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  • What if my project is very urgent or complicated?


    Because we have a team of exceptional writers, we are almost certain that we can help you with the task. However, please send us a message. We will check your instructions and let you know if we can finish your project on time.

  • What subjects or topics can you handle at Papermasters.org?


    We can deal with any topic. We can write in any subject area. We have specialists to deal with every subject studied in educational institutions. We constantly update and expand our team, to make sure that we have specialists from different spheres of knowledge to provide high-quality writing services. No matter what subject or topic you need to cover, we will be here to address your needs.

  • Are there any risks of plagiarism at all? How do I know that you don’t copy-paste when working on my project?

    You don’t face any risks. We guarantee that all papers are original. We do original research and write our papers from scratch. Our company is the best solution for you if you need a paper written according to your instructions. You’ll receive an original project. No copy-pasted materials!

  • What about the list of references? Will you provide any?


    Yes. Yet, we ask you to mention them in the requirements when you place an order with us. Please specify the number of sources you need, according to your rubric. Apart from that, we will provide a title page, an abstract, and a table of contents. You won’t need to pay for them. The list of references or the works cited page is also provided free of charge. Don’t forget to specify the citation style required. We can handle anything, whether it is Chicago, Oxford, MLA, APA, etc.

  • Where do I order the paper if I need help?


    Contact us 24/7. We work days and nights to provide every customer with the type of service they need most. You can contact us in the most convenient way. For example, you can make a phone call or use our chat. Finally, you can send an email to us. We’ll respond immediately. We have enough support representatives to help you with writing. We are experienced, passionate, and committed to your academic goals.

  • What about your academic background? What about your credentials?


    We have spent years providing customers with all types of academic projects. Our writers have a solid academic and professional background. Everyone at Papermasters.org excels in writing. As a result, our customers excel with us. Thanks to our incomparable experience and knowledge in every field, we successfully outperform other academic writing teams. We provide unique incentives to keep a diverse staff of journalists, professional writers, former teachers, and academic specialists on our team. We use the latest tools and models to produce exceptional papers for our customers. Enjoy the superb quality of our works.

  • What about the types of services available from your company?

    Papermasters.org is a reliable provider of writing and related services. We conduct research. We also provide editing and proofreading help to professionals and students. Our team has enough specialists to write even the most complicated project. We have writers who can help you with a high school, university, college, or Ph.D. paper. Whatever project you need to submit, we will find an expert to help you. We can do anything, from essays to journal articles and coursework. We have accountants on our team. Thus, we can do calculations. We can also create PDF posters and PowerPoint presentations. Welcome to Papermasters.org, and feel free to post your order with us.

  • Can you guarantee that I receive a high-quality paper?


    Our mission is to provide customers with high-quality academic docs. We work beyond our ability to keep our customers 100% satisfied. We understand that our customers have specific recommendations, instructions, and requirements. However, we also have advanced specialists in our team. We hire former teachers who know how to satisfy the writing demands of every customer. This way, we can ensure the highest quality of every paper.

  • What about the legal side?

    This is a good question. Papermasters.org is a legal and legitimate provider of academic writing services. We are here to support students. Therefore, we have developed a simple procedure to help you place quick orders with us. Papermasters.org allows you to buy custom- written papers. And of course, you own the copyright. All papers are free from plagiarism. We don’t cheat our customers. We are here whenever you need our support.

  • What about the paper? What can I do with it?


    You are the customer. Once you receive the document, you become the owner of the copyright. Thus, you are the paper’s author. We provide writing help to every student who need it. We are here to make the process of education easier for you. Our policy is that of educational assistance. Make sure that you follow our principles and policies when you order a paper from us.

  • How do I know that the paper I order from you is original?


    Our responsibility is to provide every customer with original, custom-written academic papers. Papermasters.org maintains its commitment to zero plagiarism in every work. Our company hires expert writers who are dedicated to their profession and our mission. They are passionate about writing, and they never plagiarize. You always know that your paper is original because we use the latest anti-plagiarism software to check your works before we forward them to you. We can detect even the slightest signs of non-original content in our papers. With these steps taken, you can forget about your fears. If you have any doubts – message us. We have a money-back policy as well, but you need to provide a plagiarism report to support your claim.

  • Will you be able to assist me with a really complicated assignment?

    Sure, our company has a versatile team of writers who are graduates of the most reputable institutional affiliations and who hold Master’s and Ph.D. academic degrees. Therefore, you can rely on us for help no matter what paper complexity is.

  • Do you guarantee the confidentiality of services?

    Sure, our company’s workers strictly adhere to the privacy policy. According to it, none of your personal or contact information is ever shared with others.

  • I have already written a part of my paper but cannot finish it. Can you complete it for me?

