Proposal Essay Topics: Get Creative and Original Ideas

A research proposal should be organized in an essay form and should be also easy to understand. To guarantee success for your research proposal writing, it is essential to come up with the most interesting and specific research proposal essay topics. When you have a concrete topic, you will find it easier to come up with a specific idea, convey a specific message, and find sufficient supporting information. When working on a proposal, it is not the topic that matters but how well you can convey a theoretical idea into practice. If you are struggling with your research proposal paper now and would like to get good research proposal essay topics, read on the following research proposal paper ideas from different spheres.


Proposal Essay Topics on Student Lifestyle

  • How can students make their college safer?
  • How to ensure effectiveness when studying at home?
  • How to deal with exhaustion and emotional burnout when studying for exams?
  • How to succeed academically?
  • How to strike a balance between rest and studying during college semesters?
  • How to accept societal norms and principles?
  • How to learn to read faster? What are the ways of becoming a more effective reader?
  • How to acquire emotional intelligence and at the same time be less responsive in toxic surroundings?
  • How to be more tolerant towards others’ styles and manners of behavior?
  • How to maintain your unique style of clothing without seeming strange?

Proposal Essay Topics on Motivation

  • How should students be motivated to move on after a failure? How to treat failures as mere lessons?
  • Is money the main motivator when a person is looking for a job?
  • Is it possible to derive lessons from others’ mistakes? Or is the only option to learn from mistakes is to make them on your own?
  • Do you believe that such concepts as happiness, frustration, and sadness among others are only in people’s heads? How can one become happier by using some psychological tricks?
  • Do you treat perfectionism positively or negatively? Do you agree that perfectionism may cause more destruction and frustration rather than bring benefits?
  • Do you believe that our future depends on how we visualize it?
  • How to overcome emotional strain during exams?
  • Can one’s participation in sports activities be made beneficial for the future success?

Proposal Essay Topics on Curriculum

  • Should the theory of evolution be still taught at schools or is it no longer relevant?
  • Is it a good option to give students an opportunity to choose curriculum subjects? What negative consequences of this freedom might there be?
  • Can students decide how long they will study at university?
  • Would it be more reasonable to include some studies on how to be happy in life and how to build happy relationships into curriculum?
  • Do you believe they will find some reasonable and progressive way to introduce science, religion, and psychology into school curriculum?
  • Should religious studies be an inseparable part of school and college curricula? How to make it work in a way it brings unity instead of hostility?
  • Should sexual education be improved at schools?
  • Is there a need for school and college administration to organize regular tests for students?
  • What knowledge can be considered useless? 
  • Is it important to include obligatory physical disciplines into school curriculum?

Proposal Essay Topics on Education

  • Are there any psychological tricks or trends that can be used for the improvement of class performance?
  • How to provide sexual education and not feel uncomfortable? Why do sexual education topic usually cause so much embarrassment and discomfort? 
  • Do you believe that the process of education equally depends on students and teachers?
  • Is there a need in putting grades at school? How else can one measure one’s progress or knowledge?
  • How to benefit from a subject you hate or find boring?
  • Are same-sex classes a way out to improving performance? 
  • Should typing lectures be banned?
  • What techniques can be equally used for teachers’ teaching and students’ studying? 
  • Can teachers be allowed to tell young students about negative aspects of life?
  • What studying technique would you totally ban from school?
  • Do you agree that students with high self-esteem are more successful? 
  • How is it possible to objectively estimate a student’s physical activity?
  • How can teachers be helpful for students in getting over psychological burdens and pressures?
  • How can students learn to tackle procrastination?
  • Should students be educated on health apart from regular subjects?

Proposal Essay Topics on Parenting

  • What particular example of parents should children observe at home in order to become more confident and successful?
  • How to support and impact children without pushing them?
  • Should children receive some pocket money for doing household chores? Are there any other ways of encouragement to help/ motivation?
  • Can we eradicate physical punishment at homes? 
  • What alternative to children’s punishment can you suggest?
  • Should children be given some rewards or appraisal for good academic performance?
  • How can children be taught to do all chores at once without delay? Is it possible for children to learn the principles of time-management at home?
  • How to draw a line between excessive control and freedom for children?
  • Are there any objective reasons why parent have the right to blame school for spoiling their offspring?
  • Where is the borderline between hatred and misunderstanding? How to cope with strong emotions and overwhelming feelings in the relationship between children and parents?

