Those students who apply for high school already know about the existence of the National Junior Honor Society (NHJS). Those who want to join the National Junior Honor Society (NHJS) need to write an NJHS essay. The NJHS supports and promotes students who have already fulfilled all qualification requirements and can devote time and effort to writing an NJHS application essay. Being a member of the NHJS is an honor for students and a chance to show their skills, qualifications, and devotion to what they know and do.

An understanding of what a national junior honor society essay is may help you have a better vision of what a member of the NHJS means and why students strive to obtain it. The following article will also share some NJHS essay examples to give a better vision of the membership, its benefits, and basic principles of writing papers for application for the society.

What Is the National Junior Honor Society?

The National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) unites the best representatives among high-school students. The organization was established in 1929 and continues operating till now. The major goal of the society is to ensure that the best students in high school can successfully develop and promote the features of law-abiding and leading personalities.

What Does The National Junior Honor Society Do?

NJHS is an organization for students led by students. One of their practical goals is to ensure that they bring up leaders who serve other people and do not only consume the services others provide and perform. If you take a chance to become a member of the NJHS, you can improve the commonwealth of the community by volunteering in different fields of community.

National Junior Honor Society Requirements

In order to become a member of the NJHS, you have to confirm your qualification. When you demonstrate your success on scholarship, you will get an invitation. Consider that an invitation is distributed among students of the 7th or 8th grade with a score not lower than 85% on each subject. An invitation means that you have met the requirements and can proceed with the application. You have to fill out a form with some specific questions regarding you as the member of society as the next step in the application. Academic success is not a guarantee of becoming a member of the society. Thus, you have to depict the best skills you possess to be eligible for application and acceptance.

Is National Junior Honor Society Worth It?

The fact that many students spend much time trying to ensure that they meet NJHS essay requirements confirms the value and importance of membership. Only those students who have experience and regularly contribute to school activities, volunteering work, and social service can expect to be accepted. Here is a list of all the national junior honor society benefits you may wish to consider before understanding the value of the organization:

  1. The membership in NJHS is an opportunity to have a better future with more opportunities
  2. Being a part of NJHS allows you to satisfy personal ambition and have a feeling of fulfillment and superiority
  3. The membership in NJHS increases your chances for college application as if you were a member of the society it means that you are the best in your academic community.

What Are the National Junior Honor Society Application Essay Requirements?

Apart from fitting all the criteria mentioned above, you have to write an NJHS essay. The essay has strict instructions, requires your highest attention to details, and the ability to strictly follow the guidelines. There are many NJHS essay tips and NJHS essay ideas that can help you deliver the top paper that will be a ticket to your membership. Check some most important information below and consider it as the national junior honor society essay help for writing:

  1. Do not plagiarize; plagiarism is strictly punished.
  2. Speak to the point and with details especially when you discuss your achievements and their effect on society. The committee wants to be proud of you as their member.
  3. Always refer to personal stories and examples; ensure that your story speaks about you as a leader. An admission committee likes such stories.
  4. Focus on the volunteering projects you participated in, on your character traits, and on high moral and ethical principles that help you establish your exceptional traits in learning and living.
  5. Strictly follow the NJHS essay format provided in the requirements.

Check this quick NJHS essay prompt: show your personal qualities and be as detailed as possible.

How to Write an Essay for NJHS

If you do not know how to write NJHS essay papers, you need to check the information below. These guidelines along with a professionally composed national junior honor society essay example will help you develop your personal paper of the top quality.

Make a plan

Never start writing without a plan as you will spend much time rewriting and editing and will not have a structured paper. Check a good NJHS essay example and see how the paper is to be structured. You need to write why your candidacy fits the requirements of NJHS membership.

Make some brainstorming to write down your features of why you fit the community. Sketch your benefits. Make a plan of the major ideas you wish to deliver and write some general viewpoints of how you are going to do it.

