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Writing Economics Essay

Economics Essay Topic

Choosing an economics essay topic may also come from aiming at finding a decent or good answer to a question your teacher or professor has given to you. For instance, you can begin with a broad topic and then narrow the focus of your attention after you have conducted research and reviewed reliable literature.


Resources that Can Be Used in Writing Economics Essays

After you have settled upon a topic or a general concept concerning how you are going to address an assignment prompt, you should read and reference various sources and literature to support and supplement your essay. All the sources or literature should be trusted and reliable. For instance, the Library Research Guide completed by DePaul University comprises a guide prepared only for the field of economics. It also comprises resources for other fields of science that could assist you in finding sources related to your chosen topic, such as management, business, banking, or finance.

Narrowing an Economic Essay Topic

After having found the topic of your essay and having reviewed some sources related to your topic, it could assist putting your topic in perspective. It is stated that usually, there are four common aspects or dimensions that can help you to narrow your topic:

  • timeframe
  • demographics
  • location or geography
  • policy or event

Expanding on Economics Essay Topics

Writing your essay in economics is aimed at proving that your theory, argument or hypothesis will be supported. The following goal can be achieved through the steps given below:

  • You should address an economic subject, phenomenon or more specifically issue when conducting economic analysis.
  • You should analyze this set phenomenon or issue by applying economic concepts, theories and assumptions to understand and explain the issue or phenomenon under study. (These concepts, theories, or assumptions are most likely those that you have studied or gone over in your economics lectures or classes or may find in the reference books, such as, for instance, the law of supply and demand).
  • You should try to apply four different kinds of evidence to support a hypothesis that you are going either to approve or reject in your economics essay.

The four pieces of evidence you can apply to support your analysis or argument include:

  • Concepts or theories from your lectures, classes or textbooks
  • Measurable and quantitative data
  • Data utilized to test the model or econometrics, for instance, regression analysis, or to analyze the change in one of the variables explaining it as the function of other variables
  • An economic model created by other researchers or by you. This model can be a simplified version of the economy or the decision-making process of the economic agent such as a supplier, company, or consumer.

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Economics Essay Example

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