APA Essay Format: The Basics

When your teacher assigns you with a paper that has to be written in APA essay format but you have used to write papers in, for example, MLA style, the task may be challenging for you. Prior to start writing the paper, it is better to learn the basics of the required format. Below you may find really effective tips and guidelines that will assist you with proper paper formatting.

5-paragraph Essay Writing: Get Expert Help Now!

A 5-paragraph essay is a writing task students get to check their knowledge level on a specific subject. This essay type follows a standard structure and contains of introductory paragraph, 3 main body paragraphs and a concluding paragraph. However, even though...

Best Diet Tips

You might hear from your friends, colleagues, or even your husband about various ways how to lose weight fast. We propose you the best diet tips from qualified and experienced dietitians who know how to lose weight fast and easily.

Places to Visit in England

Although England is famous for being a rainy country, it boasts of myriads of colors in autumn and plenty of native woodlands, which are a must to visit. Do not miss a chance to say goodbye to summer in a welcoming atmosphere of English parks and arboretums.

Effective Career Assessment Tools

This article is a good help for students, job seekers, and career-changers. You have to realize that self-assessment is quite essential in the process of planning your career. Before starting any career, keep in mind to take into account professional interests. It is very important to make proper career choices. Otherwise, you may happen to have a job that does brings you neither satisfaction nor professional development.

Fall Activities

Fall is an incredibly vivid season, but there is a chance to make it even brighter. Check our tips on the most intriguing events you should attend to remember autumn 2017. Join us!

Simple Reading Strategies for Efficient Comprehension

Reading is good not only for your brain, but also for your creativity, mental well-being and general health. Therefore, the bigger amount of books you manage to read, the better it is for you. However, some of us succeed in reading a lot, but at the same time have to make efforts to fully understand and assimilate the material. We suggest you to make use of some effective reading strategies.

Best College Party Ideas

Theme and fancy parties are an essential part of college students’ life. Being a student you can dress in a crazy costume and convince your friends to do the same. Are you sure that you have been to all kinds of themed costume parties? Think it over again. Here is the list of the best college party themes.

How to Start a New Semester in College

Knowing how to start a new study semester is a vital skill for students. Eventually, the choices which you make during the first days of a new semester usually have long-lasting effects. So here are several basic pieces of advice what to concentrate the efforts on.

What Are Students Spending Money On

It is known that students have to be thrifty and parsimonious through their university years. However, there are things, which are worth spending meager student loan on. Below, you will find items which require small investments but eventually save your time, finances and stress in everyday student life.

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