May 10, 2019

Personal Values

Our environment is the world of values that reflect the attitude of a one person to different notions. The behavior of a human being is also ...

Jun 7, 2019

Technology and Happiness

If one asks someone what is the biggest technological invention of all times, the answer will most probably will be the Internet and the computer. However, it ...

Jun 10, 2019


Health is the most significant value for people’s well-being. Mental and physical disorders usually provoke different diseases. They cause conditions that do not allow humans feel themselves happy. Nowadays, psychiatric patients ...

Jul 15, 2019

Evolutionary Psychology

The present paper is devoted to the evolutionary theory of conflict that is presented via developing a specific culture on the basis of the analysis of such psychological mechanisms as general intelligence and explicit processing mechanisms. General intelligence implies construction of the tools and various technological exemplars based on the capacity to ...

Jul 16, 2019

Social Psychology: Bringing It All Together

Social Psychology is the scientific study of people’s thoughts, feelings and behavior especially while in social situations. The study comprises two major disciplines; sociology and psychology. Sociology pays ...

Sep 24, 2019

Anxiety and Depression in Hospice Patients

The paper considers the role of anxiety and depression in provision of care and quality of life of terminally and chronically ill individuals in light of hospice care. Their soft but veiled with sadness eyes reveal fear and despair, paralyzing unawareness of their own lifespan along with concern ...

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