It seems texting and email correspondence have almost destroyed the art of writing letters. Still, the skill of letter writing preserves its value and students need to learn to write excellent gratitude letters, cover letters, recommendation letters, and other letters for various purposes. The target audience will form the first impression of you based on how well you can express your thoughts in your letter and how well you can format it. We have organized this service to give the answer to the question: ‘What is letter writing and its types?’ and assist you and other customers in sending the right message and appealing to their audience with the best possible impression produced. We will help you buy a letter written exclusively for you and you will be able to say what you have wanted to in a convincing and interesting manner.  

Writing letters differs from writing essays or academic papers in several ways. It is typically composed with a narrow purpose and a particular recipient of a message in mind. There is no need to investigate some topic or develop claims and arguments that can impact the readers. In a letter, you give certain information and start a dialogue with the readers as you want to resolve a certain issue or achieve the set goals. 


Informal and Formal Letter Writing

Students know that letters can be of two types: formal and informal. There are no strict standards for composing an informal or personal letter. There are no specific requirements for the author to follow and there will be no phrase “To whom it may concern” common for the formal greetings. Instead, starting it, you will just address the person you are writing to, like “Dear Paul” and the final phase at the end of the letter will be “Warm regards” or “Best wishes.” It is possible to send such informal message in the form of a common letter or email; the guidelines do not change. 

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Informal Letter Writing

Everybody needs a skill of personal letter writing. Business letters sound more formal than informal letters, while the latter can be either typed or handwritten. It is absolutely fine to use colloquialisms or slang in personal letters.  

You can decide either to have the date in the upper left-hand letter corner or omit it. It is fine just to start the letter with a salutation in any form that you like. You can end your salutation with a comma, not a colon, common for formal writing. 

The first paragraph of the letter is an introductory part that explains the reason for sending this letter. The subsequent paragraphs present more details and they end with a summarizing paragraph asking questions or saying thank you to the recipient. Still, there is no strict standard about it and it is optional. 

The closing lines of a personal letter should also sound informal. They appear after two skipped lines. One more line should be skipped if you would like to add something in P.S. This extra information should be given on the left.

Formal Letter Writing

Asking a question ‘What is letter writing and its types?’ you should consider the type of formal letters. They always follow strict instructions and a particular pattern. A cover letter is one of the most in-demand formal letters that people frequently use in their daily lives. 

The format of a typical cover letter corresponds to that of standard business writing. It is not allowed to use contractions, as this is a rule not only for professional or business reports, but also for formal letters. 

The standard number of body paragraphs for a cover letter is three. Paragraph one gives explanations of the reasons for writing, position desired, and background that supports this choice. Paragraph two provides an outline of all valid reasons why you should be chosen for this particular position and your personal features, skills and experience that you can bring to the team. Paragraph three refers to your CV and requests for the interview conducted shortly. This should be a persuasive section in your letter as the readers are supposed to choose you, not some other applicant. It is essential to sound polite here, express your gratitude for the spent time, and mention your valid contact details. 

Key Letter Types 

Sending an application to a graduate school or college, you will find our service helpful. Being a professional who wants to get promoted, you will also realize that the writer from our company can assist you. Here are the most popular types of letters ordered by our customers:

  • Cover Letters. The main purpose of this kind of letter is to provide a formal overview and introduce reports, CVs, resumes, or some bulky assignments. 
  • Friendly Letters. This is a great way to stay in touch with a close friend, sharing emotions and life experiences. 
  • Business Letters. This professional letter is prepared by a certain organization or business and is sent to some official business. It can be a request for a particular service or product. It can also be a request to consider a certain issue. This is a short formal letter written in a clear manner.
  • Thank You Letters. This is a way to show how grateful you are for some service. It contains more details than a thank you note, but its form is rather similar. 
  • Personal Letters. This is a common means of communication on personal private matters. The tone of writing can be either serious or light.


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  • Love Letters. This is a romantic message that is sent to show how much you love someone. It is no longer popular, but they used to be the key means of sending love messages. 
  • Job Application Letters. This is a letter that informs the recruiter about the applicant’s interest in the opening. It gives the background to explain why the applicant suits the position. It can be viewed as an introduction to the resume or CV.
  • Political Letters. Such letters are commonly addressed to the candidates for the office or government representatives to draw their attention to some serious issues or public concerns.  
  • Recommendation Letters. This is an evaluation of the qualifications and personal features of a candidate that determines whether this person is suitable for the position or program. Applying for a job, promotion, scholarship, or next level of schooling, students need to get such letters as supportive documents.

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What Is Letter Writing And Its Types? How Should a Good Letter Be Written?

Currently, people mostly use social media, text messages, and emails instead of writing letters. It is natural, but in some situations writing a letter is a must one cannot avoid. It goes about filing complaints, making reservations for a trip, questioning some rules, or applying for promotion at work. 

It does not matter which reason you have for letter writing, your task is to produce a strong first impression. The effect of your letter will be equal to that of dressing up for the interview. Thus, you have to follow a set of rules to achieve what you need.  

Date and Addresses

A layout is the first aspect you should take into account. Start with the top-right corner of the page and place your address there. The date will go right after it. On the left side of the page, under the date, you will have to write the name and address of the recipient of your letter. 

Starting the Letter

You will write the name of the person with ‘Dear’ in the majority of formal letters to address the recipient. It is up to you whether to use the title and the last name, or the first and last name of the addressee. It is fine to use ‘Dear Sir/Madam’ if you do not know the name of the person you need to contact.

NB: add a comma!

State the reasons writing clearly in the first opening sentence:

‘I am writing to complain…’

 ‘I would like to apply for the opening …’

It is a matter of crucial importance to start the letter properly!

Purpose and Tone of the Letter

Only precise writing is needed in formal letters. It is essential to choose the proper tone as you have to sound polite, but firm and businesslike. No chatty or casual language is effective here. 

Refer to the key purpose of your writing and make sure that all the required details are included. For instance, writing a job application letter, you have to outline particular details about your background and education that make you a perfect candidate. A complaint letter should comprise a summary of the problem with all the details regarding the location, date, and names of the involved people. 

A separate paragraph is needed for every new point. Formal writing demands clear structure of the text. 

Ending Formal Letters

End a letter only after you have hinted at what the readers should do. Tell that you need a reply to your complaint letter. Emphasize that you will be waiting for the interview after your application letter. 

The final lines of your letter will depend on the beginning of your letter. ‘Yours sincerely’ is a proper ending if you have called your recipient by name. ‘Yours faithfully’ will fit the letter with a ‘Sir/Madam’ salutation.  

Remember that proofreading your letters for grammar mistakes, typos, spelling errors, and punctuation issues is a must.

Tips on Effective Letter Writing 

  • Save your letters on your PC in case you will need to revise or resend them.  
  • Avoid shortenings and shorthand even in informal letters, In any case, it is not a text message you are sending.
  • Use informal greetings only with your friends. In other situations, do not forget to use titles “Mr.,” “Ms.,” “Dr.” even for your colleagues. “Yours sincerely” will be a great final phrase for your letter.
  • Check on the answer to the question ‘how long should a letter be?’ as business people do not have time to look through lengthy messages. Get to the point immediately. Approximately 300 words is a perfect length for your letter.
  • Use indents that will make your letter different from emails. A line space between the body paragraphs will add to the clarity of your writing. Your letter will look well-organized and clean.

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