Police brutality is one of the most controversial and debatable topics in present-day society. The increased number of police brutality issues turns this subject into a burning issue that requires in-depth investigation. When working on a police brutality essay, one may focus on social and psychological issues looking for possible solutions to the existing problem. Since the topic is pretty controversial, you will need to study all the credible sources related to the topic to make your analysis accurate and objective. Most probably, you may have to write an argumentative essay on police brutality in which you will need to build an argument and support it with sound evidence. When working on such a paper, you need to operate valid facts, study social reports, and be unbiased. Since the subject is debatable, the writing process can be challenging and effort-consuming. If you are unsure of how to write a good-looking police brutality argumentative essay, you need to study some tips provided in our article. We are going to explain what makes this task different from other academic assignments and help you find out how to organize the writing process in a proper way.

What Does the Term Police Brutality Mean?

In a nutshell, police brutality refers to the excessive application of force against civilians through law enforcement. Very often, it is an illegal act that is punished. There are numerous forms of police brutality, including beating, murder, and assault. Since the issue is very important nowadays, the subject is investigated and analyzed by students.

Police Brutality Essay Structure

As well as any other type of academic paper, an essay on police brutality ought to follow the traditional structure. This means that the paper has to consist of three parts: the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. Now, let us focus on these parts in detail:


The introduction is to present the topic to the readers. In the opening part of your paper, you need to provide background information on the topic to familiarize your audience with the subject. For instance, you may captivate your reader`s attention by providing recent statistics related to the subject being investigated. The thesis statement that appears at the end of the introductory paragraph ought clearly to state the idea you will be analyzing throughout your argumentative essay about police brutality.

Main Body

The main body of your paper has to consist of three meaningful paragraphs. Each of them is to include a topic sentence related to your thesis statement, as well as supporting evidence. In the main body of your write-up, you need to discuss the opposing views regarding your topic. Consider that the main body is the place where you have to demonstrate your argumentative and critical thinking skills. All the arguments you suggest in this part is to be supported by appropriate evidence. When citing any ideas, you need to follow the rules of the formatting style requested by your tutor. To make your paper look smooth and coherent, you need to add appropriate transition words and phrases between the major parts. In addition to the quotes, your paper may include valid data, recent observations, as well as appropriate figures. Finally, each of the paragraphs is to include a concluding sentence.


The concluding paragraph of your essay is to summarize the issues that you analyzed in the paper without adding new information. In the final paragraph, you also need to let your reader know why the topic is important and why your argument is worth in-depth analysis.

How to Write about Police Brutality?

Police brutality essays are usually written in an argumentative format. Teachers want their students to showcase their research, analytical and critical thinking skills. If you want to get a good grade for your paper, you need to pick up a good topic and discuss it from different angles. In particular, you need to discuss the problem in detail and pick up a certain side. To get a good grade for your paper, you need to choose the right style tone, and vocabulary. The process of writing a paper about police brutality will include a couple of stages. Let us discuss the preparation stage as it is very important for writing a high-quality paper.

Pre-writing. Before you start working on your essay, you need to read the instructions thoroughly to make sure the task is clear. If your professor allowed you to choose a subject, you need to do some preliminary research to figure out what aspects of the broad topic you have to analyze. Creating a well-structured concept map will greatly help you with the paper`s organization.

Research. Next, you need to carry out in-depth research on the topic to find out some opposing opinions related to the topic. Pay attention that you need to work with credible and objective sources as they will add accuracy to your work.

Look for recent statistics. When you are talking about such a controversial topic as police brutality, you need to provide statistics, which will help your readers understand the scope of the problem. Although your professor allowed you to add your personal opinion, it is necessary to back it up with appropriate statistical data. Such information as the states, genders, and races of people involved in police brutality are very important. After all, figures do not lie.

Create a police brutality essay outline. An outline is a very important thing when it comes to creating a high-quality essay. In a nutshell, an outline is a roadmap, which will enable you to move in the right direction. Since an outline is a brief plan of your paper, it ought to include the issues you are going to investigate. With the help of an outline, you will avoid adding inappropriate information to your essay. Instead, you will follow the logical flow making your paper look coherent and comprehensive.

