Theme and fancy parties are an essential part of college students’ life. Being a student you can dress in a crazy costume and convince your friends to do the same. Are you sure that you have been to all kinds of themed costume parties? Think it over again. Here is the list of the best college party themes.

One of the Best Theme Party Ideas is Tight and Bright

This party allows having a lot of fun in college and provides students with an opportunity to demonstrate their creativity with clothes they have or borrow from mates to make a cute and funny look.

All clothes you wear should be both skin tight and brightly colored. It would be especially exciting for guys, who do not usually wear tight outfit.


If you have participated in one, it is very likely that you have fallen in love with a classic masquerade party. To come to such a party, you only need to buy a mask and the rest of your clothing might be whatever you like. As a rule, the theme is more formal, but you may choose something like Halloween Masquerade and make everybody wear black with a scary Halloween mask.

Ugly Sweater

This kind of party is perfect for autumn, very easy and amusing. Almost each of us has a kind of a holiday sweater, like the ones with large, lop-sided Rudolph on the front. Encourage everybody to put on the drippiest sweater and then vote for who has the ugliest one.

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ABC (Anything But Clothes)

Do not be afraid of the name. It does not mean that everybody is naked at this party. Instead, each guest has to fashion an outfit out of materials that are at hand. Girls may use maps, flags, curtains, bags and other materials to create dresses. It is a great idea for a theme party where the best outfit contest adds some extra stimulus to be inventive.


Choose any letter of the alphabet and tell everyone to put on a costume that starts with it. For instance, letter P could make people show up as pirates, policemen or the Papuans. It is a kind of a challenge to create something new and unique, and also a good chance to see what other students come up with.

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