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Writing a synopsis is a time-consuming assignment that requires a specific set of writing and research skills, as well as the ability to organize the writing process properly. No wonder that many students are tired from searching everywhere with the words, “What is a synopsis” or “How to write a synopsis.” Of course, Google can give you many results but it is very unlikely that you will understand the peculiarities of the task by only reading about it. Also, there are many synopsis examples available on the websites with the ready-made papers. However, you need to be very careful when working on them. Direct copy-pasting from these papers will be considered plagiarism that is severely punished in any educational institution.


What Is a Synopsis?

Don`t know what is a synopsis and what does the creating of a good synopsis entail? A common synopsis definition says that it is a brief but detailed summary of the particular book, movie, or a journal article. For example, if you are a writer and want to get your novel published, you need to provide the publisher with its synopsis that will include a compelling description of your story, as well as the suggested ending. As you can see, writing a synopsis is a very important task since it requires not only summarizing the piece but also engaging the reader demonstrating the written document from the best perspective. 

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When it comes to dissertation writing, your grade and overall performance depend on how you will present its content. Therefore, your synopsis should be precise but maximally detailed and include the key points worth stressing. This paper should convince both the dissertation committee and your professor that the research you have done is feasible, relevant, and useful. By asking our team for professional help with writing your synopsis, you can be certain that we will follow your requirements.

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Find Out How to Write a Synopsis of Excellent Quality

Every good synopsis should start with the strong paragraph in which the researcher identifies the research project and its purpose. The key sections of your synopsis should be as follows:

  • Title;
  • Problem statement and a hypothesis;
  • Key aims and objectives;
  • Literature review;
  • Methodology;
  • References.

Of course, following the structure mentioned above, you will be able to reach your goals. However, there are a few effective tips that will help you create a truly great synopsis and impress your audience. It means that once viewed, your research will get proper recognition. Keep in mind that your title should be informative and straightforward. It should be neither too long nor too short. After that, you need to present the current status of the problem you study. 

Then, you need to make your aim relevant to your problem. Your literature review should be properly done describing the findings of other researchers within the scope of your problem. Feel free to discuss the challenges they faced, as well as the significant findings they managed to achieve. Do not forget that your literature review should be relevant to your research. Another important part of your synopsis is methodology. As well as any other part, it should be brief and straightforward providing the audience with a detailed overview of your research problem. If you want to include other details in your synopsis, make sure they are relevant to your research. Finally, your synopsis should include a list of references used. 

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A Book Synopsis Writing

Do you have an amazing idea for a book? Even if you have a creative title and a vague summary, having a clear synopsis is a must to engage the publisher in your manuscript. A good book synopsis discusses the characters in depth, gives the essential details about the story, as well and reveals the ending so that the literary agent could evaluate the story and decide whether it is worth publishing. 

When a synopsis fails to bring the desired result to its author, most probably, it was written without any feelings. Of course, your story is very important, but the way you present it matters as well.

Remember that the aim of your synopsis is not only to tell the story but also to “sell” it. A good synopsis usually contains 500 words, where 300 words are devoted to the summary itself and the rest should express the author`s personality through the depiction of events and characters. 

Synopsis Example to Read for Free


Common Synopsis Format

Any paper synopsis should follow the classic synopsis format defined by high academic standards.

  • Language: the language should be clear, objective, and straight-to-the-point.
  • Length: usually, the length of the synopsis is approximately 500 words, unless your professor gives you different requirements.
  • Characters` names: when presenting your synopsis, make sure to highlight the names of your characters or write them with CAPS in order to make your piece easy-to-navigate.
  • Presentation: although the content of your synopsis is the most important part, it should be also free from any grammatical and spelling mistakes. After all, if your synopsis contains major flaws, most probably, your literary agent will refuse from its publishing.


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The Essential Objectives of a Good Synopsis

  • It makes the point of the story clear from an elevator pitch;
  • It provides the publisher with a clear idea about the story;
  • It explains why the story is worth publishing;
  • It reveals the ending that should satisfy the audience;
  • It explains why the story is unique and compelling.

Get Extraordinary Synopsis Writing Assistance

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