A typical definition of a questionnaire presents it as a set of questions composed to obtain comprehensive answers to gain an insight into a particular topic. A key purpose of questionnaires is to get unbiased information from respondents with adequate experience in the relevant field and profound knowledge they can share. If a researcher needs to gather objective data, they use a questionnaire as a valuable tool of data collection; therefore, it is essential to develop the questions with high level of objectivity that will allow maintenance of valid research conducting without any factors that affect it. It is a complicated task to compose a high quality questionnaire for research paper or any other type of academic assignments. 

A questionnaire is one of the most cost-effective tools, and that factor makes it popular among the researchers. What is more, this tool makes it possible to collect a lot of information and cover large samples, saving time. Thus, time-efficiency belongs to the most prominent aspects of making questionnaires as interviewing all the respondents separately would take ages. What researchers do is distributing the questionnaires and then let the respondents complete them to collect the data. In case the target population is large, it is always suitable to use this tool, especially if studies are supposed to measure and assess the intentions, plans, preferences, and behaviors of the people. Academic curricula at universities frequently include special assignments of composing questionnaires. Thus, students need to demonstrate adequate knowledge and sufficient experience along with excellent perseverance, focus on minor details, and consistency. 


Which Types of Questions Can a Questionnaire Include?

The most typical classification divides the questions into close-ended and open-ended

There is a set multiple choice of answers for the respondents in close-ended questions; thus, it is appropriate to use them in the framework of quantitative research. The requirements to close-ended questions may imply choosing from two variants of answers, more than two variants of answers, or a Likert scale to demonstrate the respondent’s feelings about some event, concept, or object with such typical options as strongly agree, agree, disagree, strongly disagree, not sure, and the like.

On the other hand, there is no limitation to specific options in the open-ended questions developed for a specific sample target. Thus, respondents can feel free in answering the questions in the manner they find the most appropriate. It is a perfect variant of questionnaires for qualitative research as it is possible to get a wide range of answers, some of which can bring insightful and unexpected answers. 

If you order a questionnaire for research paper or some other purpose from our reputable agency, you can get the questions of the types you need. Thus, we will help you gather the data of classification, attitudinal, or behavioral type.


What Should Be Taken into Account while Composing a Questionnaire?

Start making the first draft of the questionnaire only after you have gained sufficient understanding of all particular aspects of your target respondents. What you should take into account is their culture, religion, beliefs, language, academic performance level, and so on. Thus, you will be able to ensure structuring of the questions in a respectful manner without any intimidation. If you decide to delegate your task to one of our writers, you can be sure that we have a team of experts who always study the target audience sample before they get down to writing. The language of the questionnaire will be easy for understanding with only commonly known jargon and abbreviations. It is crucial to let the respondents know that the researcher respects their rights and is aware of their level of understanding. 

Development of the questionnaire questions is to be careful as none of them should lead on, insult, or presume. Besides, the questions should be emotionally neutral so that the respondents did not feel any pressure. The vocabulary should be clear without any ambiguities. If respondents do not understand the questions, they will most probably fail in answering. Another option which is also not favorable for the validity of research is when respondents give the answers they believe the researcher needs to hear. As for the length of the questionnaire, it should not be excessively long as the respondents will find it boring to answer. You should be aware of the main features of a perfect questionnaire for research paper writing: 

  1. One of the key advantages of questionnaires is their cost-efficiency, so everyone can develop the one they need. One of the common ways to deal with surveys is to place them on a certain website. On the other hand, it is possible to have an independent link with a request for honest answers on the student forums. Alternatively, a questionnaire can be emailed to potential respondents although the risk that it will be lost, getting into the folder of spam, is high.
  2. It is possible to ensure simultaneous delivery of questionnaires to different potential respondents.
  3. There is no need in independent investigations of the concerns in question, and questionnaires can save a lot of time. Thus, a researcher can get the needed results very quickly.
  4. It is possible not only to get the answers from a single respondent, but also to interview the whole group of people..
  5. It is possible for the respondents to be anonymous. Still, if respondents provide their email addresses to the researcher, this information is never disclosed to any third parties. 
  6. The answers are different, and it is possible to contract them. 
  7. The range of topics to be covered by a questionnaire is wide. The only exception is the topic that can be insulting for the questionnaire respondents.

How Should a Questionnaire Paper Be Structured? 

Proper structure of a questionnaire is important as it can guarantee the requirements of the supervisor will be covered.  An expert can design the questions thoroughly, while an amateur may make mistakes which will impact the quality of research. 

A perfect questionnaire can include the questions of both types (close-ended and open-ended). Get the most appropriate format and decide on the type to use. For instance, the open-ended questions will enable you to give freedom to your respondents, while the close-ended questions will require additional attention to the development of the answers. The type of close-ended questions is always much easier to handle for the respondents. Overall, the mandatory elements of your questionnaire are:

  • Title page;
  • Introductory part;
  • Questions and answers;
  • Conclusion or summary.

main advantage

main advantage

Format of a Questionnaire 

The key focus of all questionnaires is on the development of the questions, but the format you use also matters. The most important thing is to ensure the consistency and clarity of the formatting. The key objective of the respondents is to give answers to the offered questions, so it is important not to distract them from doing what they are supposed to do in an unbiased manner. Perfect results from the questionnaire can be obtained if the document adheres to the following principles:

  • clarity;
  • precision;
  • sufficient number of details;
  • accuracy of information; 
  • simplicity;
  • relevance of the data;
  • no sophistication.

Common Mistakes in Questionnaires

  • Including leading questions

You may encourage your respondents, but at the same time confuse them and motivate to give subjective and biased opinions.

  • Lack of information shared with the respondents

Thorough explanations should be given to the most important aspects as the audience may have no or little knowledge about them. 

  • Technical terms

The topic will be perceived normally only if the text includes neither technicalities nor sophisticated terms. 

  • Double questions 

You may risk getting no answer at all, only a single answer, or some vague answers if you ask double questions.  

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