    Sure, our writers will gladly help you. Just provide us with the piece of writing and add any needed paper instructions that the writer should follow. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer support team for assistance.

  • Is it obligatory to leave my contact details, such as email address and phone number?

    We advise all our clients to provide their phone numbers so that it is easy for us to contact them in urgent cases. If you do not provide your contact details, then we do not take responsibility for not contacting you on time.

  • Do you guarantee your customers excellent grades for the services you provide?

    We do not guarantee any specific grades as grading is a subjective process that only your professor is responsible for. Nonetheless, we guarantee exclusive and plagiarism-free content and a free revision option if needed.

  • I would like my paper to be written by the same writer who has already provided papers for me. Is it possible to choose the same professional?

    Yes, sure, all you have to do is to find the writer’s ID and indicate it in the corresponding field in the order placement form. Keep in mind that this option is extra paid. Specifically, you will be charged an additional 15% for the total order price.

  • What pricing policy do you have?

    Our company has a flexible pricing policy, which means that the price depends on a number of factors, such as paper length, deadline, writing type, academic complexity level, and others. If you want to know the exact price you will have to pay for the order, contact our customer support agents and they will help you find out.

  • How can I send a revision request?

    We provide a free revision option: for short papers (up to 20 pages) you have 48 hours after the deadline expiration to ask for a revision for free; for long papers (20 pages and more), this free revision period is extended to 30 days. To send a revision request, you need to go to the “My Orders” section, find the order that needs revision, and then choose the “Revision” option. Be sure to provide specific recommendations on what needs to be revised without changing the initial instructions. If you face difficulties sending a revision request, contact our customer support agents for help.

  • I want to register my order, but the order placement form keeps loading or just freezes. What should I do with it, and what is the reason for that?

    Double-check the order registration field, particularly if there are many files attached by you. If there are many files there, the system may have troubles processing them. It can happen when the files are too heavy or when there are too many of them. In such case, register the order without any files and forward the files to the customer support team.

  • Can I ask the writer to add more pages to my paper?

    If you have already submitted the order and the writer has apparently started work on your paper, you cannot make any changes on your own. However, if you contact the customer support team and then pay for the difference in the number of pages, your writer will certainly add them.

  • I paid for the order, but the system asks me to pay. What is the problem with it?

    If the payment went successfully, you should find a payment receipt in your inbox. If there is this document, please forward it to our customer support agents as proof of successful payment. If there is no receipt in your email, then check your bank account and find the bank statement that indicates that you have been charged for the custom writing services. If there is no bank statement even, then obviously, the payment did not go successfully.

  • I set one deadline at the beginning, but then I realized I need to shorten it. Is it possible?

    The deadline can be changed with assistance of our customer support agents. They will give you instructions on how to place the compensation order based on the change in urgency.

  • When can I expect to receive my paper once I place an order?

    PaperMasters.org understands that one of the essential requirements for passing a course is to meet all deadlines. Therefore, our diligent writers always do their utmost to deliver your orders – whether these are essays, research papers or theses - on time.

  • What happens if I have not got electronic versions or copies of the materials required for a piece of research? Will it still be possible for you to complete my order?

    At PaperMasters.org, we have access to a large number of electronic and in-house databases and libraries from which we can download any materials we need. If, however, the materials for your assignment are extremely rare, it will be necessary for you to upload these through our system or give us access to the online database or library you normally use. Our talented writers are capable of completing any writing project within the deadline you set. But please remember that it is your responsibility to provide detailed instructions and any additional files or materials at the time of order placement to enable your assigned writer to fully meet your requirements.

  • Is it possible to alter original instructions if or when I am given new and/or additional guidelines for an assignment?

    You may use our messaging system to communicate with your assigned writer or our support staff at any time or submit requests and/or questions by email.

    It is highly important to provide all clarifications on time, you should provide all order materials while placing the order (no later than 10-15% of the deadline passed).


  • Will it be possible for me to chat to or contact my assigned writer to ensure they are following my instructions?

    Yes. We are constantly improving our services and our website. We give customers access to their personal PaperMasters.org account pages from where they can communicate with our writers, check up on the status of their orders, and/or upload any additional files and materials required by the writer to complete an order. From the point of us allocating a writer to your particular order, you will have the facility to contact that person via our messaging system or through our online support representatives.

  • Will my assigned writer be able to provide a draft of the paper for me to inspect?

    Certainly! We do offer an option whereby you can request a draft of the paper you order. Anyway, keep in mind that you need to indicate this on the order form with your initial instructions. 

  • How should I get in touch with your company if I have any concerns or questions?

    In the event you are not sure how to order a paper, how to make payment, or if you have any requests or questions whatsoever, you may get in touch with our customer services team night and day 24x7. Furthermore, you can initiate a live chat session with our representatives who will happily help you with the ordering process.

