Writing an English Essay

English essays can vary widely, but they are often based only on the primary sources (books or texts written by a writer). Sometimes, the secondary sources, such as texts or articles written by researchers or scholars who write on the same or similar subject, can be also referred to. Since the focus of an essay should usually be on the primary sources, the majority of assignments require that the writer provides pieces of evidence or quotes from both kinds of sources so as to support their considerations or thesis statement.

While writing such an essay, it is of great significance to present context for the piece under analysis or consideration. Very often, the following context should be given in the introduction. It can include economic, socio-cultural, historical, biographical or other relevant information about the scene, setting, time period, or the writer of the primary source under consideration. Presenting this information allows establishing a reference frame in which the reader may consider the key argument of an essay. For more detailed information concerning how to write an English essay, please visit our website or refer to one of our custom support representatives who are working 24/7/365.


English Essay Format

There is a wide variety of the styles of formatting, such as Turabian, MLA, Chicago, APA, Harvard etc. There exist other styles, but the above-mentioned are regarded as the most frequently utilized. It is of great significance that each student respects and follows the formatting style when completing his/ her piece of writing. Such details as font size and style, the space between the lines, borders, footer and headers, references, block quotes, etc. should be considered and strictly kept to. As every of the above details should be respected, it can become very overwhelming in case if students have no previous experience in writing and following a paper format. 

Types of Assignments

Before you start writing any of the essays types described below, it is advisable to prepare an English essay outline.

  • Literature Review. A literature review is aimed at helping the writer to discover or find out what information is currently available in order to organize the following information in an understandable and meaningful way, as well as to develop his or her own ideas or considerations for future research.
  • Comparative Analysis. Such an analysis requires the writer to analyze or compare things in a given book or text in relation to one another. For instance, heroes within a book or text or a certain aspect of two or even more books/texts can be compared.
  • Literary Analysis. It provides various ways of thinking about a given book, text, situation or problem. Sometimes it can focus on contextual or textual elements. Lenses or common contexts for such an analysis are a certain aspect of the text/book’s historical context, socio-economic conditions or factors, political points of view, gender, ethnicity, and a literary theory, or a literary criticism method.
  • Poetry Analysis. This type of essay is very similar to literary analysis. The only difference is that analyzing craft is much more essential when completing an essay about poetry than when doing the same about prose. When preparing an argument about a given poem or several poems, the writer should consider such aspects as sonic qualities, meter, figurative language, word choice, etc.
  • Rhetorical Analysis. This analysis critically examines a given text or book and uncovers the inner-workings of rhetoric. The goal of such an assignment is to comprehend the purpose that the writer had in completing his/her book or text, as well as what kind of effect he/she wanted to have on the readers. It is very essential to determine the intended effects and goals of a book or text as this helps to understand and articulate how those effects or goal are achieved.

We hope that our English essay tips will help you in writing your essay.


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