A profile essay is a common paper for those who are into journalism. Journalism students complete this assignment on a regular basis. This type of paper requires substantial research of an event or a person along with substantial knowledge in the field. Not all students know how to write a profile essay. In this case, you may follow the guide we have developed below. Your task is just to start working on the paper.

What Is a Profile Essay?

A profile paper is creative writing with the elements of description with a person, place, object, or event in focus. Such papers usually contain many details that highlight a high level of knowledge in the field. Such papers are common for journalism students who have to conduct investigations and describe their experiences.

Purpose of a Profile Essay

A profile paper is usually an informative work because it contains a lot of data, description, and the smallest elements regarding some event. The more details a project contains, the more interested a person becomes. Profile essay definition involves such words as “new” and “unique” meaning that such projects usually deliver some unique information not previously available. Thus, when writing such papers you need to mind that the reader may be unaware of the issue, and the more details you provide, the better understanding a person will have.

How to Start a Profile Essay

Read the information below if you need help writing a profile essay. We have developed a guide that may considerably help you in your assignment. The process is easily described so that you will not have any chances to be puzzled or to get lost. The steps below will help you write a project fast and easily.

It may be easy to write profile essay papers:

  • Read about a profile essay: Such works are not common among students, and it is OK if you do not know what you need to write. Thus, the first step in the process of working on the paper should be a detailed analysis of what a profile paper is. Check a top-quality profile essay example on a reputable site and get a clear idea of what this paper type means.
  • Develop a topic: Like any essay, this paper type also requires a topic. You cannot write just something without a particular topic. Every guide on how to write a profile essay starts with the advice to choose a topic for discussion, and this is a logical and reasonable recommendation. Focus on what you want to speak about and arrange the ideas into a short and concise topic.
  • Conduct research: Even though this is not a research project and you probably do not have to cite data excessively, you still need to conduct research. You have to analyze the situation, learn some facts and details to use in your paper, and just be aware of all the aspects of the event you are going to describe.
  • Develop an Outline: An outline should be a starting point of your paper. You have to make a list of ideas you may present, then you have to remove the points that sound weak or do not fit your topic. Furthermore, you have to develop sentences out of those ideas and they will serve you as your topic sentences. Think about whether all the points you have indicated flow logically and may be used for your paper. Use this plan to craft a good text following the steps described below.
  • Write an Introduction: Start your project with a proper introductory section. Mind that people may stop reading here if your introduction is not interesting enough or the ideas they read are not new for them. Make a person interested in continuing to read your paper. You may do it using the information you have found while conducting research. Add a thesis statement at the end of the section. This is a sentence that clearly indicates the idea you wish to deliver or your position regarding some event.
  • Write the Body Paragraphs: After the introduction is ready, you may get down to writing. There are no specific rules on how to write a profile essay. The main body is written like any other paper following the ideas you have developed in the outline. Use the sentences from the outline as your topic statements. It will help you to remain focused and not to lose the point of your writing. This is exactly why you developed an outline. Remember to refer to the following points when writing your main body:
  1. Refer to the smallest details to ensure that a person clearly understands what you write about. Add a place, time, and details if you are talking about an event. Focus on some biography details of a person you write about.
  2. If you describe an interview, write down the questions to see how a person reacts when responding.
  3. Make sure that each topic sentence refers to your thesis statements.
  4. Make sure that you have presented as many details as possible. Don’t be afraid of sounding too scrupulous.
  5. Do not write too large paragraphs. It is better to divide a paper into shorter sections and use small paragraphs.
  6. Add transitions and statements that act as bridges to link separate ideas in your work.
  • Write the Conclusion: The final word is always remembered the most. That is why you have to write a conclusion that will not only summarize the written information but will also make it interesting. Motivate a person to remember your ideas. Remind them how they may use your data further.
  • Mind your tone: Remember that a profile essay is an academic paper. Yet, you should use the first person if you write an interview or add your personal opinion if the circumstances allow. Add as many details as you can and you will see how the tone of your paper changes making your text attractive and readable.
  • Revise and Edit: Editing and revising are the stages you cannot omit. You have to proofread your paper before you hand it in. It is essential to ensure that the paper is free from any mistakes. Make changes whenever you think it’s necessary. A polished essay always deserves a higher grade.

Example of a Profile Essay

Examples of projects are a good opportunity to see what a perfect paper may look like. Check samples in your university or consider reliable sources online. Although there are many scams online, you still can find decent examples and use them for writing your paper.

Catherine “Kathy” Kay, Restaurant Manager of Tasmania Pizza Restaurant

Every day, hundreds of Australians in Sidney flock to the Tasmania Pizza Restaurant. The service, food, hospitality, and ambiance is breathtaking that one forgets the daily hassles. The person behind the management of this classic restaurant is Catherine “Kathy” Kay, a 30-year-old Nutrition graduate from the University of Wales.

Miss Kay and Her Career

Kathy says that she was interested in cooking ever since she was 12 years. “I loved cooking pancakes, cupcakes and even baked a birthday cake for my brother, Paul. However, the greatest thing that spurred her into the Nutrition career was a personality test. “I realized that I will perfectly fit into the hospitality industry,” says Kathy with a grin.

After graduating from the School of Catering from the University of Wales, she worked as a clerk in a nearby Pizza Hut and rose through the management ranks. This is what launched her career. She left Pizza Hut after five years and went to Australia to manage the Tasmania Pizza Restaurant.

Her greatest challenge in this place is designing a restaurant that helps in building sales. “People love dining out. They are looking for a value for their money and their health and keeping the business up this standard is a grueling challenge.” However, I have managed to work with the crew, built culinary expertise and that is what has made us to be successful. Building relationships with the guests is also important. This is one of the major ways of building sales. Our guests are encouraged to spend money on dinner. Visits from previous guests are tracked and we correspond with them through newsletters and e-mails. “Special cooking classes and local promotions have also encouraged people to dine in our restaurant. These classes help them to know what and how their food is cooked.

Responsibilities of a Restaurant Manager

“I delegate almost all the duties and make sure that everything is its place. Some of the responsibilities include delegating accounts, supplies, keeping the restaurant clean and fresh.” What are the most important skills for a restaurant manager like you? The most important skills are personality, patience, and good organization,” says Kathy. This is a business where you interact directly with people. The turn-around time for a guest can only be shortened by a memorable experience. In addition to that, discipline is a virtue that should be embraced by all the crew. There has to be a basic process in place to aid in the running of this place. To be a manager, one has to be passionate about the job, love people and food.

Finally, Kathy would like to advise persons who are interested in being restaurant managers. A person who has never worked in a restaurant cannot manage a restaurant. It needs hands-on experience, which is very vital. It is also essential that a person aspiring to be a manager should have a mentor. Kathy encourages people to set updates of appointment with general managers of restaurants. This will give someone an experience on how to start and prosper in this career. A couple of hours at a restaurant will help a person to know if they are making the right choice. If you observe all restaurant operations in detail, you will know what you want to be.

The Hospitality Industry has one of the highest turnover rates in terms of labor. Kathy attributes this to the high demands of the job although it is easy for a graduate to find a job at any level. Any time around the year, there is always a vacancy at one level or the other and this is what makes this industry to be very marketable. Kathy says, “In the near future, from the labor perspective, there will be not enough graduates to fill this industry.” I, therefore, advise students to take up courses in this industry because one can never miss a job!

Profile Essay Help

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