  • By what means will my order be delivered?

    Once the deadline you provided arrives or has just passed, you should check your personal account page and download your completed paper to your computer. We also send a completed paper as an attached file directly to the customer's email.

  • How can I be sure a proficient writer will complete my paper?

    PaperMasters.org only employs the most talented and experienced writers, researchers, proofreaders, and editors. To gain employment with our company, one of the primary requirements is to have a Bachelor's, a Master’s or even a PhD degree. Hence, when you use our services we will ensure a competent and knowledgeable writer is allocated to your order so that the paper you receive is the finest quality and fully custom-written. In addition, we will ensure your order is not just given to any available writer but rather to one who is highly competent and an expert in your subject area.

  • Will your company deliver my paper according to the deadline?

    Our company always strives to meet the demands and expectations of our customers, and to provide them with expertly written papers at reasonable prices. We ensure every paper matches expectations and gets the required results. If, however, you want your order delivered punctually, you should provide all the necessary instructions to your writer without delay. He or she will only be able to meet your deadline if they have precise details about your requirements.

  • Is there any way I can be certain my paper will not contain any plagiarism?

    Before sending a customer their paper(s), we check each order for plagiarism using the latest detection software. This shows whether or not it is original and establishes if there is any possibility of plagiarized content. We have no tolerance toward plagiarism, even among writers who have worked with us for several years. This is because our highest priority is customer satisfaction. If a writer is found to breach our plagiarism rules, their employment will be terminated with no chance of ever working with us again.

  • Can you say for certain I will be happy with the quality of the writing in my paper, and how?

    One of the primary aims of PaperMasters.org is to ensure the demands of our customers are fully met and to achieve the highest possible levels of customer satisfaction. Consequently, our diligent writers do everything possible to adhere to all the instructions each customer provides – every time and in every single order. Our company pays close attention to the feedback that customers leave and any requests they have regarding orders. This diligence ensures our writing service achieves some of the highest satisfaction ratings on the Internet. In the event you prove that the paper you receive should or could have been done differently or that any changes are necessary, feel free to ask us to revise it free of charge within 48 hours after deadline expiration. Your assigned writer will amend your paper accordingly.

  • What happens if my instructions have not been met? 

    Our company’s main aim is to meet the requirements of our customers by providing papers that are well organized and perfectly written. In the event you are not entirely happy with the product you receive, you can ask us to revise it at no extra cost for up to 48 hours of your original paper being uploaded in our system. You just need to log in to your PaperMasters.org account, select the “Revision Request” option, add your revision comments, and submit the form to your assigned writer or our company’s customer services team. Please remember, however, that requests for revisions should not contain any new or additional instructions since altering original instructions is contrary to our rules. In the event you have any concerns or questions, feel free to get in touch with our customer services representatives who are available 24x7 every day of the year to assist you.

  • Does your company work in any foreign countries?

    We provide custom written papers to all customers irrespective of where they are located e.g. Australia, Europe, New Zealand, the UK and the USA. It is our policy to only employ writers who are sufficiently competent to write all types of papers, even very complex ones. In fact, it is possible to order a paper in virtually any field since we cover around eighty disciplines. Furthermore, any paper you order will be formatted in whatever style you specify.

  • Does your company offer any discounts?

    Certainly! We offer a range of different discounts to new and existing customers. You just need to get in touch with our customer support personnel to find out what level of discount we can offer to you. In the event you want to know how our discount system works or if there are questions you would like answers to, just contact our online representatives at any time.

  • In case I have a very large and extremely urgent order, what if my order is not accepted or verified?

    Our company provides only the finest quality papers. Consequently, our writers and researchers require a certain amount of time to produce these. Clearly, it is not possible to write a complex term paper or lengthy thesis in a matter of just a few hours. If, however, you have started writing a dissertation or thesis already by yourself, it is possible to ask our expert writers to assist you with some of the chapters. Alternatively, you can place a number of smaller size orders so that we can get several writers to work on them simultaneously. Feel free to contact us immediately if any question arise.

  • Can I be certain your writers are appropriately qualified, and how?

    We ensure each writer successfully passes a number of rigorous tests before we employ them. Moreover, each order is checked to ensure it is properly written.

  • For what reasons should customers choose your writing service when they want to place an order?

    The writers we employ are extremely knowledgeable and capable of producing any order in full accordance with your requirements and instructions. PaperMasters.org differs a great deal from other companies offering the same type of service. Our team is made up only of native English speakers from such countries as Australia, Canada, the UK and the USA. These experts do not complete orders by copying and pasting content they find online. Please refer to the relevant page on our website to find out more about our writing policies.