If you have to write a what does it mean to be an American essay, then you need to explore the concept of immigration from different angles. To bring you a good grade, the paper ought to include fresh ideas and logical arguments. If you want to get some ideas on how to cope with this task successfully, you have to keep reading our guide as it will boost your writing inspiration.

The migration of people to the United States has always been a usual thing. Dreaming about a decent level of life, career opportunities, safety, healthcare, and other benefits, people from all over the world want to live in this democratic country. But what does it mean to be a nice American?

The United States is attractive to people due to the spirit of freedom, as well as the multiple opportunities the immigrants can get there. At the same time, while pursuing their American dream, immigrants face a lot of challenges and problems. Since immigration has both pros and cons, the topic is debatable.

When studying in a college, you may have to write a what does it mean to be American essay. Such an assignment will demonstrate your analytical thinking, your awareness of the subject, as well as your ability to develop creative ideas and put them on paper. Unfortunately, for many students, it is quite difficult to work on this assignment. They look at the blank paper for hours trying to get the professor`s instructions. Our guide may help students, just like you, boost their writing potential. Keep reading this article and you will find out how to write a brilliant being a good American essay.

What It Means to Be an American Essay

Being an American means respecting free will and democracy. A conscious American will appreciate the identity of other people regardless of their faith, age, gender, or color of skin.

When working on what it means to be American essay papers, you may talk about the things Americans can be proud of. In particular, you may tell about how this country managed to reach huge success without compromising its values.

How to Write a Good What Does It Mean to Be an American Essay?

When working on such an assignment, you need to consider a few important points. First of all, you need to brainstorm your ideas and find out what makes the United States unique. By understanding the peculiarities of this country, you will know what to write about in your paper.

To make your write-up look coherent, you need to create an outline that will include the main issues that you are going to discuss in your paper.

Provided below are some ideas you may use for boosting your writing potential:

  • Identify some specific customs, traditions, and events that are unique to the US nation;
  • Think about the particular instances when you were a part of them;
  • Emphasize how the practices and traditions shape the behavior of Americans;
  • Analyze the work of the institutions responsible for promoting the US culture worldwide;
  • Tell about why people are proud to be Americans.

Of course, the list of ideas you may mention in your essay is not limited to the ones mentioned above. Yet, these pointers may help you come up with your own insights and develop them in your paper. To analyze the process of immigration in detail, you also need to study the historical records and talk to your history teachers.

Follow the Traditional Structure

To make your writing logical and smooth, you need to follow what does it mean to be an American essay outline. Provided below are the main parts you need to include in your essay:

  • Introduction. The main goal of your introductory paragraph is to present the topic to your reader and explain why it is worth investigating. The appropriate background information will help your audience figure out whether your paper is worth their attention. Finally, the opening paragraph is to include a strong thesis statement;
  • Main body. After the introduction captivates the attention of the reader, the main body aims to get deeper into the topic providing as many details as possible. Have a look at the example of the main body section:
  1. The US Constitution of the United States is the most sophisticated law that influences all the areas of life;
  2. Being a US citizen means being a part of a diverse culture;
  3. The American way of life is attractive to people from other countries.
  • Conclusion. In the final part of the how to be a good American essay, you need to summarize the arguments suggested previously in the paper. This paragraph aims to wrap up the discussion instead of presenting new details.

