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Everything is very simple. If you want to reach success in something, you should put your soul into it. Our academic and custom paper writing company and all members of our sophisticated staff are doing their best to help thousands of students from diverse parts of the world in handling their writing assignments. Want to know what key things the success of our company is based on? They are as follows:

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How to Make a Good Business Writing

In order to have a successful business today, it is very important to have professional skills in writing. Business writing is widely used in this field, from daily documents writing to official reports. However, when it comes to writing messages in today’s business environment, you should always take into account the target audience to make the content and format of the paper appropriate for the readers.

Also, you should always work hard to make your text convincing and direct. One method to achieve this goal, which helps to make the business writing effective, is using personal pronouns and minimizing the use of passive voice. Well organized business writing uses short sentences and paragraphs. Here are some business writing tips that may help you with your assignment. In business writing the most commonly used style for formatting and citations is APA style. This style does not use footnotes and endnotes and recommends using the author-date method. If you need more detailed information and examples of papers in APA style, you can view Formatting Services page.

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Frequently Used Types of Business Writing

Effective business writing usually reflects paper done in the workplace. The most often types of business writing among our customers are the following: 


Memoranda are brief documents used to spread important information within a single office. These documents can be written in informal style, especially if they are addressed to colleagues. However, you must always take into account the target audience to make the information of your writing understandable to readers.

Business Letter

Even if you wonder, “What is business writing?”, you probably know what constitutes a business letter. Compared to the memoranda, business letters are more formal. They are often used for job application or for delivering information (one example of such papers is a cover letter). These papers should be written in a standard format, which presupposes the presence of the date, addresses, salutation, body paragraphs, and an ending. Try to write a business letter briefly, expounding the content direct and clearly; there is a possibility that your reader will just skim it to see key information. Also, do not avoid the use of professional and industry-specific language to demonstrate your knowledge and experience.

Case Analysis

Case Analysis are frequently assigned in business courses to teach students to analyze business events and issues using theory they have learned in class. When writing papers in this business writing format, you should first describe the issue to your audience. Then, you should propose several options to solve the problem with the assessment of their effectiveness. Then, describe the best possible solution to the existing problems and explain the reason for your choice.

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Business Plan

Business Plans are used to describe the operation of a particular business. They are also used as a tool to request funding for the certain company. When you write a business plan, be sure to define your goal – it will help you to create good content of the paper. There are plenty of examples of how to write a business plan, depending on its purpose.

Business Proposal

Such business assignments as proposals offer a particular service or idea as a solution to a specific existing problem. To write this paper, first clearly identify the problem that needs solving and explain your solution to the reader. There are solicited and unsolicited proposals. A solicited proposal is used when the company needs a particular service and the outside organizations participate in the project. An example is when a town needs a theater and some firms submit their proposals with the aim to win the contract. An unsolicited proposal may be used with the intention of a partner or work with another business. This type of writing may be used when landscape design company comes to a specific organization with a suggestion for exterior design.

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I had forgotten about this term paper until 48 hours before it was due for submission. So, obviously, I hadn’t enough time to do it! When I asked your writing service, it was done quickly and what is more, it was done very well. Definitely better than I would have managed in two days! A big thank you!

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Say a “big thanks” to my writer because this paper would not have been completed without their help. I certainly would not have been able to do it. Although the paper was short, I had not enough time to get around to it. So your help is greatly appreciated!

Linda O.

There are no words to thank my writer enough for the wonderful assistance I received with all my assignments and classes. Whenever I think an assignment is impossible to do, your writers surprise me and create something exceptional.

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The essay I got was well organized and well written; it was correctly formatted, had an accurate bibliography, and arrived on time. Perfect!

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You assigned a writer with a science background so he knew precisely what was needed in my paper. In the past, I have used other writing services and have had writers who were a complete mismatch for my field and that came across in the papers I received. This writer was clearly a true professional in the subject area and that is what I was looking for!

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I received confirmation from your support team within one hour of submitting the inquiry form that you could have my assignment completed within the timeframe I had mentioned. Then my paper arrived by email on the deadline day. Moreover, it was beautifully written. I will be using your writing service again when I have another writing project