Proposal Essay Topics on Family Relationship

  • How to behave more respectfully towards your family and relatives?
  • How important are family traditions? Should each person originate some traditions in his/ her own family?
  • How to reach compromise in a family when there is a generation gap?
  • How to reach compromise in a family where there are vegetarians and meat eaters?
  • How to maintain friendly relations in a family where there are people with different religious beliefs?

Proposal Essay Topics on Mass Media and the Internet

  • Is it possible to control all the information that we come across on the Internet? 
  • At what age should children be allowed to start watching TV?
  • Is it possible at all that parents teach children to use the Internet only in beneficial ways? How to avoid the negative effect the Internet has on children?
  • Are there ways of preventing cyber crimes?
  • What are the ways that children, parents, and teachers should respond to bullying online?
  • Should it be officially banned to take videos or pictures of other people without permission? How should people be held responsible for such actions?
  • Are there positive or negative effects of censoring free usage of the Internet in some other countries?
  • The concept of information wars. How to see the truth behind the catchy headlines online?
  • Can social media increase productivity and effectiveness of students?
  • Do you view online communication between students and teachers ethical or not?

Proposal Essay Topics on Pressing Social Problems

  • How can social responsibility be boosted among college students?
  • How to make cities cleaner and avoid excessive pollution?
  • Is there a need for school administration to monitor the subcultures among students? What are the benefits and drawbacks of diversity within the school setting?
  • Discuss the modern attitude concerning the disabled? What can still be improved?
  • Is there anything schools can do to deal with suicide rates among students?
  • How to help students deal with drug and alcohol addiction?
  • How can one help for a friend in depression?
  • How to ensure safe driving?
  • Are there any specific ways that the country’s government can help orphans find new families?
  • What are the reasons for the return of feminist trends? 

You might also find literature essay topics useful.

Proposal Essay Topics on the Society and Government

  • How can the government improve the teaching system at schools?
  • Should corporal punishment be eradicated or are there cases when it is applicable?
  • Should governments impose punishment in the activists of flash mobs?
  • Should governments be responsible for controlling birth rates? 
  • Are there any specific ways of eliminating bureaucracy? Can you outline any benefits of bureaucracy? 
  • How can the medical insurance policy be improved?
  • Is it good to forget about historical processes and underestimate past experiences? What advice can you give to people so that they become more mindful?
  • How to make sure that genetic engineering works for the benefit of the society but not against it?
  • How to improve the economic and political situation of countries where immigration rates are high?
  • Should human cloning be banned forever? What are the potential consequences of such experiments?

Proposal Essay Topics on Healthy Lifestyle

  • How to make a child lead a healthy lifestyle? What strategies could be helpful for parents?
  • Can the problem of smoking addiction among teens be eradicated forever? 
  • Should marijuana be legalized everywhere?
  • Should children have a subject of nutrition at schools?
  • Do you consider debates about healthy lifestyle and healthy eating too subjective to happen at school?
  • Is caffeine that unhealthy? What alternatives can you think of? 
  • How to come up with the best sleeping pattern? 
  • Should drug tests be obligatory for school sports teams?
  • How to improve health without medicine?
  • How to maintain a balance between a healthy and fun lifestyle?

Proposal Essay Topics on Animal Rights and Environment Protection

  • How to teach responsibility for pets in children? 
  • Is there a need to worry about environmental protection? What can be done so far?
  • How to be able to protect rights of animals without being too fanatic or radical?
  • How can we encourage others to care for our planet?
  • Are there ways people can decrease the risks of global warming by some simple everyday actions?

Proposal Essay Topics on Business

  • How far do you agree that the client is always right?
  • How to ensure a business has an excellent ethical policy?
  • What is the best way to outline the company’s mission?
  • What are effective ways of awarding employees apart from increasing the salary?
  • How to better the company’s corporate responsibility?
  • How to tackle the issue of resistance to change in the workplace?
  • How to start career for an inexperienced worker?
  • How to make the corporate policies acceptable for students?

We truly hope that the proposal paper topics gathered in this article will give you some fresh and original ideas on how to write your research proposal. Once you choose a topic that is interesting for you, the whole process of writing will become easier. 

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