Homelessness has for many decades considered one of the burning problems worldwide, and the USA is not an exception in this aspect. Although numerous programs emphasize on assisting in solving this leading problem in the society nowadays, countries usually lack the resources needed to help all homeless people. Moreover, homelessness has been one of the top-rated social issues in the whole world. It is imperative to stress that it may impact any person: women and men, adults and youth, as well as single and married people. Therefore, many teachers and professors assign their students the task to prepare a homeless people essay.

Students may consider it complicated to compose this type of academic writing as this assignment requires a lot of persistence and efforts to avoid poor marks. It is regarded as an essential part of their education. In order to submit an excellent piece of writing, it is imperative to choose one of the most original topics and keep to guidelines and requirements to show your experience, knowledge, skills etc. on paper writing.

Original Homeless People Essay Topics

If you have any doubts as to what to discuss in your essay, feel free to apply the most brilliant and original ideas provided below:

  • Prove that each person deserves to live in decent conditions and possess his or her home based on the housing rights;
  • Explicate if a homeless person needs a nice spot to sleep at night as his or her temporary type of shelter;
  • Establish if homelessness is a world, national or personal problematic issue;
  • Key reasons why some persons cannot escape from or avoid homelessness;
  • Select current governmental protection policies and public programs that emphasize effective alternatives to provide help to homeless people;
  • If the whole family is regarded as homeless, suggest if certain child protection services should take care of children: whether this experience is negative or positive for kids;
  • Whether homeless people should be alcohol or drug tested before providing any care, including shelters, suitable jobs, health aid, etc.;
  • Research whether mental illnesses or disorders can result in homelessness and how they affect the society;
  • Effective strategies, tools or policies for making changes in this situation in the years to come.

How to Structure Your Homeless People Essay?

After having conducted your thorough research on the issue of homelessness and its negative and positive effects nowadays, you should organize your academic task accordingly. Follow an effective and affiancing system that includes the following elements:

  • The introduction aimed at providing readers with essential information on homelessness and includes a strong and original thesis statement;
  • In the main body key arguments and pieces of evidence should be provided;
  • Further paragraphs are aimed at showing the readers materials on the subject collected by you;
  • The conclusion should sum up your considerations, restate your thesis statement, and explicate its significance;
  • Prepare bibliography or works cited page to list all the sources of information;
  • Edit and proofread your paper.

To have a clear conception of how to structure your piece of writing, read an evident sample provided by our experts.

One of the key factors that lead to homelessness is a dreadful disaster of any type, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, fires etc. They destroy many houses and result in material damages yearly. Their victims lose documents, credit cards, cash stashes, etc. It takes much time and even years to restore this damage caused, and friends or relatives are not eager to assist the victims.

The other category of risks that result in homelessness is unhappy marriages, as well as their different consequences – e.g., divorces, abuse, or violence. After a divorce, one of the spouses can lose their custody, property, insurance, or everything at a time. Domestic violence impacts people of any social group and age. Some of such people try to avoid harmful and abusive relationships and become homeless consequently.

Why People Become Homeless?

Have you noticed that some people in your town asking for extra money have no homes, regular income, or other needed things? You may consider that they are 100% guilty of such a situation. They must seek a decent job to pay for necessary living items and improve their lives. However, there may be some objective causes why some people have lost their places of work and fail to return to their ordinary life.

Furthermore, their institutional background can make them live on the streets. People with different post-traumatic disorders, stress or any other diseases who participated in war conflicts can fail to fit into an ordinary lifestyle and live with their families. For instance, former prisoners are regarded to be at high risks of joining the category of homeless people.

It is evident that not only the unwillingness of people to work and to earn for living leads to homelessness, but there are also other numerous factors that significantly contribute to this problematic issue. Homelessness rates are constantly increasing in the whole world. Therefore, it is imperative to seek effective and efficient solutions to this worldwide problem.

Do’s and don’ts of composing a winning and astounding homeless people essay:

  • Always be passionate about what you have planned to accomplish. The process of writing should make you happy and not frustrated.
  • Use only updated and reliable sources for your research;
  • Make sure to have collected enough pieces of evidence, facts, data or statistics to support your point of view;
  • Avoid applying religious or moral dogmas to support your arguments;
  • Avoid claiming that you are a real expert in your topic chosen;
  • Address all the conflicting sides and try to refute obvious counterarguments.

