If you want to make a good impression on your reader with your paper, you will need to start it properly. To spark your reader’s attention, you will need to begin your essay with a good attention-grabber. If you look through some interesting essays available online, you will see that the authors use various hooks to...

How Many Paragraphs In An Essay

Countless students find themselves asking “how many paragraphs in an essay” when they are given these assignments by their teachers. In fact, there are no stringent rules that stipulate a specific number, but essays should have a minimum of three paragraphs. Many people believe...

Thesis in an Essay

Simply speaking, a thesis statement is a position you are taking in your essay. To help your reader understand what is your essay about, you will need to put your thesis statement at the end of the introduction. If you want to succeed in academic writing, you should understand what is...

Homeless People Essay Writing

Homelessness has for many decades considered one of the burning problems worldwide, and the USA is not an exception in this aspect. Although numerous programs emphasize on assisting in solving this leading problem in the society nowadays, countries usually lack the...

APA Essay Format: The Basics

When your teacher assigns you with a paper that has to be written in APA essay format but you have used to write papers in, for example, MLA style, the task may be challenging for you. Prior to start writing the paper, it is better to learn the basics of the required format. Below you may find really effective tips and guidelines that will assist you with proper paper formatting.

5-paragraph Essay Writing: Get Expert Help Now!

A 5-paragraph essay is a writing task students get to check their knowledge level on a specific subject. This essay type follows a standard structure and contains of introductory paragraph, 3 main body paragraphs and a concluding paragraph. However, even though...

Best College Party Ideas

Theme and fancy parties are an essential part of college students’ life. Being a student you can dress in a crazy costume and convince your friends to do the same. Are you sure that you have been to all kinds of themed costume parties? Think it over again. Here is the list of the best college party themes.