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Accounting Essay Kinds

Many people think that accountants work exclusively with numbers, but in fact, they often have to deal with writing. In order to carry out all the tasks assigned to them effectively, accountants need to communicate with their employees and customers. Therefore, accounting essay should be concise and clear for easy reading. If you are an accounting major, you can be assigned different types of documents, such as memos, letters, and financial statements. Accounting essay tasks include not only descriptive papers, but also argumentative and analytical pieces. You may be asked to apply the concepts that you learned in university  specific situations related to your professional activity and develop an argument concerning the accounting strategies. There are several elements to consider when composing an accounting writing piece.


Defining the audience

The choice of your target audience will influence the content and level of formality of your writing. For example, a report to a client is different from an email to a colleague. When determining your target audience, ask yourself the question: What is your relationship with them? What exactly do they know? What should you tell them?


When you are writing a report, you need to structure and organize your work properly. The point should be clear to the reader, and they should also be able to navigate easily in your text.

Clear Purpose

All accounting essay topics require a clear purpose. Your reader should understand why and what exactly you are writing about.


Try to make your writing concise. Provide only key information and write it in simple and accessible language. Do not use too complicated language and, conversely, colloquialisms. Focus on your writing so that it becomes as clear and simple as it is possible.


Accounting essays should be clear and understandable. Again, ask yourself questions: Who are your readers? Do they understand the topic? What do you need to tell them?

Common Types of Accounting Writing

If you are an accountant, you should be able to produce several kinds of texts, corresponding to different styles. You should also know the expectations and conventions. No matter what you write, to whom and for what purpose, these elements must be presented in your writing.

Good Mechanics

For those who work in the field of finance and business, polished writing skills are mandatory. Since your paper has a potentially large target audience, there is no possibility of presence of any spelling or grammatical errors. Be sure to reread it several times.


You certainly know how to write an essay, if you are often asked to provide summary and analysis papers, which describe someone's argument and an assessment of its value; research papers, which support the proposed argument with evidence; and opinion papers, in which you need to explain your own point of view on a particular issue.


Among accounting essay examples, you can find accounting reports, which study and assess the existing problem with the use of accounting principles. Typically, reports are written in response to a specific request or question. In order to write this type of paper, the author has to carry out research outside the market. The report has to be properly organized, divided into separate units, ending with a detailed summary. Most often, accounting reports are sent to clients.

E-mails and Memos

E-mails are the most commonly used form of communication in business sphere. If you are an accountant, you should be able to write a good essay to communicate with customers or make internal communications. You should also be able to create memos, which are informal letters describing the new policy, solution or conclusion. As a rule, memos are sent via email. Formality of your memos depends on who the recipient is and what you are writing about. Memos and e-mails should include only the most important information. This information must be presented at the beginning of the paper.


Accountants often have to write letters to colleagues, customers and government agencies. To write a presentable letter, which will look like a good accounting essay, you need to have certain knowledge and skills. Such letters establish relationships with clients in a professional field, they respond to requests from colleagues as well as inform about changes in the work. Formality is determined by the audience, the purpose of writing and the relationship between you and your reader.


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