What is a proposal argument, and what are its purposes?

Asking a question, “what is a proposal argument?” students usually want not only a definition of a notion but also a detailed explanation of how to write such an assignment. A proposal argument is a short paper that outlines the main idea and the structure of the proposal.

Proposal arguments are frequently used in colleges. This is either a pre-research or a post-research assignment asking students to find faults in their research and offer a plan of how to resolve the issues. Sometimes such papers are called “should arguments,” making a hint that they presuppose some solution. When perfectly written, this paper may impact the reader’s opinion regarding the issue under discussion.


Steps for Writing a Proposal Argument

Step 1: Defining the audience

A proposal argument, like any other paper type, has its audience. Only if you have correctly defined your audience, the information you provide will be perfectly written and adequately accepted. So, having found the answer to the question “what is a proposal argument,” you need to ask yourself what the purpose of your writing is. What idea are you going to deliver? When you have a clear vision of what your audience expects from you, you may speak their language and deliver the information easily. Ask yourself why you write a paper, and you will understand who your audience is.

Step 2: Indicate a research problem

Identification of a research problem is the second stage in your work on the assignment. You need to have a clear vision of why you wish to write the paper, and it will help you develop a problem for research. Always keep in mind the final purpose of your work. Why are you writing it? What do you want to achieve? A clear vision of the significance of research helps to define the problem as well.

Step 3: Conduct research

Any problem you have decided to research requires evidence and justification. You need to gather relevant sources to support your writing. It may require some time to find the sources to support your topic, but once you gather the materials, you will see that writing a paper is easy.

Step 4: Develop an outline

Writing an outline is a good opportunity to structure your ideas and develops a top-quality proposal argument paper.

Set the major sections you wish to develop and adjust the found information to those sections.

Step 5: Write down your solution

Having gathered all the materials and composed your outline, you will be able to write a solution to the proposed argument. Make sure that you stick to the plan and support each written argument with the source.

The authoritative opinion will make your writing not only argumentative but also accurate and professional. Following your outline, you will also structure your ideas in a logical manner, which is important for an essay.

Step 6: Edit and proofread your paper

Many students neglect the importance of editing and proofreading, while this is a serious mistake. It is essential to check the paper in a day or two, as in this case, you will be able to edit not only grammar but also content.

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Difficulties of Writing a Proposal Argument Essay

  • The audience may not accept your innovative ideas.
  • Resolving the problem you need to consider some additional challenges.
  • Each problem-solution has counterarguments and weaknesses, and it is important to remember this fact.
  • Each argument must be convincing.


Sample Proposal Argument

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