The following guide provides detailed and thorough directions on how to compose an essay on the issue of homelessness. If you need professional help, call our agents and order our premium-class quality writing services at reasonable prices. Our qualified experts are always at your disposal.

Homeless People Essay Sample

Humanity has a lot of problems nowadays. Although people have attained numerous achievements in different spheres of their lives, they still have problems that should be solved. These problems are numerous – modern world is full of wars, poor countries with low quality of life, increased rates of unemployment, and incurable diseases. One more problem, which is of great importance nowadays, is homelessness. This phenomenon occurs not only in poor countries but even in rich and developed ones such as the United States of America.

The phenomenon of homelessness began to draw attention of the researchers at the end of the 20th century when it became evident that it represented a real problem for society. Much has been written on this topic. The researchers, who devoted their works to the phenomenon of homelessness, considered it from different points of view. Nunez and Fox represented the general overview of an average homeless family in America. This work can be regarded as one of the first attempts to describe the phenomenon of homelessness on concrete examples. Thus, in virtue of the research, which was carried out in ten largest cities of the USA, one can understand that an average homeless family is a family of Afro-American people at most. However, White people and Latinos also often represent homeless families. Among the main reasons which lead to appearance of homeless people are job losses, low levels of education, and high rates of teen pregnancy. Thus, Nunez and Fox gave a general picture of homeless family in the US that helps to understand the essence of the phenomenon better. Similar research was carried out and the results of it were represented by Bassuk in 2010. The research paper studied the phenomenon of homelessness from the perspective of the main reasons for its appearance. However, the main point of the paper was made on the condition of children in homeless families, on their characteristics, and on strategies which can help to fight homelessness among children. However, the majority of the research papers on the topic are aimed not at the description of general characteristics of the phenomenon but on the study of its separate aspects. Thus, some works were dedicated to the reasons for homelessness appearance in the United States of America. Cohen and Quigley and Raphael regarded homelessness as a result of economic issues, and their researches showed that economics influences rates of homelessness both in urban and rural areas. Quigley and Raphael carried out the research in urban area of the USA and confirmed that “modest changes in housing markets, in vacancy rates and rents, for example, have substantial effects upon the incidence of homelessness”. The same point of view is represented by Cohen in the research, carried out in rural community. In accordance to his work, one can regard the phenomenon of homelessness in rural areas as consequences of economic issues such as “low median household incomes, high unemployment and underemployment rates”. Another aspect related to the phenomenon of homelessness, which is studied by the researchers, is common problems which occur as the result of homelessness. As a rule, the main problems represented by the researchers in relation to this phenomenon are problems of education, human health, and substance abuse among homeless people. Fantuzzo, LeBoeuf, Chen, Rouse, and Culhane consider the topic of education among homeless children as the one of vital importance. The researchers represent the results of homeless children performance at school and their behavior as the main reason for school mobility of such children. Daiski represented health problems that are often faced by homeless people. “Seizure disorders, chronic respiratory diseases and musculoskeletal problems” were named among the most frequent ones. It was also confirmed that not only physical health of homeless people is at risk, but also different mental disorders can take place among them. This very topic – mental disorders, the reasons for their occurrence and their influence on social life of homeless people – was studied by Hartwell on the example of homeless substance abusers. One more aspect of mental disorders among homeless people was studied by Rokach in 2004 and 2005. The studies of the researcher were aimed at finding out reasons for loneliness among homeless people of different ages. Thus, carrying out the researches, Rokach found out that the main reasons for loneliness among adult people are “the stress, sense of failure and personal inadequacy, and the feeling of helplessness which are caused by the inability to secure basic needs”. As for teenagers, these reasons are personal inadequacies, unfulfilling intimate relationships, and frequent relocations. The last aspect related to the phenomenon of homelessness, which is often paid attention to, is the ways of problem solution. As a rule, different strategies for fighting homelessness or, at least, providing better conditions of life for homeless people, are discussed at the end of almost every work devoted to the problem. However, the work of Sanabria is fully concentrated on some approaches to problem solution. The study covers possible ways of prevention youth from homelessness from psychological point of view, and estimates the effectiveness of such approach.

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