When writing a dissertation, you should bear in mind that quality is what really matters. Even at the stage of choosing a topic, you should be careful not to pick something inappropriate. The subject which you are going to explore in your paper has to be of great interest to you. Thus, you will be able to create a profound work. Writing a good hypothesis statement for a dissertation is important since it is an essential element of such academic work. Your completed paper has to either confirm your hypothesis or disprove it. To be able to do it, you have to ensure that the produced hypothesis is disputable.

Some students know what a hypothesis is and what to do with it, but the majority of them do not have a clue about where to place it in their dissertations. This article provides valuable information about such a significant structural component of dissertations so that everyone knows how to handle it. Once you read it, you will not only learn how to produce a hypothesis but also where to get professional assistance. Note that our specialists can help you create the entire dissertation if needed.


Defining a Dissertation Hypothesis

A hypothesis is a statement based on the theoretical background which you provide in your dissertation. Below, you will find information about the types of hypothesis and their peculiarities. You will also learn how to test a hypothesis and will be provided with some examples.

Writing the hypothesis of a dissertation is a vital stage of the process. It is known that research has to be concentrated on a specific matter, and a hypothesis is a very item that highlights the central focus of your investigation. It can help you see what concepts or theories are effective in exploring a specific issue and which are not. That is why it is important to determine a clear algorithm which you will follow in the course of creating your dissertation. If you know which direction to move in, it will be easier for you to complete your scholarly project.

It is apparent that each kind of research requires a specific approach. With a properly formulated hypothesis at hand, you will be able to identify the methods that can help you investigate your topic thoroughly and achieve good research results. Furthermore, a hypothesis can help you see which solutions are workable and which are not in relation to your subject.

At the stage of formulating a hypothesis, you will deal with assumptions. In the course of the research, you will certainly desire to find out whether your assumptions are true or not. Considering the obtained research results, you will be able to build the connection between the made assumption and facts. You should understand that any scientific investigation has to be thorough. Otherwise, the obtained results may be imprecise. However, if your hypothesis is clear, you will manage to derive accurate data from your research that will make your dissertation a quality one.

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Type of Hypothesis You Need to Be Aware Of

The kind of hypothesis depends on the manner it is formulated in. The first type which we will discuss is called a simple hypothesis which shows the connection between two variables, i.e. independent and dependent. The former causes modifications in the latter. Here is an example of such a hypothesis: High birth rates witness a high unemployment level. Here, birth rates are an independent variable and the unemployment level is the dependent one. The connection between these variables is obvious.

A hypothesis can be also complex which shows the relations between a larger number of variables. Here is an example: Widespread ignorance and high birth rates are two major causes of a large number of crimes. There are three variables in this hypothesis: ignorance and birth rates are independent variables, and crime–dependent.

The kinds of hypothesis which are highlighted above can be also referred to as research hypothesis because they show the relations between variables. In case a formulated hypothesis does not show any connection between the variables, it is called a null hypothesis.

You may also come across the hypothesis that highlights the connection between the variables, but does not state exactly how those variables differ from each other. Such a hypothesis is known as a non-directional one. For instance, when you state that the amount of time you spend watching TV impacts your academic results, it is impossible to determine the kind of relationship between the mentioned variables.

Main Features of a Good Hypothesis

There is a set of characteristics that a hypothesis should have. First, it has to be succinct. Thus, it will be easier for the academician to either prove or disprove it. Second, there has to be a research basis that shows where the hypothesis is derived from. Note that each investigation is based on previously conducted studies. It means that you have to mind those done in your field of study when formulating your hypothesis.

A hypothesis has to be precise. You should focus on simplicity when formulating it so that it is easier for you to prove it and for your readers to understand it. Jargons and technical terms should be avoided.

Being testable is one more feature a hypothesis has to possess. Actually, this is the very reason for constructing it. Your hypothesis should help readers and you properly understand the matter under consideration. Note that there should be a time frame for testing a hypothesis.


How to Succeed in Writing a Good Hypothesis Statement for a Dissertation

There are several ways of coming up with a great hypothesis. First, you may look through previously conducted studies in your research area. In case there is a previously conducted investigation on the matter which your dissertation is focused on, you can use the same hypothesis in your paper, but remember to introduce some changes into it. For instance, you may find the study with the following hypothesis: Larger salaries lead to bigger savings in China. You can pick this hypothesis for your paper including the country which you are examining.

Your personal experience may also help you form a clear hypothesis. For example, if you have ever observed some social issues, e.g. alcohol abuse, you may formulate the following statement: Alcohol abuse leads to an increase in the level of crime.

A creative approach to formulating a hypothesis can also be helpful in generating some engaging ideas. No matter the way of creating a hypothesis you follow, ensure your statement is coherent and comprehensible.

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How to Write a Hypothesis for a Dissertation

When producing a hypothesis, certain observations confirming it has to be taken into account to make it reasonable. If a hypothesis is proved, it becomes an entrenched concept, if not – it is put into the category of false statements.

The hypothesis which is not proven is called an open scientific problem. When one intends to solve it by doing quantitative research, they have to ponder over how to prepare a clear hypothesis to obtain relevant research results.

Not each hypothesis can be proven since practice is what determines whether a hypothesis is true or false. The hypothesis that are validated by means of quantitative research is considered the most persuasive. When formulating a hypothesis, it is advised to apply the following pattern: “if…, then…, since…” First, the part describing the matter goes, then, the explanations follow, and then the prognostic part.

In terms of structure, hypothesis can be divided into simple and complex. The former provides a brief summary of the explored issue, describes the ways which they interact in, and highlights the consequences that may arise based on the analysis of some facts. The latter describes the examined issue and explains causal relationships. Thus, how to produce a hypothesis? To construct a comprehensible hypothesis, you should mind the tips given below:

  • A hypothesis can be applied to quantitative research only. Unlike qualitative research that is based on one’s own experience, quantitative data are testable, which means a quantitative hypothesis can be either confirmed or not.
  • It is required to set the connection between your hypothesis and the purpose of your academic work. Ensure that your hypothesis is precise and directly connected with not only the goal of your paper but also the research question.
  • Make certain that your statement can be verified by your investigation. Thus, before writing your statement, think about how you can create a hypothesis that is scientifically valuable. If you have a clear vision of how to measure variables and what these numbers mean, you may start constructing your hypothesis.
  • Remember that your hypothesis has to be straightforward and succinct. Avoid writing long and descriptive statements. Ensure its structure is coherent.

To achieve success in writing a good hypothesis statement for a dissertation, you need to mind the words in which your assumption is written in. Since your statement is not proven yet, you cannot use such words as “proved” when formulating it. It is worth replacing it with “suggest,” “suppose,” etc.

The points listed above are helpful hints which you should consider when working on your hypothesis. Still, if you see that creating a comprehensive hypothesis for your dissertation is a real challenge for you, consider seeking assistance from a trustworthy writing agency.

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