Getting prepared for writing a police brutality essay is very important. The more time you spend on planning the writing process, the better outcome you will receive. Follow our suggestions and you will turn the writing process into a very enjoyable activity.

Use a Perfect Police Brutality Essay Example to Write Your Essay

Police brutality has become the major issue covered in mass media in recent years. Therefore, it is necessary to treat policing like a public health issue that requires changing the entire system of recruitment and promoting education and changes. Overwhelming police brutality damages the mental health of all people engaged in the criminal justice system and ordinary civilians, as well as deteriorate the overall social order in the society. The passage of comprehensive legislation, effective training, establishment of trust, and body armor can alleviate the burden of such issue as policy brutality, and these interventions are critical as they help to make lives of community members and police officers safer.

Today, police officers get little training in regard to the use of force and even less training when they have to deal with troubled youth. The national law enforcement officers are put in the stressful and dangerous situation every day as they serve and protect their communities. Such danger as gun violence is obvious, while officers’ fatigue is a hidden, but a significant issue to the police officer’s well-being and fulfillment of professional duties. Police officers keep the communities safe. They take drugs, weapons, and criminals off the streets. The law enforcement agents enforce the law, and their presence on the streets and troubled neighborhoods helps to deter criminal acts. Violence against police is a cowardly action that is also viewed as an attack on all people, regardless of their age, gender, race, and background. As police officers represent the national laws, the recently introduced the Back the Blue Act will increase penalties on individuals, who hurt police officers across the country. If this bill becomes a law, and the potential perpetrators will try to break it, they will pay the highest price for killing or injuring the law enforcement agents. It is often argued that the passage of a strict law will make some individuals think twice and save lives of innocent civilian and brave police.

The use of deadly force by police officers against unarmed people reflects the present-day disparities and historical injustices in the context of using violence against individuals, particularly, the representatives of racial minorities. Currently, the absence of a comprehensive and integrated policy is the norm, not the exception. Even the law enforcement agencies that try to regulate interactions often develop guidelines in isolation. In order to keep the law enforcement officers safe, the U.S. Congress should properly address the influx of drugs that endanger the professional work and the fulfillment of duties of law enforcement agents across the country. The U.S. police deserve laws that make them and the members of communities safer. As their jobs are dangerous, the congressmen should pass the comprehensive laws and legislative pieces, and show support for people, who risk their lives for the community members every day.

The reduction of civilian access to guns and the establishment of trust between police and civilians will make both residents and policemen safer. In the USA, where guns are massively prevailed, police officers are aware that they are in a danger, despite the fact that assaults on them have been slightly decreased. However, the problem still exists. Efforts to improve safety among law enforcement efforts through effective training and body armor can lessen threats they feel and decrease the number of unfavorable events in the society. Unfortunately, the relationship between the police officers and community members is often accompanied by the confrontation and disrespect. These drawbacks prevent officials from addressing the issue of police brutality in a proper manner.

To conclude, the passage of effective laws, the promotion of education and training, establishment of trust, and body armor are supposed to address such issue as policy brutality. Due to the importance to resolve such issue as police brutality, the community members need to better understand the critical role of police in decreasing the rate of crimes committed in the communities and making every person safer. Better hiring practices and police training are more likely to bring the favorable outcome and decrease the use of excessive or even deadly force during the professional activity.

Although one can talk about police brutality for hours, writing an essay on this topic can be difficult. First, students have to understand the task in a proper way. Also, they are to be aware of all the established conventions and standards of academic writing. Finally, they have to demonstrate their argumentative skills being unbiased and objective. Since the task is difficult, many students look for professional help. We assure you that by looking for the well-written examples of essays on police brutality, you will boost your inspiration and facilitate the process of writing. A good sample will help you figure out how your essay is to be written, formatted, and structured. In other words, using ready-made examples is a great way to improve your own writing skills. All in all, an example will not only help you understand how to write an essay on police brutality, but it will also save your precious time.

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