One time-consuming task that is non-negotiable for almost every final year student is the need to write a dissertation or thesis or some important part of such a paper such as an abstract chapter. So, if you find yourself wondering “what is a dissertation abstract” or how to go about writing this chapter, this site is the best place to help you. In most cases, while the student is working on a dissertation project, they may struggle to put their knowledge and ideas into writing. When students reach their final years of college or university, some of the common complaints they have are about the frustration and headaches they so often and working through the night, and yet they press on with this same work method. Writing the abstract for a dissertation abstract in this manner can be very counter-productive.

Failure to make the best use of the precious time available to you can mean you struggling even more as your deadline gets close and yet your work may not even be anywhere near the required quality. To get a definitive answer to the question “what is a dissertation abstract,” and to receive superb assistance with writing this part of your dissertation, why not contact Here, an expert will write your abstract or entire paper promptly and professionally for a reasonable fee!


What Purpose Does the Abstract for a Dissertation Serve?

To continuing answering your questions about what is a dissertation abstract and what its purpose is, you should consider it as a concise summary of a dissertation’s main parts. The overall aim and purpose of your paper should be included here along with the findings or results, methodology used, discussions, and conclusion(s). Its ability to stand on its own outside the rest of a dissertation is the most important feature of a well-written abstract and it should be sufficiently comprehensive to be read and used in its own right separate from the actual paper it belongs to.

Writing the abstract for a dissertation involves creating a short summary of your entire paper with the aim of providing readers with an overview of the research work you have done. The primary goal is to give readers a clear indication of what your paper will cover.

The abstract appears at the beginning of a dissertation; it immediately follows the title or cover page. Abstracts can also be written separately from a dissertation to enable them to be stored in different databases. It goes without saying that the abstract is an important part of a dissertation or similar writing project. Essentially, as the first concise overview of your project that you will present, this is a great opportunity for you to make a good impression on your readers and it is one you should eagerly seize.

If you are to successfully write a dissertation abstract, you need to state your research question(s) clearly. The usual number of questions for a dissertation is between one and three, but not more. If the number of questions exceeds three, you could try restructuring these into subsidiary or secondary ones. Because a work of this type forms the basis of an important paper, it should be well-organized and logical. Another really important aspect is how you present your research results. These need to be interpreted and summarized. You should tell readers about the discoveries you made and the extent to which your research was productive or otherwise.

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Are There Different Types of Abstracts? 

Yes. The four main types are descriptive, critical, informative and highlight. While the goal of each of these abstracts tries is the same, it is worth your while understanding each type and what it is comprised of to enable you to choose the best type for your particular project. This applies if the abstract type is not specified in your project’s requirements. In such an event, and to get the best marks for your work, you should adhere to the instructions you were given.

Descriptive abstracts are outlines of a dissertation in which you simply indicate the type of information to be found in your paper. Critical abstracts are evaluations of a dissertation; they provide comments and judgment on your paper. Informative abstracts include every main part of the dissertation i.e. its scope, purpose, and method(s) used. Lastly, the purpose of a highlight-style abstract is to get readers’ attention, which is achieved by including something to ignite their curiosity and/or interest. Of these four types, the one that is most often required in an academic paper is the informative type.

Component Parts of an Abstract for a Dissertation

The abstract for a dissertation abstract should have a proper structure because of the amount of information that needs to be communicated in it. However, the word count is often restricted. Therefore, your challenge is to communicate your dissertation’s contents in a limited number of words.

In general terms, the following are the basic components that should be described and/or explained in a relatively typical dissertation:

  • The research problem or rationale for doing this work;
  • The study’s significance;
  • The key theories underlying the study;
  • The chosen research method or strategy;
  • Key results or findings;
  • Important conclusions arrived at.


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However, it is not always necessary to include all of the above components with much dependent on your dissertation type. Each chosen component should help you sum up the key concepts in your paper.  Each one helps to convey the problem you are trying to address and the main parts of your work. You should communicate these elements in the first chapter i.e. the introduction.  The number of words you allocate to each abstract part is important since this generally reflects how important it is within your dissertation. If, for instance, your work is focused on expanding a specific theory or it is of a theoretical nature, then you may want to allow a large portion of your abstract to explain this theory.