Discuss your academic achievements

If you have already conducted some research, you may notice that a good NJHS application essay example always has the major academic achievements of a student. Write down your GPA, list the test scores, and add any academic honors you have.

If you have completed some additional classes and obtained some qualifications, you may also add them. Add the details regarding where you obtained them and how they contribute to your development as a personality.

Speak about why you are a good leader

Leadership abilities are one of the most important features of becoming a member of NJHS. If you have some experience or obtain some features that help you be a good leader, you have to write them down. You may notice that many NJHS application essay sample papers pay much attention to leadership features.

You may get some additional viewpoints immediately if you were elected to some structure or were a team leader in any group.

Demonstrate your help to others

NJHS needs students who are ready to spend their free time for the benefit of the community. Volunteering experience may significantly contribute to your application. You ought to be ready to help others, and if you have such an experience, you have to write about it.

Always mention the names of the organizations and groupings where you worked or who you assisted. It is always valuable when one sees specific data but not only some general phrases.

Make stress on your personality

NJHS looks for personalities. You have to be the best to become a member. They do not need one of many students alike. In searching for candidates, the society seeks helpful, open, fair, friendly, and caring students.

If you need to increase your chances of being accepted, always write the details. Do not restrict yourself to general statements. Make your paper personal.

Always proofread papers

Never leave the paper as it is after you have written it. Many people seek professional proofreading NJHS essay help. This is a guarantee that the paper will be free from mistakes. Any detail is important as poorly polished papers are not accepted for consideration as it means that a student is not attentive to details.

Make a long story short

A professional example of NJHS essay is about 500 words in length. This is a standard volume, and you may write more or less only if the specific society asks you to deliver a paper of another length. Include only the required data and do not deviate from the topic to fulfill the word count.

Check a Professionally Written NJHS Essay Example

The example below may help you see what a top-quality essay has to look like to get a positive response in the application.

The the National Junior Honor Society is the nation’s organization, uniting the outstanding high school students (NASSP). Some may suppose that high grades are enough to become the member of it. Nevertheless, it is not so. Although academic excellence is one of the essential requirements, the National Honor Society looks not only for grades but also for leadership skills, scientific projects, and social contributions.

I am dreaming about the the National Junior Honor Society membership. Firstly, it will help me to advance my knowledge of scientific researching. The organization does not only provide the students with theoretical data about the main stages of researching but also tools, resources, and guidance to achieve the goal. I have already defined my sphere of interest for the future studying. It is digital and traditional illustration. I want to research the differences between them from the perspective of impact on the human perception.

Secondly, I would like to join the the National Junior Honor Society not only because of academic purposes. Membership is also a chance to find new friends, which share my interests and hobbies. As my passion is music, I hope to make acquaintance with many talented students and organize the music band. I know that the the National Junior Honor Society supports students’ art and even organize the concerts on the national level. That is why it will be an opportunity for me to gain the public recognition. Moreover, popular music band will serve as an efficient promoting campaign for the organization itself.

Finally, the the National Junior Honor Society appeals to me due to its contribution to the improvement of communities and personal altruistic traits. I would like to participate in its volunteering project under the name Animal Shelter. It is dedicated to taking care of homeless animals. In my neighborhood, there are some stray dogs and cats. Therefore, with the help of Animal Shelter, it is possible to change this situation for better and provide the neighbors as well as the animals with comfortable living conditions. Moreover, I understand that animals in shelters also need love, attention, and such basic things as food medicine, etc. That is why I am ready to spend my free time on walking and playing with them as well as organizing the fundraising campaigns.

To sum up, the the National Junior Honor Society is an opportunity for students to become scientists, leaders, artists, and public figures. Personally, I would like to join it to conduct the profound scientific researches in the sphere of digital vs. traditional illustration, bring my hobby of music to new heights, and change the life of my community for better.


If you do not know how to end a NJHS essay, think about the benefits the society and its members will obtain if they accept you. Make sure that the conclusion is strong. Many students want to ensure that their papers are professionally written and order custom writing help.

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