Writing business reports is an integral part of university courses of management. Students need to know how to write a business report and how to approach this task so that the content could be confirmed with sufficient evidence. The knowledge in the area of writing business reports of various kinds is essential, but at the same time, urgent assignments that imply covering the topics learnt in the course can be rather stressful. Students may be willing to be independent in their academic work, but at the same time feeling helpless with lack of experience in such assignments they cannot but appeal to the expert business report writers.


Kinds of Assignments that Imply Writing Business Reports

As business tasks at universities are of different types, the content of writing that the professors demand cannot be the same in each of them; thus, they require different approaches to be taken. General classification refers to the following types of business report writing:

Marketing Report Assignments

When students are given a task to work on business reports in the field of marketing, a professor means to evaluate their level of knowledge in promotion, advertisement, branding, and other important aspects of marketing. Therefore, students often prefer contacting expert writers instead of wasting their own effort on the tasks they are definitely not good at. Professional writers know how to apply the theories of marketing to the practical tasks and demonstrate an insight into specialized marketing fields and marketing strategies.

This is a type of assignments, which, demands effective application of a well-thought strategic marketing approach that covers evaluation of the business external and internal environments with in-depth analysis of the capabilities and resources. The additional requirements to the task are market evaluation and analysis of the segments and competitors via the application of a wide range of tools used in marketing.

Human Resource Report Assignments

To know how to write a business report in the field of human resources, the student needs to possess profound knowledge of the structure of the human resource department in an organization. Typically, such academic assignments refer to the issues related to motivation, performance management, leadership, and so on. The student is expected to have sufficient background knowledge of such theories as ‘carrot and stick,’ ‘Maslow need hierarchy,’ and so on. It may be rather hard to give a solution to a practical problem applying theoretical fundamental knowledge. Such a task may imply presenting a story and discussing the raised issues. 

Financial Management Assignments

Academic tasks on financial management demand possessing profound knowledge of the basic principles and approaches to financial management problems. Such assignments include working on a profit-and-loss statement, a cash flow statement, a balance sheet, or any other document of the given organization. They require professionalism in the approach as an inexperienced writer will feel challenged with complicated financial management tasks. The example of such tasks is, for instance, evaluation of the annual business reports of such companies as Coca-Cola with the task to mention the company intangible assets and commenting on them. 

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Which Approach to Business Report Writing is Correct?

Constituent Parts

Students are frequently asked to work on reports of different types with a certain structure, marked with headings. The constituent parts of such reports are the table of content, executive summary, introduction, literature review, report body, findings, analysis, discussion and the final parts of recommendations and conclusions. What students have to pay major attention is the introductory paragraph, conclusion, executive summary and the body.


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Word Count

Professors always give business report writing assignments with a set of instructions regarding different aspects, including the length of the report. Thus, the initial and final parts take approximately 10% of the overall word count each, while the report body takes the remaining 80%. The length of a business executive summary depends on the overall word count and professors’ instructions. The content should be structured effectively with the help of headings and subheadings.  


The final paragraph of the report should be followed with a list of used references that are valid and authentic. Each of the materials should contain the URL to confirm that all the materials are taken from reliable sources. Every mentioned source should have corresponding in-text citations in the text of the report according to the style of formatting required (Harvard, APA, and so on). Typically, the aim of such reports is to give an overall analysis of the current situation and accompany it with valuable recommendations on the future improvements. 

Common Mistakes in Business Report Academic Assignments

There are certain mistakes that average students frequently make in the assignments when dealing with business reports. It is recommendable for inexperienced writers to study the list of such mistakes and avoid them to maintain high quality of writing in their tasks. These are the common errors in the assignments of the students:

  • Incorrect Format

All reports have a certain format, which is supposed to be followed thoroughly. There are no elements, which can be disregarded, and students should check whether their assignment includes a table of content, introduction and conclusion, executive summary, and several paragraphs of the report body. Besides, a cover page of the business report should inform readers about the discussed topic.  

  • Improper evaluation and analysis 

Reports are supposed to imply adequate research conducted in the given academic field and proper evaluation of the problems raised and outcomes expected. One of the constituent parts of the report is also a section of recommendations offered after careful study of the literature and critical  evaluation of the topic.

  • Lack of executive summary

An executive summary cannot be excluded from any report. The introductory part is a must at the beginning, but so is an executive summary, which can be viewed as a longer summary and conclusion. It summarizes the key points of the overall report and it always accompanies other parts in the overall structure. 

  • Vague structure 

Students tend to disregard the importance of clarity in the structure of business reports. Nevertheless, it is a matter of crucial concern to have headings and subheadings in the text as they help readers get oriented in the content and see the relation between the pars. Excellent structure is what helps students gain excellent results in report writing. 

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