What It Means to Be an American Essay Examples

Being an American means to be free. This freedom gives people an opportunity to build their lives the way they want and how they decide. Belonging to this or other country does not depend on whether you were born on its territory or not. An important role here plays a sense of unity with the nation and the responsibility for what is happening in this country. Many immigrants under certain life circumstances moved to the USA and started a new life in a foreign country leaving their homes and families behind for the sake of better future. They have come a hard and long way to becoming a part of this country, an American citizen with all the rights and privileges, and they respect and honor everything that this country gave them.
To be an American means not only to be born in the USA but also to have that state of soul and mind. It is to have respect for its people, laws, culture, customs, and traditions and serve the country in any possible way. Many citizens have that feeling of patriotism and love for their country. Americans verily represent their honor by having flags of the USA in every house, every school, office, institution, etc. Nowhere in the world probably there are so many flags in the citizens’ houses and all over the country than in America. It is for sure a big display of respect and honor to their country.
They are proud to be Americans, and they know that many people would like to be in their place. They are aware of the fact that they have a high level of life and fair conditions for it and seem very proud of it. However, they do not see a sense to move forward or to change something because everything appears to satisfy them. The immigrants who come to the USA feel that proud feeling to be in such place and to be a part of their society and respect it a lot. They try to do their best to be good citizens. Nowadays many immigrants are serving on active duty in the U.S. They feel a responsibility before this country and are ready to protect it and fight for it like native-born Americans. They are proud to belong to America and be a meaningful part of it.
In fact, many Americans worry that because of this big flow of immigrants they will not remain loyal to their traditions and culture. However, it is no true, mostly those who come to the USA get an education, become involved in various projects, get a job, settle and try to be a useful American citizen and provide a future for their families. They do not take this possibility for granted and make everything possible to understand the culture, to learn the language and get accustomed to a new life with new rules. Moreover, most of the immigrants believe in the American dream. They have faith in America more than native citizens. They vigorously believe that the USA is the country where all dreams come true, and people have a bright future. They value this opportunity to live in this country, make money and be able to be a part of American culture. Many of their friends and relatives back in their countries would like to be in their place, and they know it. That is why those people do respect American culture and honor its traditions so much.
Many people think that immigrants come to the US and have a great and easy life, but there is always another side of the medal. By deciding to move to USA immigrants take that significant decision to leave all their past life with their homes, families, friends behind and start everything from the beginning. They have to forget about their roots and start over again. It is not an easy thing to do and take a lot of courage and strong will. They have that ambivalent feeling about their life in the USA – whether they will have better future for themselves and their children than back home or whether it would be better stay home and do not leave a home country where all their roots are. They do pay a high price for their dream. Many of them miss important events of their family: wedding, the birth of the nephew and some do not even get to say bye to their close ones, and that hearts a lot.
The thing is that emigration – is a radical change of everything: language, culture, style, behavior, history, geography, circle of friends, often a profession. When a person comes to another country, he feels a cultural shock. In the utterly new conditions, a person feels the conflict of old and new cultural norms. All apprehensible psychological and social factors that helped him to adjust to the society disappear and in their place appear the unknown, which came from a different cultural environment.
Cultural shock is a complicated and painful process for a person, but at the same time, it is the evidence of the personal growth, breaking of the existing stereotypes, which requires an enormous expense of physical and psychological human resources. As a result, a new picture of the world forms, based on the acceptance and understanding of cultural diversity. Moreover appears the resistance to the new challenges and tolerance for the new and unusual. The main result of this cultural shock is the ability to live in an ever-changing world in which lesser importance have the borders between countries and the relations between people become more important.
However, it is not the only problem, which immigrants face. Assimilation into the life of another nation is not an easy process. It takes a lot of efforts, patience and strength. The Americans have that feeling of ethnocentrism, their superiority over other nations, and they will not let you close. They will greet you, smile but they will not consider that you are one of them. It is hard to get in touch with locals, as you will always be a stranger to them no matter how hard you try. At the same time, you lose your identity and have to turn your back on you home traditions and accept American morals. On the one hand, you remember the traditions of your native country and are used to them, but on the other hand, you live in the USA, and that is your new country with their traditions, which you have to accept. That is why most of the immigrants are cultural hybrids. As they celebrate both their holidays and American, follow different customs and traditions, etc.
However, the children of emigrants that have already born in the US know only one American life with its holidays and traditions, and they consider it their native culture. Everything that parents tell them about their home country seems so distant and strange, and almost all of them do not speak their parents’ home language just English. America has become a new home for the child, and he does not know any other. Of course, he also has difficulties while assimilating into the American society as an emigrant. It will always be a label in any case in his future.However, there are more opportunities for those children than were for their parents, for sure.
In conclusion, America is still the land of the free and the home of the brave. Many emigrants find here what they were searching. They risk their whole life and get their American dream instead. Of course, they encounter a lot of hardships on their way, but they get so much more instead with a flow time. However, the most important thing they receive back is a genuine feeling of being an American. It means to be free, to have rights to work, be fairly paid and have a possibility to feel yourself a human and have a choice in your life, which depends only on you.

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