The Technical Aspects of a Dissertation Abstract

Almost every dissertation or other academic paper is likely to have particular requirements with respect to the way it is written. Make sure you understand the requirements before you begin to save yourself a lot of editing later. Some questions you should ask concern dissertation abstract length, stylistic requirements, and/or what purpose it will ultimately fulfill? Usually, abstracts are typed in double-spacing and are around 150 – 300 words in length. We recommend you keep your abstract as brief as you can to give it visual coherence. For the sake of consistency, you should also ensure your abstract’s structure follows your dissertation’s structure.

Simple Guide to Writing a Dissertation Abstract of the Informative Type

Another purpose of an abstract is that it makes a dissertation easier for other people writing on a topic similar to yours to search. They usually read abstracts first to establish whether the material is relevant to their proposed work. Hence, it is very important that your abstract is as concise and complete as it possibly can be. Time, after all, is a vital consideration.

It is common practice to use an active voice in an abstract. You should also write it in the past tense since your dissertation has been written already. Essentially, although the abstract is the first part of a dissertation, you should write it at the end as a means of summarizing your complete paper.

The best abstracts demonstrate the project’s purpose. And it should not be so long that it puts readers off. Use sentences that are clear and short so that non-experts can understand your work. When writing your abstract, be thorough in the way you summarize your paper. Another aspect that is important when writing a dissertation abstract is that you state your project’s objectives, results, methodology and conclusion(s).

  • Start with a sentence of the introduction: This sentence should indicate your dissertation’s topic and it should be simple and directed. It can additionally help if the introductory sentence connects to the project’s title.
  • Be precise in the way you present the paper’s problem statement: Once you have introduced your paper’s topic, state the problem to be addressed in your paper. Present your research question in clear and simple terms for readers. The most effective abstracts express the problem statement in well-chosen words. Should you need advice on writing a dissertation abstract, do not hesitate to contact and our experts will assist.
  • Indicate every method used for data collection: Your readers will want to know what methods you used for the collection of primary data and secondary data as well as what method(s) you used to analyze this data. Explain also how data will be presented to avoid your work being questioned.
  • All results/findings should be documented. It is also important that all significant results and findings are accurately documented in an abstract. This helps to convince readers that a dissertation is worthy of reading. If you get stuck writing an abstract, feel free to ask our experts for help. You will find our work both highly satisfactory and affordable. 
  • Another one of the elements of a dissertation abstract is the inclusion of recommendations. Scholars often recommend further study to throw more light on a given phenomenon. A well-written abstract proposes solutions to the stated research question or problem. Instead of feeling troubled by abstract writing, why not let our experts handle your worries. Entrust your dissertation to us and we will provide you with a paper that is sure to impress your readers.

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Professional Assistance with a Dissertation Abstract from

Writing an abstract is both a time-consuming and complex undertaking. Therefore, if questions still remain in your mind about writing an abstract, do not worry. A work of this nature needs to show how significant your research work and conclusions are and this is why it is valuable to others. Bear in mind that a well-written abstract is certain to impress your dissertation advisor and, therefore, you need to give careful thought to how you structure it.

It is obvious that writing a paper of this type takes considerable time as you think about the precise nature of the research you need to do. Some people, of course, are not very good at writing and may, therefore, run into trouble while attempting to complete their assignments in the allocated time.

A great deal of time can be spent looking for detailed guides but what can you do if you simply have no time at all for this task? If you have made up your mind to get professional help online with your dissertation abstract, it is possible you will need to research your options to identify the ideal writer. Nevertheless, getting the right expert should ultimately prove worth the time and effort you spend. The writers at are talented professionals and easy to work with. Irrespective of your paper’s format and length, we can assist. In choosing our writing service, you will enjoy several benefits such as:

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