A movie critique is an analytical review of a specific motion picture. It requires a proper understanding of cinematography effects, patience, advanced writing skills, and attention to detail. The main goal of writing a movie critique is to demonstrate your awareness of the main aspects of the particular film including the director`s work, editing, cast, special effects, etc.

By studying your movie critique, your reader should understand not only what is the film about but also what makes it authentic. If you have no idea how to write a movie critique, you should just follow the suggestions collected in your guide.


Movie Critique Writing Guide

1. Make Sure to Watch the Film Before Analyzing It

To write a great film critique, you will need to watch the film carefully. If you base your critique only on the reviews available online, your tutor will easily find out that you are not aware of the subject of your paper. As such, you will receive an unsatisfactory result. When watching the film, you will need to do it actively, which means that you will need to make notes about the most interesting aspects. These notes will help you create an outline. We assure you that by following a good movie critique template, you will be able to create a marvelous piece that will satisfy the needs of your target audience.

Pay attention that a movie critique is much more sophisticated than a movie summary. Whereas a summary aims just to familiarize the reader with the movie`s plot, a movie critique should analyze the film on different layers.

2. Make Your Critique Unbiased

Remember that different people have different opinions. If you don`t like the movie you have just viewed, it does not mean that the reader will have the same opinion. Thus, we highly recommend you write your movie critique in a maximally unbiased way. You should not be confused by the word “critique.” Many students mistakenly believe that their paper should be written from a negative perspective because of this word. This opinion is wrong. If the film is good, you should not hesitate to tell your reader about it using solid evidence for supporting your arguments. 

3. Know Your Audience

A movie critique is successful only when it closely interacts with the target audience. As such, before you start working on your paper, you should clearly understand who your target audience is. If you know that your reader hasn’t watched the film, make sure to provide him or her with a brief summary that will help them understand your critique better. The approach you will utilize will greatly depend on who your reader is.

4. Don`t Write More Than It Is Needed

Most probably, the required length of your paper will be indicated in the professor`s prompt. By writing more than it is actually needed, you will violate the rules of academic writing, which will bring you an unsatisfactory outcome.

To get a good grade, you will need to include only relevant, accurate, and valid information in your paper.

Pay attention that your film critique cannot be based on your own perception, thus you will need to support all of your arguments with sufficient evidence from the film.

5. Analyze the Actor`s Play

A thorough analysis of acting is one of the integral parts of a well-written movie critique essay. Of course, you are not a skilled cinematography expert, but you should try to evaluate the way the actors perform their characters. Are they successful in what they are doing? What could be changed? By looking through the film with a critical eye, you will be able to present a good analysis. 

6. Analyze the Storyline

When analyzing the film, you will need to pay close attention to its structure because a poorly structured motion picture will only distract the audience and make people get bored. For many people, a storyline is a decision-making factor when choosing a movie. As such, you should explain how successful the director is when describing the events happening in the film.

Of course, there are many different strategies on how to write a movie critique. However, we assure you that by following our suggestions, you will come up with a brilliant piece.

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