Have you got stuck on writing a social media essay? Are you looking for some tips and practical suggestions for writing this paper? In our guide, we have collected important information about this type of assignment. By following these practices, you will find it easier to succeed with this task.

It is impossible to underestimate the role of social media in human life as it allows people to communicate, share information, pictures, etc. This medium is very popular in present-day society mainly because of its user-friendly characteristics. The widely-used platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, enable people to communicate with each other across distances. In other words, these platforms allow people to stay in touch with each other without extra effort. Consequently, the main benefits and shortcomings of social media have always been the subjects of debates.

Writing a social media essay is a common thing in many educational institutions. When working on such an assignment, students demonstrate not only their writing skills but also their creativity and analytical thinking. If you were asked to write an essay, you may focus on a wide range of subjects. To make your work look professional, it is important to develop your own position regarding the subject being investigated. Our article will help you learn more about this tricky assignment, as well as suggest some good ideas that will boost your writing talent. Besides, we will provide you with well-written examples that will help you figure out how this assignment should be done. Our talented experts have collected a bunch of efficient tips that will help you create a winning paper.

Select the Best Topic for Your Social Media Essay!

The success of your work greatly depends on the topic you are working on. If you choose an inappropriate subject, you may experience writer’s block and other problems. Also, you may find it too challenging to find relevant information. To bring you the best outcome, the topic should be clear, relevant, and debatable. Besides, it should match your research interests.

Choosing an appropriate topic for an essay is very important. For example, you may want to critically analyze the problem in an impact of social media essay. Alternatively, you can write a narrative paper about your personal experience. If your professor allowed you to choose a subject on your own, we recommend that you pick up the topic that will spark the interest of your reader. Thus, you should try to avoid including trivial ideas in your paper. To inspire you, we have collected some interesting essay themes to consider. Just keep reading and you will find them.

Social Media Essay Titles That Will Boost Your Writing Talent

Now, let’s have a closer look at the list of topics collected by our talented experts. Some of them will help you figure out what aspects of social networks you are really passionate about.

  • Does Instagram really make people closer?
  • The role of online media platforms in business;
  • In what way do social media impact the level of unemployment?
  • Key advantages and disadvantages of Instagram;
  • Is it risky to post intimate information on Facebook? Discuss the problem of identity theft;
  • What platform is the most popular for celebrities? Explain your choice;
  • Analyze the positive impact of Facebook on society;
  • Discuss the power of social media in shaping human interactions;
  • Should government monitor the personal information of users?
  • What measures can prevent abuse in social networks?
  • Is purchasing online safe? Main benefits of making online purchases;
  • Can Instagram affect the “live” communication between people?
  • The world before and after the appearance of social networks.

We do hope that you will take advantage of using some of the social media essay ideas collected by our writers. No matter what subject you choose for writing your academic paper, you need to apply a professional approach and add creativity to this process. To please your reader, it is advisable to discuss the most engaging and thought-provoking aspects of the topic.

How to Write a Good Social Media Essay?

When working on such an assignment, you need to follow the traditional structure as it will enable you to approach the topic from different angles. The appropriate paper structure will help you develop your arguments in a logical way and grab the attention of your reader from the first until the last lines. Let’s have a closer look at the main parts of a good essay:

1. Introduction.

A good introductory paragraph will grab the attention of your target audience and get them interested in the rest of your essay. For this purpose, it should include a perfect hook. It can be a quote, an interesting fact, a thought-provoking question, or anything else that will engage your reader;

2. Main body.

After the introduction, you will need to provide a detailed analysis of your topic in three or four main body paragraphs. The way this section is written greatly depends on the paper type. For example, in an argumentative essay about social media, you will need to suggest strong arguments related to the topic and back them up with solid evidence. When working on the main body, you will need to ensure the continuity of your ideas and the coherence of your text. To make your ideas flow logically, you need to include appropriate transition phrases;

3. Conclusion.

The final part of your essay on social media is very important as it makes the overall impression on your reader. In this part, you need to summarize the main points investigated in your essay without adding new details. For example, you may write the following, “After the thorough analysis of the main pros and cons of social media, we can admit that it has a lot of significant benefits that outweigh the shortcomings.” Also, you may finalize your social media argumentative essay with a call to action.

Social Media Essay Example

Have a look at a sample of a social media essay that will help you figure out how this paper should be written, structured, and formatted.

Mass media plays a vital role in any democratic institution. Its platforms ensure information dissemination among the population allowing people to participate in the day to day governmental operations. As a result, the component provides for checks and balances on the governing systems. Of late, the concentration of media is changing the terrain of telecommunication in the United States. The inception of the Telecommunication Act of 1996 has made a significant impact on the United States, eliciting widespread criticism.

The Telecommunication Act of 1996 was the first major amendment to the Communication Act of 1934 (Evens & Donders, 2016). This bill included the Internet as a method of the broadcasting. The main intention of the Act was to open up the market for communication by removing the existing regulatory barriers, concerning the entry. Specifically, the Act is aimed at providing a pro-competition and de-regulation of the national policy framework necessary for accentuating the private sector distribution of advanced information services and technologies. In the aftermath of the Act, increased competition has informed most of the mass media companies about converging to maintain a competitive edge.

Mass consolidation or concentration of media is a scenario in which fewer players control the increasing shares of the mass media. Consequently, there has been the emergence of large media conglomerates controlling mass media. Precisely, U.S has seen increased conglomerates such as the Comcast Corporation and The Walt Disney Company. The AT&T and Time Warner are in talks to create the largest US conglomerate entertainment and mass media company in the U.S (Evens & Donders, 2016). However, the emergence of the US conglomerates has not been without consequences. First, there has been the development of commercially driven, incredibly powerful media institutions loyal to the advertisers and sponsors such as the government. Secondly, the mass consolidation has created few companies, representing the minority views and at the same time leaving the large corporations at the elite disposal. Lastly, the concentration of media has resulted in slower innovation as a result of diminished healthy and market-based competition.

Critics of the mass concentration argue that consolidation contributes to minimal competition for viewpoints and perspectives or lack of it. The approach can help silencing the alternate viewpoints and ultimate decline in democracy. The lack of fierce competition brings the problem of diverging expectations with the media houses going for money from the sponsors and the advertisers at the expense of the public interest (Martin et al., 2016). Consequently, focus on the advertisers and sponsors can contribute to under-representation of women and other minority groups (Martin et al., 2016). Finally, the critics argue that fewer stations are easier to compromise by politicians leading to biased political views and cheap local news content. Undeniably, media consolidation has some benefits such as minimal government control, the advantage of converging technologies, and the opportunity for diversification. However, I conceive that the mass media conglomerates hurt the economy. It is connected with the fact that conglomeration changes the core business of mass media – that of providing information services to the public for profit making entities. As a result, it can contribute to under-representation of minorities and compromise the press freedom.

In conclusion, the primary purpose of the Telecommunication Act of 1996 was to open up the mass media for competition. Due to it, there has been an increase in creation of U.S media firms conglomeration causing fears among the critics on the adverse effects of the press concentration. These effects may include under-representation of minority groups, reduced viewpoints which could amount to reduced democracy, and diversion of the main purpose of media from the public interest to for-profit and biased political views. All these outcomes will be catastrophic to the freedom of the press.

Final Thoughts

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