirements are met. If your topic sounds fine, but you have no passion for it, you will doubtfully achieve the best results. An excessively narrow topic will not give you a chance to conduct research of the needed scope.

Hence, take the effort to strike a balance and choose a topic that will be winning. It is important to draft a focused, arguable, unique research question. In the beginning, you can formulate a broad topic, but you should narrow it down after research is done to analyze which of the aspects require attention.

  • Do research, taking notes

You will have to gather as many insights as possible for your research. The stage of research will take you approximately 20 hours, so you have to spend them with the maximum use. Choose your IB extended essay topic after you have visited your college library and studied relevant journals, online sources, and books. You should also visit laboratories and museums if such visits are valuable for your research.

Time is your valuable resource. Every hour counts! Make notes, searching for information not to do the things twice. Your notes can be hand-written, but you can also use a word document to type them at once. You will highlight the most essential aspects and organize the process with the help of your notes.

  • Visit your supervisor for consultations

You will get guidance from your IB supervisor, and you can choose the most knowledgeable one in the area of your research. According to the recommendations of the IB Program, the students should spend approximately three-five hours on consultations, and you can decide how much of this time you will spend on this.

You are allowed to get consultations from the supervisor at any writing stage, as you may be confused with choosing a research question, approaching it correctly, or gathering evidence. Finally, you will find it helpful to get the supervisor’s feedback on your first essay draft.

  • Do free writing

After the research is completed, you should proceed to structure your paper, writing effective sub-headings, and covering key points. Freewriting is helpful when you have already collected the materials and drafted the first outline. It is a prewriting technique and it will help you collect the thoughts and leave your anxiety behind. Do not waste your time on polishing the text at this stage, as you will do that later on.

  • Check on the assessment criteria to start writing

You have access to a set of criteria to know how your instructor will score your writing. So, you just check on them and write accordingly.

You might also find Paper Revision useful.

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Official IB Writing Guide

You will see that the ready-made scoring criteria cover all the aspects of your essay starting from choosing the research question to making quality analysis, reflection on the main topics, and presentation of ideas.

  • Get your academic presentation successful

Content has the same value as a successful presentation. You will get a high score for your work only if you succeed in demonstrating an effective formal presentation of your original ideas. What does it imply? You have to ensure adequate formatting, visually pleasing fonts, proper structure, right spacing, requested number of pages, standard labeling of the diagrams and graphs, as well as a scheme of nice colors. Check whether you have your name and the name of the school on the headers and title page.

Your score will get lower if you break the word count specification, so mind the approximate number of the words. It should be no more than 4,000.

  • Revisions are a must

You have worked hard and the amount of time spent on your essay is impressive. Submitting it now without multiple revising would be wrong even if you already feel burnt out. There are some flaws you have not noticed and now it is time for polishing and proofreading.

Do not take the stage of checking for spelling and grammar mistakes lightly. Have a look at the flow of the text again and note all the drawbacks in citations and formatting. It is crucial to check the text for plagiarism as well. In general, you have to meet all the assessment criteria.

We recommend you get the blind spots noticed by asking your relative or friend to have a look at the paper. They will find something you have missed.

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Who Needs Help with an IB Extended Essay?

All IB students sometimes feel embarrassed, confused, or just exhausted. Some of them try struggling, but others prefer to get timely assistance and cope with complex projects easily. This is the paper that makes an important contribution to the IB diploma score, so it is not right to take writing it lightly. Our service will ensure that each of your assignments is perfectly done.

We have responsible and skillful people in the writing team and they will work on all kinds of topics to make sure that you will have brilliant IB extended essays! Look at the following benefits of our service if you care about the high quality of your papers:

  • The writer will take care of choosing the topic for your essay. If you provide your topic, the writer will do research and ensure the most effective investigation from new angles to earn you the best scores.
  • The sources we use are always valid and reliable.
  • The formatting, structure, and grammar aspects will be addressed, and the managers will guarantee the quality of your assignments.
  • The target audience of your paper will follow the ideas easily owing to a perfect organization of ideas and proper structuring of the assignment.
  • You will get the best writing outcomes as we will study and carefully follow all instructions and your prompts while crafting the paper.

We recommend you focus on the result and save time. Thus, contacting and placing your order today will be the best solution. You will get an excellent grade and enjoy the outstanding benefits of being our loyal customer. Let us deal with the academic problems that make your life grey and unhappy!

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